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Reiki is a wonderful modality for relaxation, coming back into balance and generally a bit of self care.

I have been working with Usui Reiki since 2002 when I was at an extremely low point. A second bought of depression and I was on anti-depressants which really were not helping. I had a 20 minute taster session at a local holistic centre and it changed my life.

No really, it did.

I threw away the anti-depressants (please do not copy this! Speak to your doctor about coming off medication don’t do a Cheryl) and started two and a half years of treatments. I was fascinated. I read up about chakras, energy healing modalities, Reiki . Anything I could get my hands on as it was helping me so much.

Then I started to learn for myself in 2004 finally finishing my Master/Teacher level in 2014 and now teach others. It gave me so much more understanding of myself, the opportunity to heal and the grounding I needed for what was to come into my life.

I still credit it with helping me turn things around and start to heal. My Master/Teacher attunement triggered a MASSIVE shift in 2013.

Reiki is gathering speed and pace in the Western world especially over the last 10-15 years as more and more people start to learn and treat others. There are now many different forms of reiki available and you will be drawn to the one that works for you.

I teach 2 forms:

Tibetan Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki (I’m a Master/Teacher for Angelic and have been since May 2013)

For me the main difference is the energy – what do I mean?

For Usui we/the practitioner connects direct to reiki energy and acts as the channel for it to flow from the source through the client. In most cases by placing their hands at specific points from the crown of the head to the feet. Movement may be felt, hot or cold sensations, tingling in the hands or feet, seeing colours and many many other experiences for the client

For Angelic Reiki it’s ever so slightly different as the practitioner simply holds the space and invites in the angelic energies and any other energies required at the time for the best and highest good of the person. The practitioner will be guided where to move and what to do as there is no set sequence. I personally love Angelic and knew instantly I would be teaching it.

Some people (including myself) find it a bit “trippy” and love feeling the energies come through for each person as it’s never the same. Sometimes I get to see/feel/hear and other times I simply am there to hold the space and allow the energies to do their thing.

You can find more information on Angelic Reiki at www.angelicreikiassociation.co.uk which is the lineage I have trained under.

Currently only training available.

I’m no longer offering reiki treatments 

To discuss training dates please get in touch as these are by request.

In person and distance sessions are not available at this time. If you wish to discuss please feel free to chat.

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