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Blog and video with an update on my personal energy and the changes they are bringing

Personal energy update

I’ve decided to share a personal update on where I am energetically. This may help explain why certain things have been shifting about this year – in my work, how I communicate and certain expansions.

You can click on the video below – the visual isn’t the best (i live next to an airport and it can interfere with the wi-fi strength) but the audio is perfect.

To summarise for those who may not have the time to watch here’s the main points.

I’ve had some BIG energy shifts since Nov 2018. Many of which are still in progress.

Essentially I have been broken apart and now being re-built. Some things are being left behind, some things are staying.

As I shift the work does to so be prepared for changes striking seemingly out of nowhere.

We all get triggered, use them as a process to see what’s within you that needs to be looked at.
Go within and go deep. You may be quite shocked but it’s worth it.


Social Media changes:

The FB group I mentioned for the next Q&A session can be found if you click this link.
Yes I have closed the Dragon Energy group as where it started 5 years ago has radically changed. It was starting to feel generic and not in alignment with me any more.

So rather than keep it going I closed it down. It shocked a few people but it was beyond time.

I’m also stepping away from Instagram as in all honesty it’s not a good fit.

In no way have I stopped working with dragon energy that’s very much alive and kicking. How we work is changing but it’s in line of how I am of service.

If you want to work with me you can visit the services page or get in touch for a chat.


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