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photo of 7.5 inch mate T-Rex
7.5 inch agate T-Rex crystal skull carve

Why dinosaur energy? In all honesty I had no choice.

They came roaring in several years back and have been getting louder and louder since that time. What I can say is that if you start to connect your sense of fun starts to return. Your inner child gets a platform. And you start to take life just a touch less seriously.

It’s an odd one to talk about but lets give it a go shall we.

I became aware of this energy making a connection around 5 years ago. At first I thought it was one of my dragon team having a laugh at my expense. But no it really was a T-Rex roaring in to say hello.

And since that point they are present in pretty much all work I do or host. The energy was becoming more and more apparent to others working with me. So I had to fess up. That yes it really was a T-Rex or a triceratops that popped in on the meditation/course/call.

I started doing a specific Facebook group to share info, meditations etc.

Dinosaur crystal skulls

It got so intense that in 2016 I approached a carver to see if crystal dino skulls could be birthed. And in late 2016 a batch of 32 x 3 inch T-Rex skulls arrived.

I asked if large ones could be carved and sadly I was advised in 2018 that they just were not possible. Ok if they were meant to be carved they would be.

So I stepped the group down and thought nothing of it. While still working with the energies and the fun and chaos they bring.

I noticed in 2020 even with everything else going on that they were getting stronger again. And many were also hearing them. I know I’m not the only person who works with this energy but I’m one of the few who mentions it.

Fast forward to August and I had an out of the blue email from the carver.

“We’ve done 18 x 5 inch skulls would you like them?”

Too right I would! That first batch flew out very very quickly – barely touching down here before they were sent on.

A second, larger batch has landed and I’m unsure if there will ever be any more. I have to go with the flow with these guys and this energy.

What is dinosaur energy all about?

I have found it to be very light hearted, full of laughter and light. Of finding that inner 4 year old and giving it a voice. Taking life less seriously and enjoying the moment.

I was told by them once that:

“you never know what’s round the corner so enjoy life. Live it”

But I’ve also noticed, as with Dragon energy once you start connecting, doing your own work and shifting vibration. They start sneaking in the bigger earth work. And the dinosaurs and intimately connected with Gaia.

For some the connection has gotten muddied, messy and isn’t working quite as it once was. Making grounding more complicated. These guys are helping us forge new cleaner connections. Bypassing a lot of the confusion and distraction.

Where to find the dinosaur skulls and info

For now I’ve opened a specific Facebook group for all the dinosaur crystal skulls. To keep them all in one place. And you are more than welcome to pop over and ask to join. You can find the direct link here. I will be sharing meditations, work etc as the energies progress.

If you are not on Facebook but are still interested just get in touch and we can chat.

The 5 inch skulls are £150 + P&P/shipping

Come join the Dinosaur chaos

Update: I have now added the few remaining dino crystal skulls to the webshop best be quick, they move FAST

NEW 1-2-1 Dino Energy mentoring sessions

Well after a bit of a nudge I’m happy to say I’m now offering 1-2-1 online Dino Energy mentoring sessions. As with all the various 1-2-1 sessions we have available this will be specific to you. It’ll be what is needed will be what comes up.

If you’re new to dino energy or someone who works with it routinely it may be of interest. Check out the booking system for availability or feel free to get in touch direct if the dates don’t quite suit.