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The dinos are back and getting louder!

Well the dinos are very much back.

It’s amazing what can happen when you trust a process and step back to allow it to evolve by itself. By stepping away and letting things happen in their own time.

The process

As you may have spotted I had an idea way back in 2016 for some dino carvings – as the energy just wouldn’t shut up till I spoke to someone.

A batch of 3 inch T-Rex were carved but that was it. Due to excess damage when attempting larger sizes we parked the whole process in 2018. But then in August 2020 , this topsy turvy year I had a random email. Telling me they had managed 18 x 5 inch T-Rex……

Fast forward to October and they have gone even bigger. All I did was ask if a slightly larger one could be carved – for me. And the whole process is steaming ahead. To the point that I am speechless.

So when those plans stall, or you hit a bump in the road. Take a step back and say it’ll get done if it’s meant to happen.

And leave it to evolve on its own.


Say hello

I now introduce you to some of the beings birthed this year. To buy you can pop over to the Dino specific Facebook group or I will be popping some up on the web shop over the coming week.



photo of 5 inch Pietersite T-Rex
5 inch Pietersite T-Rex crystal skull



photo of 7.5 inch mate T-Rex
7.5 inch agate T-Rex crystal skull carve



photo of 9 inch agate and amethyst t-Rex crystal skull
9 inch agate and amethyst cathedral T-Rex crystal skull carve



Stay tuned for more

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