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Dinosaur Skulls

photo of green aventurine T-Rex skull available at Dragon Ascension TherapiesThis one is a little different as these are beings who keep pestering to be brought forwards and have been for a few years. I finally gave in and in 2016 got the ball rolling to start getting them carved.

Fast forward to Dec 2016 and the first batch was born and delivered to me 1 minute after solstice! All T-Rex’s

Now those who work with skulls or dragon skulls I will say these are a little different as they are hyper realistic and took a lot of time and skill to be crafted. I’m still staggered at the detail……you can see this for yourself.

For anyone who may have a little niggle at the back of their minds along the lines of “you’ve just found an untapped market and are taking advantage….” not so my friends not so.

I’ve been working with dinosaur energies for the past two years or so, if I’m brutally honest a lot longer unknowingly – and as when I started with dragon energy I’ve kept it extremely quiet and personal as I get used to working with them and understanding what they are all about. And not bringing awareness forwards before it was time.

I’ve taken the time I needed (and still need to be truthful) to fully integrate them into my existing team – they came fully in while I was away in November 2016 as they told me they would. The little snippets and individual work they had done up to that point became crystal clear as the pennies started to drop.

Where dragons, for me, are all very personal about direction, strength, transformation and transmutation..dinosaur energy I have found to be about connection, deep deep deep grounding all the way to the planet core, awareness of the here and now and a wake up call to what’s happening on our planet.

It’s via earth work that they revealed themselves to me and my role with them – they will work with other energies very happily and you will find they are compatible with who you work with if you are drawn to them.

So for those who have been drawn to work with them take your time and see what comes forwards – as I’ve said more have asked to come forwards and I will address that in my own time.

I hope this helps a bit as to where I am right now.


Update 2019

Sadly at this time I have been let down by my carver. Life happens and that’s ok   

If the situation changes you will be the first to know.