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graphic of words of wisdom from my team suggesting a jump into the unknown

Jump into the unknown, spread your wings

“Take a leap of faith, go ahead and jump!”

That’s more of less the summary of what my team came through with just this week – jump. As you can see from the particularly blunt message I was given the other morning.

And to those of you now having an 80’s track spinning around your head I am so sorry.


“What leap of faith this time?”

“Spread those wings a bit further and get yourself seen – stop hiding on one social media platform!”

graphic of words of wisdom from my team



Don’t you hate it when they’re right?

And you KNOW they’re right.

So I’ve gone and done it I’ve taken a deep breathe and joined 2 more social media platforms – as I know people are looking for variety and new spaces all the time.

I know I am. The gloss falls off things when they’ve been around for a while and get popular – you see it happening all the time. And what was once popular can fall off the face of the planet very quickly. So I get the message abut having more than one basket.


So where can you find me?


Yes I’ve finally joined the photo revolution – and given how many photos I take I’m stunned I haven’t joined sooner……..procrastination spring to mind…lots and LOTS of procrastination and hiding behind another platform *wry smile*




Loving the energy in this platform right now and the control of privacy – this should hopefully allow things to be shared in one space without the need for multiple groups ….watch this space as so far so good.



Get soaring rather than falling

So there you have it – me spreading my wings just a touch – I have a feeling this won’t be the only update along these lines….as every time I get a seemingly simple message it carries far more layers, depth and work than you might imagine.

Deep joy.

(actually I’m looking forwards to it as 2018 feels an expansive year and this is only the beginning)