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It’s ok to step back

I’m aware I’ve been a bit quite of late and indeed have stepped back a tad. But all for a good reason.

As a couple of you know I have been procrastinating and pretty much running away from a few things my team/higher self have presented me over the last few years. Yup can feel a couple of you nodding your heads at that *wry smile* . Well, the time has come to sort out the procrastination around it all. Deal head on any fears of failure&/or success. Working with the shadow aspects to find the balance that works, and simply asking my team to help me bring it all forwards.

So I have now had everything including the kitchen sink chucked at me. Be careful what you ask for folks as you may just get it.

It keeps on going.

On top of all this is the integration, shift and release that comes with this big work. Clearing massive space for what is being created and made tangible. This is not a quick process. Hence me being a bit quite as I do the internal and personal work around it. Or to coin a phrase sort my head around everything that’s coming up.

It’s covering pretty much every aspect of my life from how I work, what work I/we are being asked to do for others, work being asked to do for the collective, longer term pathways, all sorts.

The step into webinar based stuff is but the tip of the iceberg and I’m sitting down this week to see what to create using the platform. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

All I can say about the rest is it’s big stuff. To some it will be completely out of left field, for some others it’ll be a case of “about bloody time!’. It’s part of what I”m here to do. I get it, I accept it and I’m working on showing my commitment to it all to get the many, many many balls rolling.

The beauty around this is as I’ve stepped back is I can see others stepping forwards.

And this is the main thing I’ve come on to say.

As energy workers we shift and change and get asked to step up for bigger/different things along the way. When we allow the process, get out of our own way and let go of the things that are no longer for us or we have shifted away from, others step up to take that place/space. It’s quite a thing to behold.

It’s actually an empowering thing to witness it, embrace it, encourage and support it and those doing that work and keep going with what you have been asked to do.

So if like myself you are shifting/changing/evolving don’t worry the space we held is being handed to others to caretake.

It’s an ongoing process 🙂 trust in it. Step back when you need to, it’s all taken care of.

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