Hello and welcome to Dragon Ascension Therapies however you have been guided here.

Be it a seemingly overnight fascination/obsession with all things dragon or Dragon Energy related.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed energetically and have ended up here by fluke.

You may even have see a passing comment on Facebook which piqued your interest.

Exhausted energy workers, those who are dragon daft, those starting out on your journey to discover who you are.

You are all welcome here.

I offer Dragon Energy Healing, 1-2-1 Energy Mentoring , Alignment to Self work, Dragon Energy coaching and a whole host of energy tools including preloved crystals and brand new dinosaur crystal skulls, to help you with whatever guidance, direction or clearing you may be looking for.

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Who is behind Dragon Ascension Therapies?

I’m Cheryl and I established this energy practice in 2014 after going through my own spiritual awakening.  Read more about the origins of Dragon Ascension Therapies.

How can I help you today?