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Spiritual awareness is not a f**king competition

It really, really isn’t. But it seems to be for some folk. Pop your hand up if you’ve been in groups on social media where people start to get argumentative, aggressive, downright rude and falling into a form of spiritual bullying along the lines of “I’m more spiritually aware than you”……A one-upmanship competition to be on top and worshiped or seen as an expert ……. Spiritual awareness it’s not a f**king competition folks.

I can see all sorts of hands popping up , mine included.

Now this is not an easy one to write as there are all sorts of layers and levels to this and how it manifests. I’ve left plenty of groups on FB for this very thing….I don’t comment I just observe for a while and when it really gets too much I leave. No drama no fuss.

This can’t be said of everyone. And in truth my tolerance for this is wearing thin.

Ok, so where are you coming from on this one?

Quite simply I’m against bullying of ANY form especially any I’ve experience myself.

It’s all very exciting when we start out and become aware of spiritual and energetic stuff going on. That first opening of the door can cause quite a rush and an overwhelming urge to know more, more, more and as quickly as possible. That enthusiasm is perfectly normal and quite fun to witness as it takes people back to childhood.

What’s not so nice is when these same people after a period of time start to question in a slightly more aggressive manner and it feels they are actually spoiling for a fight. They disagree with everything but rather than allow others to have their own views and opinions they keep trying to get their viewpoint across above all others.

This my dears is a form of bullying – healthy debate is all well and good but it’s easy to fall over this and it becomes personal, rude and completely beyond the pale.

This is where I have a line drawn in the sand and I will and do call folk on it.

Why bother?

Because I’ve had it done to me.

I’ve had the “I’m more spiritually advanced because of a, b and c” thrown at me. Which utterly undermined my confidence, my ability to trust my own experiences and to fall into a trap of almost putting someone on a pedestal as they must know more and better than me. After all who am I to question…..

THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKS – no one who is aware would ever talk down to someone starting out, tell them they aren’t advanced and superimpose their views and beliefs on others.

We all have our own path to tread and no one can navigate it but us. What we experience, feel and learn is unique to ourselves. What works for someone will not work for everyone and who are we to question anyone else when we are working on ourselves at the same time. We know the headf**kery that are shifts and integrations – they are hard enough to navigate at the best of times.

Try and not fall into the language trap of “advanced” or “masters” or any other word that suggests a tier system. We are all on different pages of the same book – some read it in a linear fashion, some jump to different chapters, some even go to the end to read that first . There’s no right or wrong in this simply what’s right for YOU.

Don’t let/give permission to anyone belittle or talk down your experiences or feelings ESPECIALLY if it’s something they haven’t experienced direct for themselves. This is the bit that I’ll confess winds me up.

Just because you don’t agree with something someone says or does doesn’t make it wrong – it just makes it different.

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But you don’t allow posting about/from certain people in your groups, isn’t that a contradiction?

No it isn’t.

These are energies that do not resonate with me in any form and I’ve found over time when they are mentioned they cause fights in my spaces. This is based on my own experience – no-one elses.  I’ve gone against my own gut instinct before leaving posts up and things have blown up very quickly. I realise now they had to be seen as masks were falling and it was a form of confirmation of this.

To keep my own spaces in good health, balanced and a safe place to be able to have a HEALTHY debate I do police it. It’s a thing called Boundaries – and you know how I bang on about that all the time.

It’s a personal and professional boundary and by stating it it becomes respected …which goes two ways I might add.


I respect that people have different experiences, resonate with different people and energies – and if that includes people I don’t resonate with that’s fine. It’s none of my business who people have high regard for , follow , read or promote.

Each to their own and all that.

What I won’t do is judge folk based on their beliefs or experiences, who the hell am I to dictate about anything. I’m still learning and always will be learning.

I have my connection to my team and specific energies which aren’t for everyone.

I may even connect with aspects of these energies that others feel uncomfortable with , don’t trust, don’t like etc etc.

There’s nothing wrong with that – I’m here to do what I’ve been asked to do and I’m getting on with it.

If folks disagree with me along the way so be it.

Do your own thing

If you’re doing your own work and things are coming forwards and the groups you’re in just aren’t striking the right balance for you anymore here’s a top tip:

Start your own

Get your own voice out there.
Gather your own tribe
Look after them
Protect your space

And maybe then you’ll have an understanding of what I’m talking about and why I’m strict about certain things.

It’s called learning based on personal experience.

It’s an ever evolving thing!

Nothing is set in stone so drop the arrogance accept that people will have different opinions to you , it’s called the spice of life.

And above all stop the bullying as you’ll find pretty quick there are some folk out there who will call you on it publicly.

And with time and hindsight you may even realise what you were doing in the first place.

Like I said spiritually awareness isn’t a competition – it’s a personal path.

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Getting triggered…it happens

Getting triggered happens to us all at some stage. The main thing is not to beat yourself up.

Care for an example?

For me it happened yesterday. But rather than react I took a step back and decided to process it instead.

Here’s a direct transcript of what I wrote on my FB page at the time. It’s part of my process to share.

An interesting one this as I’m still processing and shedding even as I type.

I saw a shared post pop up on my newsfeed today which has completely pissed me off. It’s likely to be re-shared a lot as it seems clever and all the rest of it. To me came across as highly judgemental of peoples choice to what they do and don’t focus their attention on.

I’m not going to repeat or show said post as 1. it serves no purpose (other than my initial reaction) and 2. I hid it as honestly if I saw it again i would simply react – and not well I might add.

Which is not a good idea this week as some odd energies flying around. Today in particular …feels like the collective right now.

Instead I am sitting with it and asking WHY it’s triggered such a strong reaction. It’s in part conformation of why at the age I am (42) I have made a conscious step away from something I see as not relevant, all smoke and mirrors and not going to be carried forwards for too much longer.

I decide what my focus is, no-one else. If I choose to not feed energy to something that is is my choice. It’s not your choice. You have your own to make. Which I respect …..something that gets overlooked a LOT on social media.

Words have power – never forget that.

And once seen cannot be unseen.

So at this time when we are revisiting, remembering etc these things can be flashed into our awareness as a test of sorts to see if we have changed. I have in a sense that I did not respond, hid the post. So I wouldn’t be tempted to go back to it and scrolled past where at another time I would have jumped in feet first and regretted it later. So forward movement.

Sometimes taking that breath, that little step back to going observation is a fecking good thing.photo of local clouds


Away to sit with this a bit longer . So I don’t punch my computer or tablet screen any time soon……….

And before anyone asks I am actually fine just processing

Like I always say I’m still human and will share the not-so-great stuff when it happens.”

Today is a much better day. Energy wise creativity is flowing and I’m setting my intents for the next 3 years.

Some interesting stuff on the horizon is all I will say at this point 😉

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When folk push your boundaries….and you decide to push back

A curious one this one when folk push your boundaries. Now normally I wouldn’t but this last week I’ve pushed back.

And pushed back fairly significantly if I’m brutally honest.


Yes, really. Everyone has a tipping point and I reached mine.
Now that will sound a lot more dramatic than it actually was.

To set the scene…….

As you know I go into observation mode quite a lot of the time – as it’s what I do. To see the bigger picture and get a sense of what I’m picking up on and why.

Most of the time this is enough . I take the time to sit with it and let whatever is coming up do so – then work out where it’s stemming from and go from there. Doing the work and integration etc etc etc

But sometimes,  just sometimes, I do things a little differently.

“How so?”

As you know over time I have developed very specific boundaries professionally and personally in keeping with what I do and what energies work through me. I’ve had to and most of the time this is respected.

But over the last week or so I’ve noticed and was made aware of people nudging at these – particularly the professional ones.

And this time round I’ll confess I pushed back.


I know, I know.

I’m not all sweetness and light so this shouldn’t come as a complete shock to folks – but it may have taken the ground out from under a few pairs of feet that I actually called folk on it.

And was seen to do it.

And no this is not aimed at anyone as I have a life outside of social media…..hard to believe but it’s true.

“You’re just kidding us on……..”

No, I really did call folk on their actions (and yes I have a life beyond FB). Not aggressively or in your face but it was done.

It’s not just myself who’s here to remember about boundaries, energy and playing fair.

We ALL are.

Sometimes I get called on things and that’s fine with me as I don’t always see it when I’m in the thick of it.

Sometimes I’m blinkered to my own actions and I need a wee shake or boot up the arse to GET IT.

So if I need reminding every now and again you can bet others do to.

So occasionally I get the green light from the team to let rip.

For anyone ever caught in the cross fire my apologies. But likely as not there’s a reason for that too.


“Ouch! That must smart!” photo for push back blog

Not all the time 🙂 it can be done gently and without ripping off the plaster, and I do have the skills to do it that way. Thank goodness!

So be aware of your boundaries and if folk overstep one time too many….push back.

You might be very interested to see what happens………

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Finding your OWN voice

Bit of a tricky one this one finding your own voice, your own style of communication and still being yourself.

“So many others seem to be brilliant at it… *sigh* I wish I was like them”

I know but it’s that old thing of not comparing yourselves to others. We all have different talents and skills and nothing flags this up more than social media. What you may not be aware of is the amount of work folks do behind the scenes to make it look seamless and easy – for some it is , for others it’s HOURS of tweaking , redrafting, tears, frustration and deleted or never published posts and blogs.

Again I’m not judging as I fall into this at times – and you know what? That’s absolutely fine.
I won’t beat myself up for being human and still working on my own stuff.
That’s kind of the whole point.
Part of my own work IS communicating what I’m doing, what’s coming up and the revelations I have.

Putting it in black and white is very healing for me.

“Ok – so tell me more.”

So what exactly do I mean by finding your own voice?

Well very simply a way of communicating that’s totally in keeping with who you are and HOW you are in “real life”. And one that feels right.

For example the way that I write is VERY much how I speak – there are plenty of folk who will confirm this. The humour, the self deprecating language and the swearing is EXACTLY how I am if I spoke to you face to face. So what you are reading is how I am. It’s pretty distinctive and folk who’ve been watching or following my Facebook page for a while recognise it.

I’ve had this style of writing for decades.

“Aye right.”

No I’m not kidding.

Even way back when we used to use pencil and pen *shock horror* this is how I wrote as a teenager. I’ve had many years to hone it. It’s my way of expressing myself and that’s why, for me, it flows. It’s a natural progression from those letter writing days to blogging in the here and now. Without it I would be floundering and utterly rudderless – truly, I’m not being flippant.

This is part of my creative spark, my creative flow and I work with it these days. I find communicating in written word is what works for me best. I’ve made peace with it.

You would too if when you were younger you were the shy one, the one that froze if they had to speak, the one that panicked if any attention came their way…….written form was my escape, my friend and my confidant. The blogs and Facebook posts as I said above are the continuation of those letter and journal writing days – just in a different form.

Be authentic and don’t imitate

It’s VERY easy to become intimidated when other people that you like or follow when the words seem to flow across the screen and resonate so deeply. To think to yourself “I wish I’d said it like that – it makes more sense that way! Mine just look garbled and non-sensical.” And then get upset with yourself for not having seen this “other” way.

In reality it doesn’t matter what or how anyone else is writing or speaking. These days live videos are very popular and many folk are fantastic at them – mine would be a tad stilted and flat as that’s not really me 🙂 I’ve made peace with the for now but will tackle it soon enough.

The trick is to take inspiration from others or what they are saying but to put your own spin on it. Not to try and replicate the style of communication if it isn’t right for you – it won’t flow, it’ll get sticky and it won’t feel authentic.

By putting across your experience or feelings it becomes your voice. When you speak from the heart folk feel it. They really do.

You’ve seen for yourself just how much personal information I share on this blog space and that for me is my way of being my true authentic self. You can hear me in what you read.

Without that experience or view point it would simply be a regurgitation of someone else work. And what would the point in that be? I won’t learn from that and neither would anyone else.

Try sharing that post or blog that has you so intimidated instead of rewriting it almost word for word and popping your name on it.

If you don’t feel it its not really part of you now is it? So why bother?

“But they got so many likes”

Quite frankly why do you care? No really – why do you care? What’s the driving force behind it?
Is it jealously, is it insecurity, is it not wanting to listen to your own truth??

Whatever it is have you thought of working through it instead?

See what drives it, where you can do the self-work to move on. Or simply even acknowledge it.

I acknowledge the instances where I see a post and think “huh” sometimes thats all I need to do to move on. Other times I have inner work coming up and this is simply a confirmation in a form I can recognise.

There are also those times when several people can get the same message or feeling at the same time and all write about it within a few hours of each other. It does happen 🙂 go with it and concentrate on your own stuff but be aware of any patterns popping up.

Some practical tipspicture of petrified wood heart

So time for the nitty gritty. Just a few tips from yours truly.

1. If new to writing try an old fashioned notebook to jot down what comes up. Yes almost like a diary that only you will see. Do it for a week or two and see what pieces flow and feel natural ……that could just be your writing style.

2. Read others work and instead of feeling intimidated work out what the core message is and why it has resonated with you. Is this something you do in your life already, or a new way of looking at something or possibly even something that has sparked when you read it. Whatever comes up acknowledge it and work with it.

3. If you have something to say then say it. But don’t say it just to get likes or reach on a social media platform.

4. Try different formats be it blogging, newsletters, journals, FB posts – and see what feels more like you. Do you prefer writing off the cuff as it comes up or do you prefer something a bit more structured? There are so many different options don’t limit yourself!

5. And lastly this is the biggie – speak from the heart. If you don’t feel it no-one else will. Something that’s important to you will come across. If it’s something you’ve picked up elsewhere it’ll come across as flat and uninspired.

So play around with writing styles and formats and pretty quickly you’ll know what’s the best for for you and your energy.

Don’t copy anyone else BE YOU instead

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Overdoing the energetic clearing

This little snippet was brought to me by my team this morning. About not overdoing your energetic clearing.

“I see you talk about Clearing quite a lot. What is this exactly?”

Essentially exactly what it says – clearing out my energetic system of things , vibrations, downloads etc that serve no purpose. As in they aren’t mine, are old and outdated, have moved on. There a whole list of what they could be and why they might be better off not being in my system thanks very much.

When you start to look at your energy system – and I mean REALLY look deep into your system and sense check it you start to get little feelings about what pops up.

An example – and yes one of mine

You’re always feeling angry.
There’s no obvious reason for feeling this way – things are going well, no major issues you can see, everyone around you is fine.
You go for massage, reiki, whatever usually helps you to relax but it just not working.
So you decide to take things into your own hands and work out what the hell is going on.
So you sense check your energy system – those trained in reiki or other modalities are trained to do self-care first before working with others. But lets face it how many of us FORGET we have this little tool kit? I did…..for 7 years but have come back to it full force.
You work with your energy system and start to sense some things out of balance so you do whats needed to bring it back into balance.
You may also get shown or sense where it has stemmed from so you can go to the source and work from there.

Great everything feels better but again the anger creeps back in.

So you do some more and repeat the whole process….and again…..and again.

Its like peeling an onion when you do this kind of work – each layer exposes another one for work/release.
The more you do the more you find to release.

Now here’s the thing – you can overdo this.


It’s very tempting and, in my experience, very easy to dig deeper and deeper and deeper……….

While this sounds a great idea – and for some people it will be, I’m not ruling that out in anyway – its exhaustingly intense stuff.

As in bone weary, “ will it never end!” exhausting.

Here’s the rub

You know that saying that “energy flows where attention goes”
It’s true

The more you focus on looking for and finding things that are out of balance the more you will find.
There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, its excellent work and I commend you if you have been doing this. It’s what I help facilitate for others and I understand how complex it all is.

But have you given yourself a bit of a break?
Have you stepped back after clearing a layer out and simply let things settle for a bit? To see how your energy system shifts and flexes and grows?

I have found – again with bitter experience, if I overdo it I become next to useless and can’t help anyone.
Or I’m pulling up things to be cleared out that it’s not time for me to be pulling out. Does that makes sense?

“No, not really”

Ok lets put it another way.
Say for example I have some shadow work to do, to acknowledge work through and release.
I on a personal level wish to do the work so I understand what has been going on but if I pull it out too quickly will I learn anything from this?
Possibly not.
So I don’t go looking for it – I used to.
I have learned to now go with the flow and allow these things to come up as they are meant to.
If nothing else it helps keep me sane.

“So how do you do it then?”

It’s all about balance – about doing the work but not 24/7

– I’ll sense check frequently to truly understand my own energy and if something feels off will look into it, feel round it and get a gut sense of what it is.
– I won’t jump right in unless I get a sense that it’s what’s needed immediately.
– I’ll ask others that I trust to do a quick sense check around me in case I’m mis-reading the situation which I’ll confess I do from time to time. No-one is perfect and the human part isn’t something to dismiss.
– then and only when I feel ready do I go in to move things on – I get a nudge when its time

I have been given new ways of working to do this by my team and I bless them for it.
I can’t share them as yet as I’ve still integrating them in but I will say it is possible to delegate things back to your higher self when it gets overwhelming. To be able to function and go about the day to day things.


Keep going but take a break

photo of Clearing blog post

So yes keep doing the Clearing work but cut yourself some slack.

Take a step back once you’ve done some and see what comes forwards – let you’re newly exposed energy settle for a bit first.

Thats what my team showed me this morning and asked me to pass on :

“Overdo it and you’ll simply find more, which will in time overwhelm you.
Take it a step at a time and learn from what comes up and how you work.
Develop new ways of working , we will guide you through it should you need the help.
Don’t try and sprint before you can even crawl. You’ll only attract more towards you.
Things will get done when they get done.”

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Words of wisdom during a solar flare

There are times when my team give me some cracking words of wisdom, even during a solar flare.

These came through last night while I was replying to a comment on a closed group.

Essentially as the energy last night was a bit irritated/raw/borderline angry I was advised to put out a wee heads-up to step back and let things play out and then die out.

The exact words that channelled through were:

“Leave well alone and let things die down. Don’t add fuel to a dying fire and then complain about running out of water ……”

Subtle huh?

Now I’m sensitive to solar flares more so than lunar energies or planetary movement. This is in part due to the fire energy it comes from – I’m working with a LOT of fire energy recently and a solar flare on top of that can be a tad…combustible. It can blast out a lot of what has been bubbling under the surface – like a volcanic eruption. Which I was VERY aware of on social media.

What folks tend to forget is that social media is a very accurate real time indication of what’s going on energetically…..and I do pay attention.

So there you have it a glimmer of wisdom after so much chaos.

Working with dragons etc can be like herding feral cats but every now and again one curls up in your lap purring and makes all the scratches and complete frustration worth it.


pic for "fuel to fire" blog

Photo for dragon teaching/coaching

The dragons made me do it…….new service launched today

Well they’ve gone and made me do it – a new service launches today for those looking to learn more about dragon energy and how to work with it…..

NEW! 1-2-1 Dragon Teaching/Coaching

As you will have seen I was finding it nearly impossible to write a course around dragon energy as there are simply too many ways to connect and work with it. I kept getting blocked. So i stepped away and said “How can I teach when 1 size does not fit all?”

Step forward a fabulous friend who got the message on my behalf and gave me the brilliant idea when my own channels were a bit muddled.

“Why not offer 1-2-1 sessions direct?”Lightbulb. Moment.
Absolutely perfect! My team and I work very well on 1-2-1 basis with others.

This is not restricted to those just starting out – this is for everyone including those who have been working with dragon energy for some time and feel this is resonating – how can I help? Perhaps a new perspective on things.

So if it feels I may be the right person for you have a look at the dates once they are up or get in touch and we can go from there.

(If dragon specific feels too restrictive don’t forget I offer a 1-2-1 mentoring service)

Look forward to speaking to you soon !

For more details please see the below link:Photo for dragon teaching/coaching




Self care isn’t a selfish act!

One-to-one-training available at Dragon Asecension Therapies


So December what was that all about? That was meant to be my time of solitude, of launching the website, of writing courses, of getting things ready for the approach of the new year and new energy. Is that what I got? Indeed it was not. Life crashed fully into the way and I spent the month between 2 houses, back and forth to hospital, dropping everything for a family member and generally running on empty. Even my business side ramped up when I’d written it off………so self care time it is!

Last week was possibly the worst week I’ve had in a while as everything culminated to a not so nice peak peak: storms, hormones, lack of sleep, work, demands on my time and at the very end we had snow ….my car slipped and my brakes locked – it was only for a fraction of a second and instinct kicked in and everything was fine. But it threw me back to the winter of 2010 when I got snowed in where I worked at the time …not a great experience.

So I took action and stopped everything and simply rested before I cracked….my powers of communication had deserted me and trying to express what was going on became impossible.

What was it all about? What I’ve been shown and had confirmation of as I type this is that I am dangerously low on energy having given too much away to others and I’m am very close to dropping into ill health and exhaustion.

I have a feeling a few of you reading this are sitting there nodding and KNOW what I’m about to say and why.

This is yet another example of me not listening to my own advice so if I can’t be an example let me be a warning instead.

We are brought up to put others first, helps others and not be selfish. Along the way this has gotten a tad ….confused shall we say. Looking after yourself is NOT a selfish act despite what many other people may say or voice.

Put it this way do you have a car that your service and/or MOT every year?

Do you have a heating system that gets checked over once a year to make sure its working and safe?

Do you have insurance for your home that you update every year?

Are you seeing that pattern….we can maintain and look after inanimate objects but how often do we extend this level of care to ourselves? Not often.

Yes we extend this to our family and friends but step back for a minute – when was the last time you did something for you. Without making excuses for it or explaining it away or being embarrassed about it…..I wonder how many people are struggling to answer , I know I am.

Last week was a kick up the arse for me to sort my energy out before I drain it completely – and I’m taking it seriously as I know for me what that can lead to – depression, exhaustion, adrenal issues and a few other lovely things. Putting other people before me is a natural default setting as thats what I’ve always done but the tide is changing.

I’m at a stage now when the warning signs are far from subtle and I have to take this very seriously. Yes by all means keep working and helping others I’ve been told but SORT YOUR WON ENERGY FIRST or you will have nothing left to work with.

That old adage of you can pour from an empty tea-cup which is the point I’m almost at…not quite but almost.

I’m now drawing my energy back in, taking time away from social media, not being on hand 24 hours a day. I’m seriously looking at and sorting my diet which has collapsed recently , I’ve restarted exercise despite mt tendonitis issues as the lack of movement is driving me a tad antsy.

I’m starting to read the pile of books that are staring at me for the last year or so. I’m getting massage, I’m going to people I trust to help boost my energy levels.

I’m also about to start a deep declutter of my home and working space to move on any stagnant areas.

Ultimately I am putting myself first – after all if I cant help myself how can I help anyone else.

Before anyone panics I am on the way back up – honestly. But I’m using this an example to people very honestly that energy workers are humans too and sometimes we forget….we get reminded quite sharply but the penny does drop.

Self care is not selfish – remember that, and if you see me forgetting give me a nudge.

Bridgit speaks : channelled 23rd May 2015

You may see me speaking a bit about automatic or channelled writing that I do with some of my dragon skulls and skulls from time to time – this is an example from Bridgit that I go back to every now and again as it still holds true to this day.

Automatic writing feels very odd when you first try it out but trust me it gets easier and quicker over time 😀

Bridgit speaks 23/5/15

Blog Post - Channeling Bridgit
“Hello Sweet Child – I’m glad you’re taking the time to chat today now the headache has gone – it would have been too much for you yesterday and you would have unintentionally rushed to the end.

Much has changed since we first met and all for the better. Much is coming towards you now but it is nothing you can’t handle – you have downtime now to prepare and we know it is much needed – in fact sorely needed. Your legs are feeling less sore are they not but your energy levels are still a tad depleted – we are working with you to recharge your system.

The physical clearing of your space is set to continue with stagnant or old energy being removed from around you and yes, more of your crystal family will be on the move – some of these will shock you but you already understand the need for them to move on and work with others – other beings will take their place very quickly and will perform different roles as you take on more of your own work.

Your clan is building nicely and though you have not met them in “person” you have in energy and other dimensions – soul family – you know of who we speak. More are coming in now and again it will make sense when they do. All is well with this.

Keep shining your light my dear as its getting brighter and guiding others in . Don’t shy away from this – you are heard by more than you realise right now and that’s OK. You no longer are so hard on yourself for which we are delighted to view and be part of.

We also commend you on the trust you are starting to show in yourself and your abilities, yes a few stumbles but this is how you as a being learn, and have always learned – which is perfect. You make no claims to be an expert, teacher or guide when you are all three – but this too is fine as we know this can make you uncomfortable and that is not what we wish to facilitate. Being humble serves you well – well done for being true to this knowledge.

Continue to grow and learn – new knowledge – or what appears to be new to you but is in fact a remembering – is coming and when you look back you will remember the moment you become conscious of this.

Cast aside attachments and material possessions – this migration of crystals is part of this lesson – it may feel hard but its simply a flow of energy….treat this like you do currency, which is simply energy which flows in and flows out – nothing you are overly concerned with, continue to trust in the process as you are always supported when required. You know this, you always have.

Your heart is much more open than when first we met and we rejoice to see this. The transition from hurt and constant energetic attack to the confident open being you now are ha been a joy to witness – yes there is much more to go but your trust in your gut and the use of discernment has gotten you to this point and further beyond. Keep using your discernment and questioning things – you know what to do and the small occasions where you slip the learning oh so far reaching for you and those around you. For as you already know the work you do for others has an effect on the collective consciousness – keep going my dear it is important work you do and not many are chosen to pick up the reins. It is not always the most pleasant of tasks but it is very important – keep going you are learning much and will pass it on.

I’m giving you more healing and energy direct into your higher heart as we speak to help you through this energy upgrade you are currently in – a lot of flux recently and this will continue for a few more weeks – again its not anything you can’t handle and the help is there – please just ask.
I leave you now as there are others amongst us who wish to communicate direct – but you and I will speak direct again soon.

Blessings child”

I was then knocked out for half an hour while Bridgit sat on my heart chakra – as she can be a tad direct bless her.

Blog Post - Energy workers - do you value yourself?

Why would a spiritual person need to have boundaries?

This is something that I wrote via my Facebook Page in May of this year but it still holds true so it feels right to share it as it gives you an insight into my own personal energy and the fact that I’m still learning on a daily basis.

Blog Post - Why would a spiritual person need to have boundaries?

Well it’s an interesting question that isn’t it? Surely someone coming from their heart and for their highest and best would be removing boundaries not adding them ?

That’s what I used to believe but after the last week, well technically the last 4 weeks, I’ve had, I’m beginning to be reminded that personal and professional boundaries are actually a good thing to have in place – given how much mine had slipped, I’m taking the opportunity to use the lessons for what they are – a reminder to look after my energy so that I can continue to help others.
So why did I have to step back from Facebook the other week – truly?

OK I’ll be 100% transparent. I was going to implode publicly and the aftermath would have been too much even for me to handle. So I did the most sensible thing I could and simply walked away to sort out what had been flushed to the surface and get myself back to my point of balance.
How had it gotten to the stage where I had to do this? At the time I couldn’t answer that – now with reflection …..I’d been pulled in various different dramas, none of which were mine, and my energy had been drained with the effort it took to cope with it all. The final straw for me was something very very silly (again not mine) but it was simply too much. I knew I would implode and didn’t want to pull anyone into the ugly energy it was turning into.

I’d of course forgotten the 5 retrograde planets were stirring EVERYTHING up for everyone and you could see people going crazy all over the place. Up until last Friday I had been holding it together and had even asked my team “please no more drama – can I get a few days of peace?” and then the silly thing happened and I started to spin out.

Lets not forget as well that the collective conscious/unconscious was also taking a battering particularly here in the UK where we are having so much anger re politics etc that it was utterly toxic – it still is but not to the same degree. So this of us who get to clear for the collective (yours truly raising a hand) got an energetic battering too.

I’ve digressed a bit more than I meant to…….

So my lesson? Don’t get dragging into others storms – OK yes there are occasions when it’s the right thing to do and one of them was very much that, the others? Not so much. So why did I allow it?

Again I’m not 100% sure but I now believe it was my teams way to get me to stop, see what was going on and start again. See the truth beneath the surface, stop before reacting (I’m usually quite good at that), not pull others into MY storm and to step back clear my energy and most importantly acknowledge and own my OWN stuff.
If I can say anything of any importance – and you’ve seen me say it a lot – don’t run from the shadow aspects of yourself, or try to blame others for what’s happening to you.
By running away you let the shadow side take over, build its own energy and become a force all its own. Sometimes simply saying “yes I am angry and I’m going to trace it back as to why” is enough to stop it in its tracks. I personally don’t have an issue with accepting my shadow self as you cannot have light without shadow. It’s finding the balance between the two to make a whole. Trying to pass blame or project your crap onto others only prolongs the issue and hurts others in the process – I wouldn’t recommend it and in your heart you wouldn’t either.

So yes I’m reinstating my boundaries once more – only being available through this page 10am – 8pm , not answering private messages at all hours of the day, taking time off to recharge when I ACTUALLY need it – all these simple things and more. So if you try to contact me and it takes a few days for me to reply – please don’t take it personally, I may be integration a shift, clearing stagnant energy etc and they take time.
I will still be sending free distance healing at the start of every month to all those who require it but any other spaces I’m guided to set up through the month will have to be on donation basis only as the drain on my system was too much last month as the energy only went one way – outwards.  To maintain balance energy must flow in both directions. That’s why so many energy workers face flame/burn out – we give so much that we have nothing left for ourselves. And no that’s not a complaint – its an observation.
How many energy workers reading this are sitting nodding? We give help and advice to others but when do we ever listen to it ourselves? We allow others to attach to us and drain our energy when we advise those same people of the cutting/dissolving of cords and relationships that are toxic or draining……
I am here to Clear and to be a Catalyst that’s my role at this time so I’m going to do what I need to do to facilitate that and protect my own energy so that I can keep going.
So don’t take it personally if I go quiet from time to time it possibly in everyone’s best interests when I do.