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Testimonials from clients of Dragon Ascension Therapies

“I was so lucky to have been able to have an energy clearing done with this amazing lady and her team. She knew very little about me but oh my was the feedback totally accurate, right down to a minor ailment no one knew about apart from me. So much work done on such a deep level, totally intense and a healing which I have never known the likes of before. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me and already feel such a huge difference and benefit. Thank you x”

– Clare, UK

“This lady… Where do I start! Cheryl not only knows what she’s doing but she is very good at it too. I love her and the work she’s doing and I cannot recommend her enough.”

– Manon, The Netherlands

“A wonderful page run by a wonderful talented lady. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough – quite amazing”

– Christine, UK

“Awesome amazing talented and gifted lady. It’s a pleasure to know and have been treated by her. Get involved people!!! ASAP x “

– Nicola, UK


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