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Photograph of the oracle card reading for 18th - 24th Feb 2019

Oracle card reading 18th – 24th Feb 2019

Photograph of the oracle card reading for 18th - 24th Feb 2019
Oracle card reading for 18th – 24th Feb 2019


**better late than never **

Mon 18th – Tue 19th : Dragon Guide

Now I always pay attention when dragon cards or references pop up in decks you don’t expect them in. This for me is one of two things : either it’s time to step up and really own your stuff, or they have your back for something.

It’s a strong card and it’s generally a link to self empowerment. That’s what they do – they teach you how to be you. They give you the tools you need to really get comfortable with who and what you are, how you express yourself and how to move forwards. So pay attention as they’ll only give you this so many times – if you choose to ignore the info/guidance they will step away.

They are not here to be “trained”, to act like big puppies, or to be commanded. Don’t kid yourself. Any of that and you will regret it. Be respectful of them and the lessons and you’ll get along fine.

So stepping up to be yourself. It can be hard at times to not take other people’s beliefs, opinions and words as gospel. Especially when they relate to yourself. But remember their perspective is THEIR perspective not YOUR truth. You can break free of this and express your own opinions, views etc and be heard. You don’t have to yell to do it. If you don’t appreciate others shoving their stuff down your throat then don’t do it to others. The second you respond in kind you simply repeat the cycle. Try a different way instead. It’ll make itself known. You can also deflect anything they send your way – you don’t have to accept it.

If it’s the latter and you need a bit of back up for something you need to do or say then you have it. Trust you’re being looked after and you will be. It may simply be a word or a look but it’s enough to get a ball rolling that’s been needing kicked for quite some time. Do it or don’t you have free will but the support you need is right in front of you.


Wed 20th – Thur 21st : The Grid

Interesting one as for me this is about the connection to all , not the separation from the collective.

I know some people like to detach from the collective energies and that’s fine. We are ALL part of that web and our actions impact on it.

When we detach we can unintentionally spread the vibration of separation rather than unity. Just to give you a different perspective to mull over or get your teeth into. No judgement as you have to do what’s best for you right now. Simply be aware of possible consequences to choices.

If you choose to stay connected and work with the collective energies you may start to pick up the threads of what stirs up and why. Of working back through the energies and helping to either anchor or release.

You may even start to see the bigger expansion of the interconnectedness of how far it actually stretches and how we can bring about positive impacts. but also become aware of how to distinguish between what is yours and what isn’t.

I ask you to sit with both sides of what I’ve written to see what it stirs up for you. You may even find the balance point between that works for you.

And remember what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for everyone. If someone has a different viewpoint from you it doesn’t make them right or wrong – they may be connecting with a different aspect than you.


Fri 22nd – Sun 24th : Blossoming

Ok time for me to be blunt (why change the habit of a lifetime). You are expanding, you are shifting, you are opening up and bringing in your own powers and gifts.

Even. If. You. Don’t. Believe. Me.

Even if you say you’re coasting, you’re stuck, you aren’t moving ……you are. By questioning things, yourself etc you are acknowledging they exist and are real. That is all progression and forwards movement.

Keep going.

Start to trust in yourself for a change.
Trust everything is as it should be.
And it will be.



Start of the week – step into who you are and go for it. You are you not someone else’s belief or expectation – that’s on them not you. It’s their task to manage their expeditions not yours. Speak up if you feel the need and know you can. Work with the dragon energies respectfully and they can guide you in this. Embrace your self empowerment and keep going.

Mid week – truly start to see the interconnectedness of all things and your place in amongst it. If you feel a need to detach then do so but be aware of the possible vibration of separation that can arise.

If you feel the need to really move into the collective energies then do so but be aware of learning to discern what is yours and what isn’t.

Find a balance.

End of the week – trust in yourself, the work you’re doing and that you are progressing. Even if you don’t feel it right now. It is happening , possibly on a level you aren’t fully aware of right now. But as you trust you allow flow. This is a stage of Blossoming which you may not fully see for a while. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


Deck used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Oracle card reading 4th – 10th Feb 2019

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch

Interesting card as this ghostly little figure has popped up as a reminder that you have forgotten about something. A situation/person/situation that happened which was a blessing in disguise. But you have allowed it to pass by unacknowledged.

Take a moment to take stock of where you are and give thanks and gratitude for all you have. Both the good AND the not so good.

When you start to take stock you may have an epiphany of what it is you’ve missed either by accident or deliberately. Not sure what I mean? This is an example from yours truly : a job you felt forced or pressurised into leaving through horrendous ill health but actually was the best thing for you and the pressure has fallen away. It was never the right thing. I’m grateful to see this now and learn from it.

This is also a minder with the reference to the pumpkin patch on the card that this extends to harvest or a MISSED harvest. Where you either didn’t collect what was yours or someone else did…When perhaps they shouldn’t have.

It may be a call for some to start drawing debts owed to you. Not just in reference to money but to energy as well. Of pulling parts of yourself back. Of becoming whole once more.

You have worked hard to get to where you are so try and not allow others to take credit for your work, your words or your energy. You don’t have to jump up and down about it or fall into anger/fear simply acknowledge it. See what it’s showing you and continue to move forwards.

Give thanks for what you have and you send a very powerful message out to the Universe.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th : Attunement

This card really struck me when it popped up not so much the image, or the main title but the secondary title of “Attunement”.

For me this is about coming into alignment with yourself, your energy, and who you are or will be.

Of finding your strengths even if currently you have absolutely no idea what they may be.

By tuning into yourself and going deep you start to get little snippets of clarity. It may only be a fraction of a second but it’s enough.

You may have a strong sense of what ISN”T right for you which is pretty much the same thing. Go with what you reveal to yourself. You are finding your own balance – and it can take a bit of time so try and let it come to the surface without forcing it.

Yes I know it’s frustrating. But it’ll be worth it in hindsight.

If like me you’re feeling a bit blinkered then fair enough, carry on with everything else and in the quiet times the knowledge, remembering and information will come.

The balance is there just below the surface.

Pay attention to your gut feelings and instincts and where you find yourself guided – it reveals a hell of a lot more than you may realise.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Mermaid in a Koi pond

Flowing on from the earlier cards. This is another nod to finding who you are right now and into the near future.

Of embracing all your quirks that make you , well YOU. Everyone is unique but we forget that and try and force ourself into the accepted norm, people expectations etc and it can be exhausting.

So let yourself be free. Learn to understand what makes you tick, ignore peoples perceptions and opinions. They only relate to them not you. And I’m aware this can be a big ask. If it makes you feel shaky start small and build.

You will eventually get to the stage of not giving a monkeys what others think of you and your life. No, really. I’m proof of that if nothing else.

It’s time to grow into your “new” self, your new skin. Of shifting from the Koi to the Dragon (Chinese folklore that Koi are unformed dragons) . Of letting go of the fish pond you have outgrown and finding the new large body of water that calls to you.



A week of self development it feels like in all honesty.

Start of the week: give thanks and gratitude for all you have around you. But pay heed to any blessings in disguise you’ve had and have overlooked. It may be that reading this is enough to point you in the direction of where you need to focus.

Mid week : time to really discover what it is that makes you tick, what makes you YOU. What gives you balance. Use the quiet time to let the information flow – don’t force it just let it flow.

End of the week : time to start getting comfortable in your own skin. Of allowing your energy to expand. It’s safe to do so and in truth others opinions and perceptions will stand to fall away from you as you realise they aren’t yours. You are your own person with your own beliefs and perspectives – break free of the small pond you’ve placed yourself in as you’ve more than outgrown it ….you have bigger spaces to play in.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows & Light
Oracle of the Dragonfae
Oracle of the Shapshifters
all by Lucy Cavendish

Photograph of the cards pulled for the reading 28th January to 3rd February 2019.

Oracle card reading 28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2019

Photograph of the cards pulled for the reading 28th January to 3rd February 2019.


Mon 28th – Tue 29th : The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet

Interesting card as the sub-title is “You are stronger than you think you are”. What I’m getting very clearly with this is one are you having self doubts. OR are you making excuses for yourself.

It’s a curious question as all too often we can doubt ourselves and write things off from a fear of failure or even a fear of success. Which is fine. We all have these doubts about certain aspects of our lives and can cause delays or a lengthening of a process/situation that could have been handled a bit quicker if we’d done what came up in the first instance.

This is a time to dig a bit deeper and ask where this fear or resistance is stemming from. And if its yours what you can do to move it on. Personal work like this is always worth it and when you look back you realise how far you’ve come.

When you tackle self doubt head on you can move mountains.


As to the other well. This is a bit of tough love coming through from my team to whomever needs to read it (raises hand).
Even if you don’t have the whole picture or all the pieces it doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you DO have. Throwing your hands up in the air and saying “I can’t because of x,y,z “ will fall on deaf ears. Making excuses for inaction won’t cut it any longer.
(and yes part of this is aimed squarely at me)

If you can’t see or do something then keep working till you find it or find another way round it. If like myself you’re fully aware there are things going on just at the edges of your awareness doesn’t mean it’s time to coast or be lazy. It won’t just fall into your lap from thin air. Have a word with yourself and really look at your excuses and why you’re trundling them out.

Get off your arse and do something about it. Yes it may push you past your comfort zone but the things in life we grow from come from this exact point. If you continue to coast you won’t grow and that the excuse you make for yourself, and only you can address it.

Harsh but honest. Are you being the same with yourself?

Wed 30th – Thur 31st: Right Order

Ok following on from the boot up the proverbial above this is a minder that things happen as and when they are supposed to. There is a natural order to things.

Sometimes its utterly frustrating but does teach about patience…eventually. But with this patience can come a need or feeling to clear clutter. To make space. Either physically or energetically.

By physically doing the tasks you’ve been putting off (UK folks I’m talking about tax returns that are due to be submitted 31st Jan no more faffing unless you want a fine!), clearing out the room that’s been annoying you, sorting out paperwork and discarding what is no longer needed, donating unused items, letting go of things we no longer connect with ……this all creates space for what is coming in.

Energetically letting go of what’s no longer serving or holding us back creates space for what is integrating.

If you have an urge to clear out I say go for it. It’s creating space for something new.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : A time to say goodbye

And the last card really does tie in with the rear end kicking and nudge to de-clutter. That in doing so you WILL be able to let go of something. It may be painful for some and a huge relief for others.

It may even be you are closing the door on it for now and it may return in a different form when the time is right.

Try and not see it as something to be sad about (but if you do then honour your feelings as who am I to dictate otherwise ) Instead see it as simply the end of a cycle, the turn of the wheel, time for a new cycle to begin.

It’s an opportunity to really sense check where you are with things. Ultimately will letting go allow you to move forwards and grow? Most likely in some way if you really go into the depths of it. Change is the only constant in life and we get reminders of this all the time. We learn and grow for these and rise again like a Phoenix – work with this energy and these cycles.


Potentially interesting week this one.

Start of the week – are you not doing something out of fear or are you just making excuses for inactivity? Dive deep, be brutally honest with yourself. Only you can challenge this and make the steps forwards no matter how many nudges or hints you get from others. This is your path so start walking it. Because you CAN. Even if you don’t believe it right now.

Mid week – if you have a deep urge to clear clutter, spring clean, or look deep into yourself the do it. By clearing space physically, emotionally or energetically you put a call out to the Universe that you are ready for something new. Something that is waiting to come in and can see the new shiny landing.

End of the week – time to let something come to the end of its cycle and let it go. It may be painful for you , it may give you a massive sense of relief. Whatever it is know you are able to bear it – and when you look back you will realise why it happened. By letting go new cycles can begin………

Decks used:

Oracle or the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Photograph of oracle card reading for 21st to 27th January 2019

Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Jan 2019

Photograph of oracle card reading for 21st to 27th January 2019


Bit of a different oracle card reading this week as 3 cards fell out of one deck when I started to draw them. I’ve decided to go with them.

I’ve also been advised these cards are changeable through the week so I’m not reading them against specific days of the week. Simply as the potential during the week.

You may find them flitting about day to day.

* Illuminate *

Now it’s not lost on me the timing of this when I drew the card. As we come to the end on Monday of the 2 week long eclipse widow. Which opened at new moon and closes with a total solar eclipse on Full Moon. This hits the UK (where I’m based) at 5:17am which is the reason for it being talked about in this weeks reading.

This is a time to fully shine a light on all sorts of things that you’ve had hidden from you, have buried or have even hidden from yourself. Well, no more. This kind of energy makes it very hard for things to stay in the shadow. It’s being pulled to the surface to be seen, acknowledged and dealt with. Try not to bury your head in the sand over what comes up as you’ll only delay the inevitable.

Instead try facing it head on and seeing what comes up to either resolve, heal or cancel out. You have all the answers which will come out when you ask.

This is a time to look beyond the constructs you’ve placed around yourself, not those you feel have been places around you by others. I’m talking about the ones YOU’VE created for yourself.

Self doubt is a big thing and can make you dim your light almost to the point of snuffing it out.

Try a different tact with these powerful energies and ask your higher self, your heart, your gut, what you can do to help shine your own light.

To be seen. Be heard. Finding the value of your own voice.

You may be a bit surprised what you find out but go with it, rather than fighting or doubting it. This is a period of so much potential for abundance and manifestation. Use it wisely.

* Deeper Look *

This sits so beautifully with the first card as it back’s up the call to look beneath the surface.

To find the truth beneath the pretty surface picture.

It can be a daunting task to dig a bit more, to trust your intuition and know what’s being presented isn’t the whole of the situation. But you do have the skills to go sleuthing. Particularly into your own energy, mindset and belief system.

Take note of the smaller details – as they say the devil is in the details. You may even start following a trail of breadcrumbs from the smallest of things. Go with it. Follow the rabbit hole if it feels right for you.

Take the time.
Make the time.

By sense checking the foundations it makes you stronger in the long run. Yes you may need to tweak a few things along the way or change your “thinking” to “feeling”. But you’ll see the benefits quickly when you do.

Think of it as an extended form of self care if that sits with you more easily.

Be vigilant as your team/higher self/guardians may be giving you the signs and confirmations you’ve asked for. Stay focussed and you’ll “get” them.

* Resolution *

And now we have the reason for all this time looking at what makes you tick, whats going on around you. As you may just find that thing that’s been feeling out of place or out of alignment suddenly makes sense.

A feeling that the missing jigsaw piece has been hiding under the table the whole time where you couldn’t see it till you got the torch out and went searching.

So many people have been feeling out of sorts or just not quite “right” for want of a better phrase. In truth they’ve been experiencing various shifts which can leave you feeling slightly sea-sick.

This is a time of settling and evening out, of integrating where you are from where you’ve been. Of starting to see the bigger picture and where it all fits together. It’s not always smooth sailing and may bring emotive situations to a head. But you’ll see the sense in it all.

Let connections, energies and people drift away if it’s the right thing for you. You’ll know in your core if it is.

In time this brings a sense of peace, calm and purpose to you. Allow it space to come in.

You’ll thank yourself for it later.


Interesting week of potential ups and down’s that may swap about day to day (r for some almost hour by hour) Harness the energy of full moon and the total solar eclipse which closes the 2 week eclipse window we’ve been in. They are big energies so work with them rather than against them.

The flow this week moves from throwing light on whats going on in and around you. Illuminating things so you can SEE them rather than ignore, hide or have someone obscure them from you.

To digging deeper into what you find presented to you. If it feels there’s more than meets the eye trust it. As you’re spot on. Go past the surface glamour and have a good look round to what you find is actually going on.

Finally flowing to a resolution of sorts. Of finding the missing piece or jarring frequency of what has been making things feel just not quite as they should be. Almost feeling a click as the pieces/story/energies fall properly onto place.

This week has a lot of potential if you choose to work with it. As always you have full free will. So do what’s right for you.

Deck used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Oracle card reading 14th – 20th Jan 2019


Mon 14th – Tue 15th : Chumara ~ Web of all life

It may be time for you to start looking at all your connections and the web you have and are continuing to weave around you. We throw tendrils and threads of connection out over the course of our life . Some remain stable and strong, others start to weaken and some may break.

Now is the time to really look and see where your connections are wobbly or have splintered. Can they be repaired or would it be best to dismantle them completely?

we and our vibrations change the people we surround ourselves with also start to change. Be truly honest with yourself – are you staying connected out of fear of disconnection, a misguided sense of loyalty or even ,dare I say it, laziness? Would it be better for you AND them to let the connection dissolve?

Stagnant energy is stagnant energy and this can apply between people as well. If you don’t stay in contact or communicate regularly then the connection does stagnant. By letting go with grace that stagnation can dissolve and the flow can restart – for all concerned.

Are you clinging on to old work colleagues, old school friends, social media connections that just aren’t the same any more? It’s a tough call but perhaps it’s time to look at those threads and break them loose.

This also starts to give you a view as to how you have changed over time. What and who once resonated have fallen away – and that’s ok. It’s a part of shifts and integrations.

As you let some go you will find new ones coming forwards who are likely to be more in alignment with who you are now, not who you were then.

Does that make sense? It will to those who need to hear it.

For some others it ay be an opportunity to look beyond yourself into the bigger picture. Of seeing the interconnectedness we share with the collective. And whether we like it or not we ARE a part of it. See that any small shift or change you make for yourself you make for the bigger collective group.


Wed 16th – Thur 17th : Aura ~ Observation

Interestingly this card popped out upside down so I’m going to translate it two ways – at least what the team are showing me.

For some this is a time to start seeing more deeply what’s actually going on around you – beyond what people say and do. Of sensing what’s NOT being said or done. Of trusting your gut sense and discernment.

It’s all too easy to witness the mask and take it as gospel – even the ones we wear ourselves.

Take time to step back rather than jumping in and observe for a bit. The hidden nuances do start to come up to the surface when you move back slightly. If someone appears to have your best interests at heart but in truth has their best interest at heart you’ll see mannerism or patterns pop up to confirm this for you.

For some others – and this was the card dealt upside down – you’ve been blinkered and can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee – so to speak. Time to stop kidding yourself.

Take off your own self imposed blinkers if you’ve been avoiding dealing with something as it may be too hard or too difficult. You have witnessed these in observation but have ignored or discounted them.

Stop it.
Listen to them instead – it’s important.


Fri 18th – Sun 20th : The Time Guardian ~You have time

This is a card we can all relate too.

How many of us say:

“I’m too busy”
“There aren’t enough hours in the day”
“wow things are speeding up”
“Is it the weekend yet”
“I wish it was Spring/Summer”

We all do it. Lament the excess or lack of perceived time and convince ourselves its true. It isn’t really – time is a human construct and we fall into it willingly. following patterns and clocks that can start to rule your life.

Whoa there.

This is a call to adapt back to natural time – of watching and noting the change of the seasons and flowing with them rather than against them Seeing the sunrise or sunset. Noting the phases of the moon and how it impacts your feelings. Of rediscovering your own natural ebb and flow.

Gift yourself a day with no clocks, watches , timers or devices and see how your day plays out instead when you take the restrictions off. Break from your routine and realise that you have as much time as you need. If it isn’t important can it wait? Rather than cramming it all into one space and adding stress to your system.

Ask yourself and your team for more time if you need it, or ask them how to fill any excess you have.

And observe the language you use and if you hear yourself wishing for more or less “time” ask yourself where this is stemming from. You may shock yourself with this one if you really dig into it.


Start of the week : time to really look at your connections with others and decide if they are stable, can be repaired or would be better to let them go. Really sense into yourself to work out who you resonate with and who you’ve moved away from. It may be a painful process but the results do outweigh that over time.

Mid week – time to take the blinkers off and see what’s going on around you. Of observing behaviours, energies and mannerisms that reveal more than the mask conceals. Trust your gut and discernment as it’s showing you something important.

End of the week – cut yourself some slack and try a day or so without beig ruled by a clock/watch. Find your own patterns rather than the ones you’ve has dictated to you – as we all have. Let yourself feel and sense the seasons, the natural time and relax into it for a change.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Oracle card reading 7th – 13th Jan 2018

Mon 7th – Tue 8th: Butterflies in Gloom

Hmmm we appear to have a potential week of two halves playing out.

The start of the week , for some, may feel a bit bleak, heavy or flat. This is quite normal for the time of year. The collective can feel a bit sluggish from over doing things in December. Then rolls round new year which is supposed to be a bright shiny thing or so we are programmed to believe. But it isn’t. And it can leave you feeling the January blues.

Added to this today’s combination of new moon, partial solar eclipse, solar activity and Uranus (I believe) going direct it’s quite a lot to take in. It may have you feeling a little wiped out.

Those of you like myself who recalibrate to a 12 month cycle at a different date will know exactly what I’m referring to. As you’ll be seeing it playing out around you – as I am. Not to you but around you. Very important definition to keep in mind.

So if you are feeling a bit flat, down or just out of sorts that’s ok. It’s where you are. And you are far from alone. This card is here as a reminder that things WILL improve in time. The old saying of “there’s always sunshine after the rain”.

Even if it rains for a month solid the sun does indeed come back.
Hold onto that.

So if you find yourself looking backwards try not to focus on the negative aspects as in these energies you may pull more towards you. It’s potent stuff and what you focus on gets your attention and sends a message to the Universe.

See where you started to where you are now and I’m pretty confident you’ll start to see the positive things that happened or are set to happen.

I won’t be trite and say “chin up it’ll be fine” as I’m not standing in your shoes living your life. What I’m saying is things will have a way of resolving themselves in time. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel when you feel it.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Universal connection

And the energy shifts again if you choose to embrace it.

Some of you, myself included, may have been feeling as if your very a bit disconnected from yourself and your team for a while. And while it may have come with a sigh of relief that you could rest it can and may have lead to frustration of not being able to move forwards.

What I’ve being shown – and have noticed myself since last week – is that connection is back. Bigger and louder than ever. You may not feel it yet but believe me it’s right there.

Reach out to you team, guides, guardians, guardian angels and whatnot. You may get more than you bargained for. Things are already going like a freight train when you step into fully you’ll get exactly what I mean by that.

If it helps try writing.
Write down your frustrations, your fears, your anger.
And then look at what you’ve written.
What are your gut responses to what you have put down in black and white?
Is it something you have control over? If yes what can you do to change it. I no well what can you do to shift your perception.
You may even spot a pattern and be able to drill back to where it stems from.
You won’t know unless you give it a go.

Try creative writing or automatic writing. Allow your higher self to take over. It may feel odd to start with but once you get out of your own way (my mantra this year) and it begins to flow you may be astonished what comes out by your hand.

Write down what you feel you wish to bring in this year. I don’t mean resolutions. The energy attached to that is one of bound to fail. I mean write your intentions. When you put in on paper or document it electronically you actually start the process.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Dragonfly Mermaid

See the wheel turns this week as this is a pretty positive card.

This hints that for of you may get unexpected good news completely out of the blue. Something you didn’t see coming.

This is to show how much things have changed – not a reward as such but more like recognition of the self work you’ve been doing. It takes time and energy put the pay off is YOUR energy changing and shifting. Of shifting in vibration and coming more into alignment.

With that comes flow. And this news is part of that flow.

You have attracted it you you so embrace it and work with it. This is part of the flow of abundance and once you step in you won’t want to step out.

I don’t have much more to say about this one other than enjoy what comes forwards.


Start of the week: for some you might be feeling a bit flat or a bit down. That’s ok it’s just where you are right now. If you are looking backwards try not to focus on the negative but instead observe how much has changed and what you have learned. Find the positive spots and focus on them – this helps the light come back in.

Mid week : been feeling a bit disconnected lately? Lets turn that on it’s head – write down your feelings and see what you can do about it to change things. Burn what you’ve written to help release them. You’re feeling of connection is coming back – and if you’ve already seen evidence of it then strap in folks it’s VERY fast moving.

End of the week : some potentially brilliant yet unexpected good news/luck may be heading your way. Enjoy it, embrace it and keep doing your work. It allows to to let the flow open up around you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Oracle card reading 31st Dec 2019 – 6th Jan 2019

Mon 31st – Tue 1st Jan : Nimue ~ Seek the counsel of crystals

Interesting card to pop up given I’m sense checking my own crystal collection right now. This is a message to follow your own dreams and loosen your own shackles that hold you back.

If something you resonate with it seen as being “unconventional” or “not the norm” so be it. Try and not allow the beliefs and perceptions of others steer you away from something you KNOW is right for you. Be it crystals, energy work, astrology, sound healing, reiki etc etc etc

Looking for answers and the truth is not a bad thing and can lead you on some fascinating and exciting travels. So go with your gut.

For those of you who mark the end of the calendar year and make resolutions now is the perfect time to truly look deeply into this. What do you want to take forwards and what you do wish to leave behind? Only YOU can make these decisions and follow through. For those like myself who set intentions at Solstice you can still add reinforcements to what you set in place as much of the collective looks to use this time for this.

Find what’s holding you back and do something about it. It may be as simple as acknowledging and recognising an aspect of yourself and bringing it back in. Of “seeing” it rather than ignoring it even if it makes you uncomfortable.

You own the set of keys to unlock the cuffs you’ve placed on yourself. By all means seek counsel where needed but take heed of what you are given. It will likely be the tool YOU need to move forwards.

Wed 2nd – Thur 3rd : A beautiful little worm.

Very apt given this falls when many people (not all) are returning to work after a break over the festive season. It can be all too easy to fall right back into things and find yourself majorly stressed and under pressure.


Yes it may be hectic and going at 1000 miles an hour but be kind to yourself right now. Everyone around you is likely in the same boat. Do you blame the person next to you getting stressed seeing their inbox with 200 + emails that have come in while the office has been shut? No. So why are you giving yourself a hard time for the very same thing?

Take a moment and just breathe. Concentrate on your in and out breaths for a minute or two and realise it’s just the story playing out.

Try and not take it personally.

Self care is very important right now as we are still integrating the shifts of 2018 running into 2019 with some big energy due around new moon that many may already be starting to feel in the first day or so. So give yourself some slack. Everything catches up – it always does. You may develop a cold or sniffle which is par for the course when groups of people suddenly have to spend time together in one space.

By seeing to your self care you are giving a big message to the universe that you understand looking after yourself is important and that you are committed to doing so. Of paying attention to what your body is telling you and for many remembering to slooooooow down and not run at things with energy you really don’t have to spare.

You’ll feel the benefits later. It may be as simple as turning off your phone for half an hour, staying off social media for a day or two, stopping and having a cuppa for 5 minutes. You really don’t have to make it a big complicated thing. Simple is perfect.

Fri 4th – Sun 6th : Door to spirit (in challenger aspect )

Ok – so this is a deck that gives the cards slightly different meanings depending on which way up the card is dealt. This one has been dealt in challenger aspect (i.e. upside down) which means its a little something for you to work through. Or at least the POTENTIAL for something to be worked through.

In this case the door to spirit feels blocked, or at least a bit sticky. You may be finding you’re connection to Source/team/esoteric modality of preference seems a bit flat. Like your a radio tuned just out of frequency – you can hear it but it’s fuzzy and broken.

Take a small step back into observation instead if you can.

Are things playing out around you or in your life that as simply zapping your energy or taking all of your focus right now? It may be you can’t see the wood for the trees right now as you are SO focused on the other things.

And I hasten to guess you are feeling just a tad wound up…….

Ok time to let go of the reins a bit folks. Of stepping back and saying “on you go” and allowing things to play out instead. By stepping back from the drama or the story you may find that your esoteric/spiritual side becomes that bit clearer again without the distraction.

Trust all will resolve itself in time and go with the guidance you are given direct for a time.


Start of the week : if you feel drawn to something and others feel or say its “unconventional” then so what? You do whats right for you – if its working with crystals, energy work etc go for it. This is a time for sorting out what works for you not whats dictated by others as being right for you. You hold the key to dissolving the shackles so go for it.

Mid week : self care is very important right now especially of retuning to work or feeling a little under the weather. Slow down a bit where you can and take it easy. If you don;’ have the energy to run at 1000 miles an hour then you don’t have the energy. Do what you can and thats enough.

End of the week – some of you may be feeling as if your connection to Source is a bit stuck or disjointed. If you really look around you are you focussing on world events or events unfolding around you? Changes are they are drowning everything else out. Take a step back from the story and go inwards – you may find your flow was always there you just couldn’t quite hear it.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae & Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavenish
Energy Oracle cards – Sandra Anne Taylor

Oracle card reading 17th – 23rd Dec 2018


**The first card is not going to be gentle in what came through – bit of tough love time as that’s what the team are giving me……**

Mon 17th – Tue 18th : Scrying mirror ~ Projection

Ok now this is very much in keeping with the energies this full year but in particular the last few weeks. This is showing me a couple of things so lets go one by one.


Being aware of all things around you and not being so bloody blinkered in your pursuit of something that you are blinded to the shadow aspects popping up around it. We all do it. Go hell for leather towards something we want or feel we need to the detriment of everything else in our path.

Whoah there.

Have you had a look at what you might be flattening in your rush to the finish line? Other people, your own best and highest good….the list goes on.

Take a moment to stop and really look at what you are doing and perhaps ignoring in your stampede (and yes these words are being used for a reason) . Have you been completely honest with yourself WHY you feel you want or need whatever it is you are chasing. Or has it crossed over into slightly obsessed territory?

It’s easy to get so deeply entrenched you can’t see the woods for the trees. We have ALL been there. If you can apply the brakes and really look at the last few weeks. Do you feel comfortable with what you have been doing and where you are? If not take a bit of time to re-assess and decide if continuing to chase is the best thing or not.

I’ll leave that one with you.


Is the word projection thats used with this card. The immediate thing that came to mind is to be aware of what YOU project.


We all project our feelings/thoughts/ideas out there its what creates our own reality (look into the field of quantum physics and you’ll get a better feel for this that I can explain). So if you feel angry and project or focus on this you may find more and more things adding to this feeling. But have you considered that you may be attempting to pass this to others? In an effort to ignore or get rid of it rather than dealing with or looking at it?

Have you spoken or unburdened to that person who always makes you feel better and walked away feeling “ah thats better I can think again. Good for you for having that person BUT have you considered they may have had their own stuff going on and now have your burden to carry as well?

It’s a bit of a sobering thought is it not.

By all means unburden but do it in a way that you are simply talking it out and not passing it over either for them to fix, carry for you. It’s still yours to deal with. If you just need a sounding board TELL THEM THAT UPFRONT so they know not to take it on as their own.

It’s time to do your own work. And look at the shadow stuff that comes up. If you keep burying it or passing it off to someone else then it will only come back later with reinforcements and the person who was your go to may no longer be there for you……


The other stream I get from this is in tandem for those of you who have taken on others pains, worries, stories, drama. It isn’t yours. You don’t need to carry it for them. And I’m speaking mainly about adults not children that’s very different.

It’s easy to feel empathy with someone and want to help. But taking their stuff on doesn’t help them or you. By all means let them talk it out, brain dump, brain storm to find other options but try not to do it for them. It may even go against the grain to take that step back. But you can’t help if you’re drained of energy can you.

It can even lead to resentment down the line. You are more than capable of putting energetic boundaries in place so that whatever is sent to you does not attach. Trust me as someone who does this regularly and has done for decades. Just be aware. Observe. Increase boundaries where needed and if it comes to it dissolve attachment, step back a bit and make sure you are energetically stable the next time they want to speak/connect.

All of these are interconnected and I’m sure you can see the thread that runs between.

Wed 19th – Thur 20th : New Direction

Ok moving on…..

The timing for this is not lost on me in the slightest. Those of you who work with the sabbats will notice this is JUST before winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. It’s a time for taking stock, deciding what you wish to carry forwards for the next 6 months. Of leaving behind what no longer serves and allowing in what will serve you.

It may be a bit of a shift in direction, beliefs, thoughts, actions but it’s for a reason.

Change is a constant in life and being open to going with them rather than fighting all of them it puts a message out to the powers that be.
That you are open to more.
Of being more.
Of doing more.

Life is not a straight line.

So be very clear in what you feel you are bringing in.

Fri 21st – Sun 23rd : Receiving

And this falls bang on Solstice on the 21st and Full moon on the 22nd – so a fair bit of potential energy wise this weekend.

This is a time for showing that you are open to receiving.

Many of us are brilliant at giving but hopeless at receiving. Think about it – how do you react to random gifts, compliments etc

Do you attempt to brush them off or down play them?
Do you rush to repay them in some way and thereby taking the love out of the gift?
Or do you simply say “thank you” and accept with the grace they were given?

Finding or re-discovering that balance between giving and receiving is a beautiful thing.
It’s not always easy and may require a whole hep of dropping programming and long held beliefs but it can be done.

And by doing so you shine a light for others to either find you or be gently inspired or even guided for a short period of time.

It’s no bad thing and the Solstice and Full moon are perfect times to do this. Of setting crystal clear intent to invite in what’s for your best and highest good and releasing what no longer serves.

Think of it as an opportunity clear the blocked or stagnant energy out and replace it with free flowing energy in its place.

The potential is there – it’s how you choose to work with it that counts.


Start of the week – ok no sugar coating.

If you’ve been stampeding after something for a while now take a break and look around you. Have you compromised yourself or others in this pursuit? Is it really in your best interest or have you gone into obsessive territory. Only you can answer that question.

Be aware of what your project to others and may unknowingly attempt to pass to them – yes they may appear strong and unruffled but they may have a better game face. By all means unburden but do your own work don’t try and palm it off to others.

If you’ve had stuff passed to you – you can let it go. You don’t have to carry it. Either pass it back or send it to Source. You have your own “stuff” to handle.

Mid week – you have an opportunity to really look at where you are and let go of what really isn’t working for you any more. Change is constant and embracing it and new directions you can have presented to you puts a powerful message out to the universe.

End of the week – if you feel it then work with the Solstice and Full Moon energies in tandem – of really letting go of what you no longer wish to carry forwards and being open to what’s coming in. By being open to receive (if inline with your highest best) you take away some of your self imposed limits. That balance between giving and receiving is a special thing. Honour it.

Decks used

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th Nov 2018

3rd time lucky as my tablet ate my homework…twice…..
This is a pretty in your face oracle card spread so it’s going to be a pretty blunt reading from me – buckle up

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Power

Who here has been ignoring, running from or flat out denying their personal power? Of going with the crowd because its easier, of self censoring yourself so not to “upset” someone, of pleasing others, of going with what someone else wants even if you know it’s not right for you?? Pretty sure we all can pop our hands up for this at some stage.

Well enough.

Seriously enough.

This diminishing of self does not serve you in any way – it may serve others but thats their crap not yours.

We are right at the start of the current Mercury retrograde phase – and please do not start with the do’s and don’ts for this as I don’t resonate with these old outdated teachings. Think outside the box and realise that any retrograde season is simply a time to re-asses, re-visit, re-write…basically all the “re’s”. To find what is NOT working and do something about it.

So if you’ve been avoiding your own power I’m sorry folks but that sh*t ain’t going to fly anymore. Now is the time to work WITH the retrograde energies and really look at yourself and what makes you tick.

If its not working it’s time to bin it, to bring in what does work and re-write your script. Ditch old fear programming, others expectations and perceptions. Allow yourself to speak your truth, be heard, be seen, and stand in who you are once more.

You don’t have to scream and shout or cause a drama – it can be done from a calm , balanced standpoint and still have the same far reaching results.

Stop handing your power over to others as it only drains you …in fact check in with your solar plexus and see if it looks a bit flat or has cords in it that aren’t yours. Folk may be siphoning your energy without permission – I’ve had it done too many times to count so know what I’m talking about.

Take your power back, get rid of whatever isn’t working (you’ll know it when you hit on it) and be yourself. Not a puppet or what someone else wants you to be.

Roar if needed.
Just get on with it.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : Faith

And back to faith – of trusting what what happens is mean to . Things always happen for a reason – even of its not palatable at the time, with hindsight we see what was actually going on.

We discount our discernment so often that we forget we have FREE WILL at all times. Most things happen as we made a choice. So rather than playing victim face up to the fact that we create our own reality. If something isn’t panning out the way you want or had planned it probably was never meant to.

Attempting to force something to your will is never going to work. No matter how hard you keep trying. Indeed you may find things start to stagnate if you keep battering against a brick wall.

So start to have a bit of faith or trust in yourself , your abilities, your choices and remember that all things teach us something. Even the holy-crap-what-the f**k- was-I-thinking decisions show us something. If its something you aren’t likely to repeat then great lesson learned.

All it takes is a shift in perspective – to find the other ways of looking at something as it can show you a hell of a lot more than you may realise.

The more you start to trust in your gut, yourself, others and Source the more it ripples outwards.

Go on try it.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Change of Mind

This is a brilliant end to this spread as it adds confirmation to all that has come before. And that is that we have FREE WILL always. We make decisions based on the best information we have to hand at the time.

You are ALLOWED to change your mind as you grow, shift and change.

What was true and right for you before may not be now. So be brave and let go, change your mind or perspective and try something that feels right, fits who your are NOW and be open to it changing again in time.

So many people panic when they read the word change. As change or the unknown can be scary – but it’s inevitable. Theres the saying that the only constant in life is change – and its true.

Learn to work with change rather than attempting to swim against it as you may find yourself moving a bit faster.

So trust your decisions, trust your ability to make an adjustment if needed.


Start of the week – no more pussy footing about. Time to reclaim your power , taking your voice back and letting your truth out. Do it. No more procrastination , it’s not needed. Remove your own self imposed chains and let yourself live.

Mid week – start to trust in yourself, and not a bit , a LOT. Silence or mute the inner critic and know you are doing the absolute best that you can right now. People can have an opinion that’s simply their perspective. Only you are living it right now so have faith in yourself right now. Be brave.

End of the week – we all have free will. And with that comes the ability to change your mind about anything in your life or about yourself when it no longer fits or serves you. Work with the energies and face up to what isn’t working, is there something you can do to change it? Great, the get on and get started. You are allowed to be you and that changes over time and with experience – so go with it.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish