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Arse Kicked by Dragons? What the hell…….


New membership programme coming soon



Bet that caught your attention!!

I’ve had a lot of things firing about the past couple of weeks including something I was going to ask about last year and then parked it. As ,well, last year happened. It’s now the right time to bring it forwards.

I will be starting in July 2021 a (paid) monthly support membership/community.

Not for beginners this one.

So if you’re just starting out with all things spiritual then this membership is most probably not for you. As those of you who have worked with me before know my team take no prisoners.

We can be intense.  Very intense and it’s not for everyone. Getting your arse kicked isn’t always fun.

The plan

It’s going to be a pretty much warts and all type space/journey as it will grow and shift over time. It may even come OFF social media altogether! That’s kind of my aim but not immediately as I need “things” in place first.

The price is shared below. But early dragons/ those brave enough to come with me from the possibly messy beginning, will have a discount that lasts for the duration of your membership, but this offer only open to 30th June 2021. 

“Oooh tell me more – how do I know if this is for me?”

Arse Kicked by Dragons

Yes really that’s the name I’ve been given. You’re allowed to laugh, I did. 

Is this you?

Have you been working or interested in the Spiritual field for a while.

Gone past the beginner stage and become familiar with various different modalities.

Having done all the courses, had all the atunements but now feeling a little jaded, stuck or frustrated with it all.

Unsure what steps to take or try next and feel very close to turning it all off and chucking it in?

If this sounds familiar don’t panic.

I can and will help

I have been in your exact shoes and understand the frustration, confusion and the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get moving again.

With a mix of encouragement, accountability, different perspectives and some pretty blunt straight talking which WILL challenge you I can help you.

To show you how to strip away the bells and whistles picked up over time, back to the bare bones of what actually works for you.

Let me help you re-ignite your passion for your path.

To reclaim your confidence and strength to do your own thing.  Your own way and take responsibility for your own self empowerment.

And when ready (and needed because it will be) to give you a swift kick to the rear to take your voice and your truth forwards into the big blue yonder.

Those of you who have worked with me before will know I’m regularly arse kicked by dragons. And it works. I’m proof of that.

Ok sounds good, what’s the catch?

No catch.

Right now as we launch in July it will be a pretty much suck it and see way of working.

And those who join me from day one get to help form and build everything. To see what does and doesn’t work. Give feedback and make the space work for you.

I know most people I’m speaking to who have kept reading are pretty short of time so worry not. I’m not going to bombard or encroach on your already precious and limited time.  

It’s not a course  

To begin we’ll start with a Zoom call a month, allowing for Q&A’s where needed. We’ll go with the flow. 

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group – only for members. Where you will will have all recordings, other information and direct access to me. More so than elsewhere on Facebook.

There is a progress/process through all this which I will share when we start.

Some of you may only need a couple of months. Some may decide to stay longer.

It all depends on what YOU need at that given time.

Right – I’m in how do I sign up?

A price would help wouldn’t it?

It’s £25/month.

As it’s a warts and all stage if you know you’re ready to join email me at : cheryl@dragonascensiontherapies.co.uk and I can set that up.

** I have been made aware that some emails are not coming through. If you have not heard from me in 24 hours after emailing me please get in touch again or message me on the Dragon Ascension Therapies page on Facebook **

Invoices will be sent via Paypal on the same date each month when you ask to join.

In time this will be moving to a new platform where you can manage your subscription direct – but I’ll advise at the time.

And that my friends is the bare bones of the whole thing.


If you need to think it over may I suggest signing up to the newsletter as I will mention it once or twice if you need a reminder. 

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