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– Clare, UK

“I was so lucky to have been able to have an energy clearing done with this amazing lady and her team. She knew very little about me but oh my was the feedback totally accurate, right down to a minor ailment no one knew about apart from me. So much work done on such a deep level, totally intense and a healing which I have never known the likes of before. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me and already feel such a huge difference and benefit. Thank you x”

– Gillian – Ayrshire, UK

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dragon Ascension Therapies. I really appreciate that Cheryl is very down earth, approachable and straightforward in the way she delivers her services.

I use the “Essence of Pure Light” Aura sprays on a daily basis for my own personal use and setting up my therapy space. I use varying ones depending on my mood or intention,
I have had a 6 month card reading done which proved to be very insightful and offered useful guidance.
I have had an in-person Dragon Clearing which felt very gentle at the time but did help shift stagnant energy and the accompanying feedback offered a deeper insight into the powerful energies that affect us both positively and negatively.
I also chose Cheryl to facilitate my Angelic Reiki training which was a very powerful and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

The fact that I am a repeat customer, I’m sure, tells you that I believe and trust in the work Cheryl does. It works for me. You don’t know for sure until you experience it for yourself.”

– Yvonne – Perthshire, UK

“I have had the privilege and very good fortune to know Cheryl for many years now. What i love abut her is her honesty, integrity and work ethic to do a job as best you can. She is highly intuitive and having had a reading form her and read her free weekly readings it has been very insightful and helpful. They are always spot on key points in the weekly ones, well worth taking the time to read.

I have also had dealings from her including clearing my energy , you could really feel the powerful energy getting rid of all the yucky stuff and her distance group healing work on so many different levels. She is the person I would go to if having any problems with heavy dark energy I could not handle to clear from my aura myself. The Dragon healing and Clearing are so powerful working on so many levels of yourself.

I have bought many of the sprays from her and all have been exceptional, you feel the energy change as they enter the room and have been great tools for the work I do and for my own energy.

Her page Preloved Crystals is to be honest the only place I would trust to buy second hand crystals. The guidelines and administration of the page and how it is managed makes it one of the safest places to buy second hand crystals that are beautiful and full of energy, her information that comes through for each crystal is amazing – giving you a unique insight into what each one has to offer rather than the text book guidelines. A brilliant service to have when I don’t have access to any shops and I usually look here before looking for a new crystal.”

-Debbie: Quebec,Canada

“As regards Dragon Ascension Therapies I am hooked on her monthly Angelic Reiki Distance and the Group Dragon Bubbles. I have also purchased several of the pulse point roll-ons : Solar Plexus Protect , Aura Protect and Breath which I can only highly recommend. I presently have a cold and have been using Breath to ease my congestion.

I have also purchased a 3 inch crystal craved T-Rex from her page and the carving is outstanding, very detailed : nothing sloppy allowed.

I first dealt with the Preloved crystal group about two years or so ago. Cheryl ensures that you are checked out before you are allowed to sell o purchase any items and that rules are followed. As these items are preloved they are less expensive than buying new and “knowing” the people it makes it easier to sell or purchase. She ensures the group rules are followed and she’s a trustworthy , honest and forthright person who I absolutely love!

I have absolutely no reservations in highly recommending her as a person and for the services offered.”

– Jane – Wales, UK

“ I’m a relatively new member to the Preloved Crystals group but I’m so glad I’m a part of it. I have now purchased off a number of individuals within the group, including Cheryl, and everyone has been very welcoming, the purchasing is very easy, and with regular events it’s a great way to add to existing collections. The group also has some very knowledgeable members which is great if you are a newcomer to crystals and unsure what to purchase.”

– Christine: Cambridgeshire, UK

“A wonderful page run by a wonderful talented lady. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough – quite amazing”

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