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Isla – UK

I have worked with Cheryl for a couple of years now.  We have worked in many way, from her crystal selling, one to one work to her retreats both in person and on line. The reason I love working with her is her honesty, she is straight to the point no frills attached as are her team. You can never go into a session with a plan it’s guaranteed you will go down another route but it’s always the one you need to wander down. I have done more in the last 2/3 years with her help than in the 19 years I’ve been on this path with many other facilitators. She has helped me find the tools to help myself in the future and to regain my confidence in myself.”

Peg – USA

I have been doing Cheryl’s workshops/sessions for several years now. They are very helpful, and have helped me grow more and more with each one. She gives many good tools to use if you are looking to improve yourself. I have also purchased items from her in her Pre-loved Crystal group. Great selection of unique items, reasonably priced. Cheryl has a good sense of humor too!

Gillian – UK

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dragon Ascension Therapies. I really appreciate that Cheryl is very down earth, approachable and straightforward in the way she delivers her services. I have had an in-person Dragon Clearing which felt very gentle at the time but did help shift stagnant energy and the accompanying feedback offered a deeper insight into the powerful energies that affect us both positively and negatively.I also chose Cheryl to facilitate my Angelic Reiki training which was a very powerful and enjoyable experience from start to finish. The fact that I am a repeat customer, I’m sure, tells you that I believe and trust in the work Cheryl does. It works for me. You don’t know for sure until you experience it for yourself.”

Yvonne – UK

“I have had the privilege and very good fortune to know Cheryl for many years now. What i love about her is her honesty, integrity and work ethic to do a job as best you can. She is highly intuitive and having had a reading from her and read her free weekly readings it has been very insightful and helpful. They are always spot on key points in the weekly ones, well worth taking the time to read.

I have also had dealings from her including clearing my energy , you could really feel the powerful energy getting rid of all the yucky stuff and her distance group healing work on so many different levels. She is the person I would go to if having any problems with heavy dark energy I could not handle to clear from my aura myself. The Dragon healing and Clearing are so powerful working on so many levels of yourself.

Her page Preloved Crystals is to be honest the only place I would trust to buy second hand crystals. The guidelines and administration of the page and how it is managed makes it one of the safest places to buy second hand crystals that are beautiful and full of energy, her information that comes through for each crystal is amazing – giving you a unique insight into what each one has to offer rather than the text book guidelines. A brilliant service to have when I don’t have access to any shops and I usually look here before looking for a new crystal.”

Ruth – UK

“I have purchased a number of crystals from Cheryl. Always beautifully cared for and they arrive lovingly wrapped. This isn’t just a job for Cheryl but a vocation. She truly cares about each crystal and her extensive knowledge is shared freely. A trustworthy, excellent guardian of crystal beings.”

Jay – UK

“Working with Cheryl of Dragon Ascension Therapies, is a unique and beneficial experience.It’s very tailored to you, and what you need in that moment, but it’s not for the faint of heart, as there is no hiding from yourself when you work with Cheryl, her team, and your team as well.It is ideal for anyone that needs their boundaries pushed, cleansed, or you need change and not quite sure what that change is. It is worth your time, your energy and yes when it come down to it your money as well.”

Dawn – UK

“There are some things I think are essential in a therapist. That I feel safe and that I trust in the person (energetically and personally) who is helping me access, come to terms with and heal my deepest trauma and fears (because this I why I contacted Cheryl). I can honestly say I felt safe and I trusted Cheryl on all levels, and this enabled me to move forward when we came across those things I had kept hidden and safe for the longest of times.”