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2020 in observation

We find ourselves in the last calendar day of 2020. I won’t be offering the typical new year greetings as I’m slightly left of centre (you may have noticed) and don’t resonate with it. In fairness I switched frequency/vibration on the 21st. So what am I offering in it’s place? A short-ish observational piece. Now …

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Oracle card reading 28th Dec 2020 – 3rd Jan 2021

photo of 3 cards pulled for 28th December to 3rd January

  Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Attunement   Now for me this is not about going to someone to be attuned to a modality/energy this is about what comes to you direct.   To trust your intuition/discernment/gut instinct. And to see beyond what is presented to the truth within. If it feels right, and …

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2021 Retreat – cancelled

Cancellation of 2021 retreat

It’s with some reluctance and deep regret I have cancelled the postponed 2020 Retreat. Due to the ever changing global situation it didn’t feel right to postpone this out any further. So I have cancelled for now and will re-asses later in 2021. the though of carrying 2020 energies into 2021 wasn’t sitting comfortably. Those …

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