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The Dragon’s Share drop in online chat

Photo to explain a new online drop in session for the short term


Given all that’s going on globally right now I’ve decided to open up a weekly online drop in chat space.

It’s called The Dragon’s Share and will be held on the Zoom platform as it allows you to interact on screen as well as on a chat thread.

It feels right to create a safe space for a bit of calm once a week. To drop in and connect with other folk or even to offload how you’re feeling.

Given the amount of uncertainty and disruption it may offer a little stability for a while.

Grab a space

Feel free to pop over to the booking system to “book” a free space and also get the Zoom link.

These won’t be recorded as I want people to feel free to say what they need to say without restricting themselves.

We all need a space where we can be ourselves


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