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Blog with a message from my team for August 2019

Insight for August 2019

My team decided to give me a bit of insight into the next few weeks and the energies kicking about.

This is as direct a transcript I can give you as finding my handwritten scrawl VERY difficult to translate. It may make sense, it may repeat itself. Have a read and see for yourself. As always use your own discernment about what’s written.

Question asked was:

“the next 4-6 weeks what is the potential?”

Answer :

“Massive shedding collectively as so much that had been hidden, pushed down and silenced will be shown in full technicolour.

Some will be very painful to witness, others are a long time coming as the energies start to dissolve out. As one “thing” collapses the Phoenix rises with something new and improved to stand in its place.

All will be well. Set intent to trust in this. It’s very easy to get swept away by fear and apathy and fake spirituality. The latter of which spreads the fear, control and apathy. They are not real but the masks that have been worn for some time are slipping.

Be your own “teacher” for a time. Learn to explore deeper into your energy. To understand where you are at this time. If it feels right and comfortable or if it requires some attention to repair or dissolve. Your Higher Self , team and gut will steer you through this.

Others can and will support you but ultimately self work is just that. You will be given various opportunities to step up or step out. The choice will be yours. And you will make one.

Phoenix energy

Fire/Phoenix energy works fast and if handled poorly can cause a wildfire to spread in a blink of an eye burning everything down around you. But when wielded with caution, compassion and wisdom the impact is huge but far less destructive. Some can handle it, others cannot. It’s simply the balance of the larger collective picture.

Think of it as the sun in smaller form and you start to understand the creative, destructive, illuminating, life giving force this can be.

Allow others their space to be themselves at this time. Wherever they are is where they are MEANT to be at this time. Try not to fall into judgement – this can be hard at times as you break your programming down to dissolve it out.

if you find it uncomfortable to be spoken to or treated in a certain manner sense check your actions. And make sure that you are not doing this to someone by return.

When you slip you slip – learn from it.

Huge potential

The potential for Release , Expansion and New growth is huge and unlimited. If you choose to allow it in and work with it. It is ever evolving.

Ultimately you will have decisions to make in this period. Some painful, some difficult, some joyous and some easy. It is all a mix. But you will make them. Trust your gut and intuition in the first instance. The more you listen the more you will be given to hear.

The balance with this as always is the opportunities given to connect, interact and expand with others. To connect fully to the planet and work towards HER best interests. Joy and happiness are ever present – it’s always there. Open your heart and your eyes to that simple truth and it will be there.

New energies, directions, creativity, connections they are all there if you choose to see it.”

ok then

I have to sit with this for a while. But there’s a fair bit to chew on already.

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