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12 steps to sanity with dragons

A helpful 12 step guide for good practice to keep your sanity intact when opening up to Dragon energies……a.k.a. what they don’t tell you upfront. I felt it was time to share some tips.

You will need the following tools/coping mechanisms

1. A good sense of humour

2. An ability on run on 1-2 hours sleep a night for up to weeks at a time…..and an ability to hide the black panda eyes

3. Be able to change direction multiple times without warning…sometimes within the space of an hour.

4. Have very understanding friends and family who, on seeing you zoning out due do to incoming “stuff”, leave you alone.

5. An infinite pool of patience. You may need to work on this one.

6. A really, really good sense of humour …..(I know I’ve said it already , trust me on this)

7. Lots of notebooks and pens placed strategically around your home. They can strike at anytime…..usually when in the shower.

8. An ability to multitask at a ridiculous rate

9. A large and varied vocabulary as some take ten words where one will suffice.

10. A strong personality that can say “ get knotted !” or, “no” and mean it.

11. A handy plethora of swear words – they don’t have to all be in one language. Shake it up and keep them on their toes.

And last but not least – this is the most important saviour for sanity

12. A robust, twisted sense of humour. You really, REALLY need it …….you’ll thank me later, much later.

Bloody hell!!

Don’t worry I will delve into each of these in more detail as to why they are needed

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