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Launching my new service called "Alignment to Self".
Alignment to Self – new energy work available from Dragon Ascension Therapies in 2019

What exactly is Alignment to Self and why launch now?

“Alignment to Self” is a phrase I was given by my team/Higher Self in Nov 2018. I have been sitting with it, running it through my discernment filters and trialling it since then.

6 months on I’ve been told to stop faffing around and get it out there. Before someone else pops up something similar and I get accused of copying.

So here it is unpolished, still expanding and a little rough around the edges but out there for all to see.

It may feel simply from this page very different from the other work you can see and sense on the website.

Because it is. I may retire a few of the other things I currently do as I move more fully into this.

What do you mean by Alignment?

To be as succinct as I can this is deep energy work for those who have been doing their own self work for some time.

This is not for novices or people starting to expand into the spiritual field.
I will be very specific on this and may decline some people asking for this work.

Don’t take it personally – these are energetic boundaries for your and my highest good. If you approach to have this done and I truly believe it’s not the best thing for you I may gently guide you elsewhere. Or even suggest someone else who may be a better fit for you at this time.

It goes deeper than you may expect and can cause all sorts of things to be flushed up to the surface to be dealt with. But it leads you towards autonomy, self empowerment and reclaiming your own energy signature.

Essentially bring you back into alignment with yourself.

Ok you haven’t quite scared me off – tell me more!

Where to start?

I have been ruminating this phrase for 6 months and have been given all sorts of pathways, directions, jumps and shifts to how I work before bringing this forwards.

I ran a retreat in March 2019 and that retreat was essentially this work. On an intensive scale for 4 days. There are 5 people out there who have already experienced this work and just how deep it takes you. Hence the caution . You have to be ready to take the step into this, I can’t and won’t force you.

If you are familiar with dealing with your own shadow self in all its glory then you may be ready for this.

We (my team and myself/higher self) guide you deep into your own energy signature.
We “see” sense the form and shape and are shown where to pinpoint the places you are currently sitting that are out of Alignment.

And by this I mean out of Alignment to YOU not to a modality or external energy – to YOUR own energy.

How this is shown to you varies person to person. It may be a colour, a shape, a frequency , a vibration. But it will be out of kilter with the rest of your energy signature. It is at this point your higher self determines the next step. Which I can’t go into detail here.

Needless to say this is specific to each individual but you are handed the keys direct.

Why now?

Because I have been pushed to the point I cannot do anything else till I get this out there.
Its not “new” as such but it’s an updated way of working for myself. I know others will be getting similar messages at the exact same time as it’s across the collective for this work to be started.

You may find someone else doing something similar who is a better fit for you. I encourage you to trust your gut on who you approach to facilitate this kind of work. I am known for being blunt and the work is too so I may not be the right fit.

I’m intrigued how can I book?

For now all sessions will be in person , even the distance ones. By this I mean you have to hear my voice either by Zoom, Facebook messenger or face to face. The key is the voice in this work.

Price and availability

A session will be £90 for 60-90 minutes , plus aftercare session at a later date.

This may sound steep however I am honouring the space I have to hold and the energy levels that run through this that I have had to learn quickly to be able to sit with. It can trigger all sorts so there will be a degree of after care with the work.

Over time I will start to create group events and individual sessions on the booking system.

This will expand as it goes

I know this has more to give so I will be learning alongside you. As I find my own true alignment.

My team did give me another very simple snippet of genius that I will share very soon.  Just know the full premise is keeping things streamlined, taking a lot of ceremony out of things and going down to the bare bones.

Watch this space. You can contact me here for details