Welcome to Dragon Ascension Therapies

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Are you Interested in:

Self Empowerment, Dragon Energy.

Walking your Talk, Speaking and living your Truth.

Dropping all pretence and Discovering your Autonomy?

Dragon Ascension Therapies is here to help with all of the above.


However you have been guided here be it:

An overnight fascination/obsession with all things dragon.

Hearing the phrase “Dragon Energy” and wanting to find out more.

Feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed energetically.

Seeing a “random” post pop up on social media thats piqued your interest.

Welcome to you, the:

Exhausted energy workers. Dragon enthusiasts. Those ready for Self Empowerment. 

You are all welcome here.


Where I can help

I offer a mix of Dragon Energy Healing and coaching.

1-2-1 Energy Mentoring.

The Arse Kicked by Dragons membership.

Energy tools including preloved crystals, and the occasional new crystal.

All to help you with the guidance, direction or clarity you need.


Who is behind Dragon Ascension Therapies?

My name is Cheryl and I established this energy practice in 2014 . After going through my own spiritual awakening/dark night of the soul. I found myself opening up to confusing, complicated energy work . My path lead me to dragons and I haven’t looked back.

Read more about the origins of Dragon Ascension Therapies. My work with Dragon Energy and where I am right now.


How can I help you today?