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Preloved crystals and metaphysical items



Some of you may already be aware via Facebook that I run a group for preloved/pre owned/ second hand crystals and metaphysical items e.g. oracle cards, books etc as in 2015 I took on a friend’s LARGE collection that was looking to move on but had nowhere online to show case them.

The preloved aspect means there are no demand on resources or mining as they already exist – they don’t typically cost quite the same as brand new, you never know what will pop up and it’s an International group.

It’s been a fascinating experience and I now also sell on behalf of others (if interested please contact me direct for my commission rates, how it works etc) to take the hassle of the whole selling process out of the equation.

Heres a summary of what I do on your behalf if this is making you curious:

*Energetically clear all items arriving and departing from my premises
*Arrange customs clearance of stock where applicable if shipping in from outside the EU
*Catalogue each piece with unique ID number – traceable on paper system and on electronic one
*Price and list each item on FB – takes time
*Deal with sales enquires, discernment posts etc
*Organise payment of invoices, arrange and agree payment plans etc
*Allow and arrange open orders across multiple people I sell on behalf of
*Arrange packing and shipping/posting of items – these include international shipments
*Storage (thats a big one as you can imagine)
*Arrange at the end of the month your payments into your account

Learn more

Please see the Facebook Preloved Crystal Sales group  for more details and to see what’s available. Some of the items I have are now being listed in the web-shop.


New for 2019

For those of you who are local/relatively local to me I can offer you a trip round the Preloved Crystal Cavern. This lets you have a look at more than can be seen online.

This will be by agreement and invitation only.

If interested please contact me direct to discuss dates and times.