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Spiritual judgement, shaming and bullying. Yes it’s a thing


Spiritual judgement, shaming and bullying? Surely you must be joking? Shouldn’t that be the one place where this doesn’t happen?

In an ideal world abso-bloody-lutely! The assumption that being spiritual means you rise above and break free from this kind of thing.

However this is very much alive and kicking in the spiritual world and i’ve been asked to shine a light on it. For those who have witnessed and kept silent, for those who have gone/are going through it, and even for those who may be DOING it. Let’s acknowledge it shall we.

“Ok – can you try and get my head round this please?”


Where to start.

Firstly before anyone decides that I’m scare mongering or creating a drama for no good reason let me say this.

I am speaking from first hand experience, I have BEEN there personally, I KNOW what it feels like and how easy it is to get pulled in. I had to go through it to do what i do now. And if sharing this helps just one other person then thats why it’s been written.

So what do I mean by Spiritual Bullying?

In simple terms where someone you view as an authority in the spiritual field speaks to you in such a way as to suppress YOUR gifts and talents. To keep you small, unable to grow and doubting what you do. To follow their path only and be fearful or sceptical of anyone else. Or in some cases where money is involved that you only spend with them – no-one else.

One of the many examples I witnessed personally are:

“that person is not as spiritually evolved as us because ……..”

“you’re not spiritual because you swear/have tattoos/drink…….”

“I’m more spiritual than you because…….”

“you’re not spiritual because you don’t have all my qualifications”


“Yuck!! That’s horrible!”

All pretty toxic aren’t they? And I’ve heard them all and more even toxic variations over the years.
From more than person who may or may not be very well known in the spiritual world.

The sad part was I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. And I was horrified to realise I almost started repeating them as I had been programmed, very cleverly, to believe it. Pretty much word for word.

But I clocked what I was doing as other alarm bells were ringing at the very same time.

I got out, broke the cycle and so can you.

But how is this bullying?

Think about it. What to bullies do?
They break down your confidence and self belief to a point where you are broken.
Unable to function. Believing you are worthless, stupid, unloved etc
This is the EXACT same thing but wrapped in pretty words so it takes a while for the penny to drop as to what’s ACTUALLY going on.

It’s a form of control and it’s an old, old, old way of working that came in when things were classed as “New Age”. We have moved on so these are being pushed up to the surface for many to now see. And to highlight what we won’t be taking forwards.

It’s this fine line between speaking from a place of judgement, which is toxic enough. But then moving over to a place of doing harm – either intentionally or not. Bullying is ugly, very ugly.

When you start pulling the wrapping back you start to see what its been covering for some time. These people are actually very skilled at what they do and typically have years if not decades of practice to hone their skills. Many are living in hurt themselves and continue this cycle as they haven’t acknowledged it so keep as many people in the same place for company.

So why do we fall for it?

Because it sounds plausible, we have what we feel is a relationship of trust with these people who we look up to, follow, believe. So we trust what they are saying. But when that penny drops it drops with a clang.

And you start to doubt and break free. Then the control measures start to kick in to keep you there.


A classic one I’ve had – more than once since I started doing my own work and breaking free from control:

“There’s something dark around your aura when I tuned in”

Um nope there isn’t. You’re not understanding the difference between “dark” and shielding as you have zero permission to even be looking at my energy let alone trying to read it. I know MY energy well enough thanks without anyone attempting to derail me.

This is pretty standard – BUT I have been shown by my own team how to shield for a reason. For the work that I do. And trust me I put these boundaries in place for both myself and for those I’m working with. For good reason.

But hey why let the little matter of the truth get in the way of a sales pitch……..yes really.

So why are you writing this now?

Because it’s beyond time. And because I had some attempt to spiritually judge me , live on FB the other week. I saw through and realised they wanted a confrontation so I didn’t give them one. I blocked and moved on instead. Can’t gather speed against a brick wall can you.

I am very anti-bullying because I’ve had experience of it over the years. And you know I won’t stand by when vulnerable people are being treated in this way. I know I’m not alone in this.

So if you decide to move away from someone as they no longer feel the right fit you’ll have one of 2 responses.

  1. The genuine people will applaud you for following your OWN path and will wish you well.
  2. Others will say you’re having a wobble, need to clear you energy, say you’re needing work done, or even get a bit aggressive ….these are the folk you are trying to keep your wings clipped.

Photo for spiritual bullying blog post Break free instead.

Learn the difference and live YOUR life YOUR way.
Don’t let others beliefs or programming take over. They only work for them not you.

Shine that light of yours any way that feels right and makes you happy.Be the point of support for others breaking free of it all.

And if you’ve been the one judging, shaming or even bullying. Take a look at yourself and go deep. Where is this need/fear stemming from. Work through it and move forwards too. We all do it in some form – recognise it, deal with it and move on.

No-one is perfect but everyone is capable of being better than they were yesterday.