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Energy tools - Aura Spray available at Dragon Ascension Therapies

Essence of Pure Light Aurasprays and pulse point roll-ons

If like me you can’t stomach the smell of burning sage what can you use to clear spaces, smudge rooms or refresh crystals? Well you could try a vibrational auraspray instead.

I am one of 5 UK stockists for some incredible aurasprays by Essence of Pure Light from The Netherlands. I tried these in 2015 and fell in love with them and how well they work with what I do.

I use the Clean Energy spray for everything from clearing a therapy room before and after a client, clearing crystals coming into my space, using in combination with sound for treatments, in the car….the list is endless. It helps lift the vibration and bring everything back into balance.

The range is huge from Archangels, Ascended Masters to a full Dragon range – which of course I adore!

They use blends of essential oils and know-how to put together these fabulous sprays and they can be used individually or mixed together depending not eh work your are doing: example – setting up for an angelic workshop I use Clean Energy, Circle of Angels and St Germain.

They have to be tried to be believed.

Not only do they have the sprays but they also have a range of pulse point oils (mixed in jojoba oil) which can be carried with you and applied when you feel the need.

** please note due to import restrictions the sprays cannot be shipped to Australia or USA at this time, but the pulse pain oils can be shipped to USA **

  • 50ml spray – £14.95 + postage
  • 100ml Clean Energy spray – £16.95 + postage
  • 10ml sample size spray – £3.50 + postage
  • 10ml pulse point roll-on – £10 + postage (can be shipped to USA)

For Sprays available please get in touch.

or check out the webshop