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Types of Dragon Energy work available:

About Dragon Energy

As you may have spotted Dragon Energy is what I’m most connected to. In fact, let’s not beat about the bush it’s with me all day every day.

I have accepted that they channel or work through me and have since 2014. When I was asked for certain pieces of work to be brought forward for others to connect and experience. And for some, being a spring board to where they need to go next.

I will say it’s not an energy to play with or dismiss. If you do connect with it there is etiquette and respect required to continue to work with them. When you don’t stick to this they can remove the connection and simply leave. So “don’t take the proverbial” is what they are saying as I type this.

But that’s not to say they don’t like to have fun and let loose.

Trust me they do and my team have a wicked and twisted sense of humour . Which is how we connect.

Some people will see them, others will hear them and some may sense them in other forms (too many to list). However they connect will be specific to you and how you work. There are no hard and fast rules as to how they do this. They simply find the way that makes you pay attention. Trust me on this!! When you look back you start to see all the subtle and then not so subtle ways they’ve been working.

I find their energy to be very protective, supportive, transformative and inspiring.

The majority of my work is not light and fluffy. It can be hard, challenging and at times pretty upsetting or ugly. I’ve made peace with this. And given what I have been through to get to this point it makes sense . I’d rather I had to do this work than someone else. I’m equipped to do it and happy to carry on.

“So what dragon energy options do you offer ?”

There are a few. Most are work done by distance (i.e. not in person). This allows my team and I to focus fully without distraction. But can be done in real-time if preferred. Any and all findings/observations are sent to you at the end of each session. Either by email or private message. Nothing is shared by myself to any third party. All findings are strictly confidential.

Dragon Release

Dragon Release

Currently the gentlest dragon energy service available. This does go deep and can help with the upper most issues in your energy system that you may be experiencing.

You are held in a safe protected space and whatever you are needing at the time will be brought forwards.

Sent by distance taking approx 30-40 minutes £50 per session

I also offer group Dragon Releases on the 15th of each month. It’s good way to get a feel for the work at a discounted rate.

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Dragon Clearing (distance) 

Dragon Clearing (distance)

This is the most in-depth (currently) personal dragon energy work that I offer. It has a sledgehammer effect to it. I’m not exaggerating please be assured I mean this!

The best way to describe it is that I and my team hold a very safe and secure space. Allowing a very deep dive of your energy systems. To detect anything that’s there that shouldn’t be. Then either remove it for you or bring it to your attention. If further work is required by you direct. I should point out this will not remove everything, nothing can. But it will find things that have been hidden and are ready to go. We’ve found all sorts of past life issues, deliberate energy blocks, unintentional energy attachments etc. The list is not exhaustive.

But first, a caution.

This is not for the faint hearted. If you haven’t experienced dragon energy before I would VERY strongly recommend a Release first. A Clearing does not pull any punches.

I would also recommend that if you do wish to try this you plan to have a quiet couple of days afterwards. Some people take 2-3 days to fully come back from this work. You do need to take it very easy.

Sent by distance takes approx 1 hour + 1 hour aftercare – £85 per session

Includes a PDF copy of all findings by email or private message and time to discuss what comes through.

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Dragon Clearing (in person)

This is relatively new as I can now offer Zoom sessions. It’s exactly the same as a distance session with the exception that we will talk you though what is happening in real time.

It’s not light and fluffy and does packs punch. Be sure you have a few quite days afterwards so you can relax and integrate what comes forwards.

Takes approx 75-90 minutes – £85 per session

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Dragon clearing (online presence) 

Possibly the most obscure service I’ve offered is energetic clearing of online spaces and hardware devices.

Photo of dragon carving to represent Dragon Clearing your Online Presence

“Shouldn’t I be able to do that myself? After all it’s my page”

Short answer, yes we should. In an ideal world this wouldn’t even be necessary. But sometimes we need an outside source to stand back and see what’s actually going on behind the scenes. I’ve seen and heard many times that someone’s page is suddenly losing likes in very odd patterns. The page not being seen, it doesn’t feel quite right and trolls/nasty comments appearing out of nowhere. This, to me, can be an indication that an energetic attachment(s) requiring to be removed.

In response to this happening to a friends pages my team stepped forward. I was guided how to clear and protect these online spaces, and in most cases pinpoint where the issue was stemming from.

As with the Dragon Release this has come from dragon energy to hold the space and do what is needed. I can’t share the specifics of how this works as it’s not meant to be shared, yet.

“But why do I need/want someone else to do this? Isn’t it my issue to deal with?”

Again, yes. But I know it can be extremely draining on your own time and energy to be constantly fire-fighting clearing the energy. Protecting the space and can have an effect on your health over time if this constantly needing work.  The brighter your light shines the more you attract towards you.

The other thing that I’ve not mentioned is that any energetic backlash from energies that are removed and suddenly try to reattach but can’t. Is that it doesn’t rebound on you, if anything it rebounds on me. Or tries to. Don’t panic. I am more than capable of neutralising and dealing with in very short order. My team won’t allow it. They wouldn’t let me offer this if I wasn’t able to deal with it

“Ok so how does this work?’

In the simplest form I open a space with my team and scan your page(s). Clear the energy and reset boundaries. In many cases we may be able to advise where issues are stemming from and advise other measures that can be taken as preventative steps. Including clearing your electronic devices.
Pricing for this is based on the size of the page and number of pages being looked at.

  • 0 – 1k =  £30 per session
  • 1k – 2k = £40 per session
  • 2k – 3k = £50 per session
  • 3k – 4k = £60 per session
  • 4k – 5k = £70 per session
  • For multiple pages or more than 5k likes £POA

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1-2-1 Dragon Coaching 

Photo of carved crystal dragon representing 1-2-1 Dagon Energy CoachingI have been finding it near on impossible to write a dragon course. There as so many variables for each person.

Step forward a fabulous friend who got the message on my behalf. They gave me the brilliant idea when my own channels were a bit muddled.

“Why not offer 1-2-1 sessions direct?”

Lightbulb. Moment.

Et voila!

In essence we will create the space. Hold it on your behalf and chat via Zoom.

No two people connect or work the same way so no two sessions will be the same. I will be shown by my team how you best work and it will be channelled from there.

I should point out I don’t claim to have all the answers. These sessions are channelled via my team who will nudge me in the right direction for each person. That’s how they work.

This is not restricted to those just starting out. It’s also aimed towards those who have been working with dragon energy for some time and feel this is resonating.

If dragon specific feels too restrictive don’t forget I offer a 1-2-1 mentoring service

£100 which includes 60 – 75 min Zoom or in-person session
+ 30 min catch up session 1-3 weeks afterwards

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Dragon Energy Workshops 

Finally after much procrastination I am now offering in-person Dragon Energy workshops. There are 3 different ones available.

Dragon Energy short/intro :
11am – 4pm for up to 4 people.
This will be channelled live. Good for those just beginning and those curious to learn more

£55 and includes all food and drink.

Dragon Energy full day :
10:30 am – 5:30pm for up to 10 people
Slightly more in depth Time will be set aside in the afternoon for more practical work such as connection to crystal dragon skulls, automatic writing, live guided meditations etc.

£65 includes food and drink

Dragon Energy Intense :
2 days 10:30 am – 5:30 pm. For up to 4 people
More intense this one with more time dedicated to practical and group work, distance work, holding space for each other, card readings and whatever else is brought forwards by the collective group energy. There may be homework on the evening in between the two days – this again will vary from session to session.

£110 all food and drinks included.

For available dates please get in touch.

Due to restrictions in 2020/2022 these courses are temporarily on hold.