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Photo for dragon teaching/coaching

The dragons made me do it…….new service launched today

Well they’ve gone and made me do it – a new service launches today for those looking to learn more about dragon energy and how to work with it…..

NEW! 1-2-1 Dragon Teaching/Coaching

As you will have seen I was finding it nearly impossible to write a course around dragon energy as there are simply too many ways to connect and work with it. I kept getting blocked. So i stepped away and said “How can I teach when 1 size does not fit all?”

Step forward a fabulous friend who got the message on my behalf and gave me the brilliant idea when my own channels were a bit muddled.

“Why not offer 1-2-1 sessions direct?”Lightbulb. Moment.
Absolutely perfect! My team and I work very well on 1-2-1 basis with others.

This is not restricted to those just starting out – this is for everyone including those who have been working with dragon energy for some time and feel this is resonating – how can I help? Perhaps a new perspective on things.

So if it feels I may be the right person for you have a look at the dates once they are up or get in touch and we can go from there.

(If dragon specific feels too restrictive don’t forget I offer a 1-2-1 mentoring service)

Look forward to speaking to you soon !

For more details please see the below link:Photo for dragon teaching/coaching