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details of some special offers 6th - 9th August

Lions Gate portal/business birthday weekend specials!

It’s my business birthday – 7 years who’d have thunk it

As a one-off I am offering various business birthday/Lions Gate Portal long weekend specials. There will be something for everyone. I’m letting those of you who follow my blog, and those on my email list know BEFORE social media. 
You may have spotted I am running the first every Group distance Dragon Clearing session on the 8th, these will run once every quarter on or near the New Moon for that month.
This one falls slap bang on Lions Gate (click here for what I wrote about this portal last year)  – it may pack a wallop! It’s a distance session it means if you are double booked (as I don’t typically offer anything on portal days) you can tune in later with the findings being emailed out the next day.
You’ll find more details about this one here as it may not be for you. And then again it just might.

For the full weekend itself :

Friday 6th –  Mon 9th and I will extend that to your local time.
If still Monday when you ask to buy I’ll honour that. Hey it’s my business birthday so I make the rules  
Preloved crystals:
Over on the Preloved Crystals Facebook group I will be listing various crystals at discounted prices. Which will be anywhere up to 50% off. If you’re in the group you will be able to search under “discount” and it should pull them all up.
If you aren’t in the group you can find the direct link here to join, 
Dino crystal carves:
The crystal dinos want in on the celebration action as well. For the weekend I will be offering an extra 15% off the 5 inch terrors. Currently they are priced at £135 – £150 so it’s a discount not to be sniffed at!
The link if needed is can be found here 
New Make crystal jewellery:
Last but by no means least over on the new make jewellery group I will be offering a 15% discount for all items currently available 6th – 9th August.
The link for the group can be found here

A big thank you from me to you to celebrate my business birthday!

I’m doing this as a thank you from me to all of you as my business has hit the 7 year mark. 
Going by my business records it was 14th July. On social media it will be 11th August.
This feels the right space between the 2 dates to offer all these goodies for everyone.
I do hope you can join me
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of cards pulled for oracle reading 2nd to 8th August 2021

Oracle card reading 2nd – 8th August 2021

photo of cards pulled for oracle reading 2nd to 8th August 2021

Mon 2nd – Tue 3rd: Knowledge

I love this card as for me this is all about inner knowledge or understanding of self.
The information, knowing, truth that comes to you direct. Not from another person or modality. But direct from the source. That we take a bit of time to sit with and integrate before we take it forwards. If at all.
For those who have been pondering some information/knowledge you may be given an opportunity (if you wish) to start to share it.
Only you will be able to decided IF it is to passed forwards or if it is to stay where it is right now. Speak direct to your gut on this one.
For example I have work and awareness of something that is not “safe” to share at the moment. We simply carry on with the work instead. And I have a sense it will never be shared.
But here are other tools and ways of working that we ARE passing on as it’s right to do so. I had to sit for some time to decide which was which.


Take your time with this. 

For some others you may be feeling “who the hell am I to teach this?”. And this is exactly part of the conversation we had a few days ago in an Arse Kick group call. It may be this conversation is for a wider audience. Mentioning it here if it resonates for you. Look up imposter syndrome to delve into this one if you so wish.
When you come from a place of authenticity, integrity and personal experience it floods out. You can feel it an at energetic level.
If when listening to someone it doesn’t sit right, leaves a funny taste in your mouth or sounds hollow. Then you may wish to take a step back and re-assess.
When in doubt take some time to speak direct to your body and ask what you can do to keep things running as they should.

Wed 4th – Thur 5th : Renewal

Beautiful card this as this full week is a mass build up of energies. And we’re been given a moment of time to spend with yourself. To rest, relax and rejuvenate.
Those who have been feeling over stretched, over tired or just a bit of a flat battery. This card is most certainly for you. And I pop myself in this one by the way.
Pause, take a break. Remember to breathe.
Concentrate on the spiral pattern of the card. Remembering that life is not really a straight line. It’s spiral and at times we are at the top and others we are at the bottom.
It moves at it’s own pace. Learn to flow with it rather than against it.

For some it is a time to concentrate and see the positive around you. To have gratitude (where you can , it’s not always easy/possible) for all around you. To allow the wounds to be seen and for the healing to begin.
Take this time to go inwards for a short while and to heal, sleep, eat, move – whatever your soul needs right now.
I can see this linking in with the sacral and solar plexus for those looking for a starting point.
It may be we are being given this small moment of respite to allow what is ready to move on/clear to do just that. Before we move fully into Lions Gate.
Do what feels right for you – at a pace that is right or you.

Fri 6th – Sun 8th : The grid

This is always such an explosion of light. colour and form. And this falls on Lions Gate at it’s peak on the 8th.
You may have been feeling the energies build over the past few weeks to this culmination point.
For me it’s an important one as it’s all about creativity, abundance and flow. And the card is about the connection to all. Of understanding there are links and pathways to all dimensions, timelines and more.
Your ability to navigate through them may feel more “alive” at this time.
Work with the energies.
Work with your Higher self/team/guides if it feels right for you.
Concentrate on the card itself as it has hidden patterns, shapes and forms that will reveal themselves to you. When you take the time to look.
For some this portal can be challenging – and I completely understand. It’s a lot of fire energy to be exposed to and work with. For some it’s not a comfortable energy to be around.
And if that is the case for those around you cut them some slack. Let them be. Give them the space to deal and integrate in the way that is right for THEM not you.
Learn and embrace compassion.

Extra for the week – Open your heart

extra card for the week

Quite a powerful card and statement to open your heart.
You may feel /believe it already is nut ask the question “is a part of my heart closed?”.
Listen to what comes up and respect the answer.
For many this will be a bit of a challenge – at a personal level I struggle with this part of myself. And it’s what I’m here to experience this time round.
Be patient, be kind, be compassionate – to others and to yourself.
Let the heart centre expand out at a speed that’s comfortable. Speak from your heart and be guided by it.
You can feel when it does.

Summary :

Start of the week – knowledge/information that comes to you direct. Sit with it, feel into it. You will understand if for you alone or to be shared when the time is right. Trust your discernment around anything you wish to share. To sense check the timing, depth and scope. For some others sit with your physical self and re-connect at a deeper level and ask what your body has been trying to show you.
Mid week – slow down, rest, relax, re-charge. Rather than running at 1 million miles an hour, try slowing down instead. Give your body and soul a break. You’ll thank yourself later.
End of the week – we are connected to all things and some of you may be starting to FEEL the connection at a deeper level. This falls on Lions Gate so it’s a pretty potent blend of energies. If it feels comfortable then great. If it feels uncomfortable let what needs to surface do so – then work with it.
Extra for the week – keep your heart open.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit,
Path of the Soul,
Divine guidance – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
moving from angelic reiki to dragon energy

Free Angelic Reiki is changing to something more in keeping

Well, it had to happen at some point.


As many of you know I have been offering on the 1st of each month free distance Angelic reiki. As a way of paying it forwards.


Only it hasn’t been straight Angelic reiki for some time. Gradually over time it has been becoming more and more dragon in essence. And it’s time to honour this.


To step into the space and own it fully.


So from the 1st August at 7pm we move. To something more in alignment with my team, myself and my work.

To where I have been guided for some time but kept a different name on it to be more “palatable”.

As part of walking my own talk it’s beyond time to be fully transparent *wry smile*.


moving from angelic reiki to dragon energy


So to those of you who continue to travel with me I trust you will enjoy as before.



Dragon Ascension Therapies

new distance group dragon energy offering

New quarterly Group Dragon Clearing session – starts August ’21

I’ve been nudged to offer up another form of Group distance work. This time with a Dragon Clearing. To go deeper into the energies and give people the opportunity for more group work.

And also for me to step up a bit more in what we offer.

For a better understanding of a Dragon Clearing you can read more here.


As with all Clearings this may be intense so caution is suggested before booking if you haven’t experienced this energy before. If unsure try the Group Dragon Release on the 15th of the month first. To see if you are comfortable with it. 


new distance group dragon energy offering

Tell me more!

Each of these Clearing group sessions will be on/around the new moon February, May, August and November at 7pm local UK time. This means the dates will move around slightly.

We never quite know what will come up in any Clearing session other than they go very very deep into your energy. In a group setting however we concentrate of the group energy rather than any one individual.

For those who prefer the energy of an individual session please just get in touch to chat.


Who knows what will come up

Those who work with the Collective who join these sessions may find we Clear at a Collective level. Those who work with shadow may find aspects of this being cleared out -it varies as to what is apparent at the time.

It’s never a known thing before we start and does depend on the energies that are playing out. But I have found this work to be potent on New Moon.

What’s the price and how do I book?


As you know an individual session costs £80 at time of writing.

As this is a group setting the price will be £25.


To book please click here.


See you there!!


Dragon Ascension Therapies

cards drawn for 26th July to 1st august

Oracle card reading 26th July – 1st Aug 2021

cards drawn for 26th July to 1st august

Mon 26th – Tue 27th : Justice will prevail

This is an incredibly strong card and we have some heavy ass energies kicking about this week. So it all fits.
Something I’m going to repeat is to look to your integrity and authenticity this week. The start of the week may push you or your tolerance but see through the BS to what’s actually sitting in the driving seat.
And to look at your OWN BS and why you are letting it run the show.
This for many may be a time of shadow this week. And with it comes an opportunity to bring in your own empowerment. To determine what is outside of your control and what is actually yours. If you have been projecting your feelings etc onto a situation or person – it’s time to see what you have been doing. And then look to the “why”.
But doing it without blaming yourself.
Or staying in victim vibration.
Try your best not to fall into the karma drama – of saying things that “karma will catch them” you’ll send that out into the Universe and have it rebound back to you.
Instead look deep into yourself.
See your shadow and meet it head on. Acknowledge it’s presence and learn to see the differing perspective of what it can teach you . Rather than running from it.
Know that when you stay true to yourself, walk your talk and stand with your own integrity the desire to play games, fib to yourself, lie to others, well it fades away. Honesty really is the best policy in these energies.
If you feel fearful – say as such.
if you feel angry – say as much.
You get the drift
When you face your own, others are less likely to project theirs onto you.
Justice will and does prevail. Allow it to do it’s thing while you do yours.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : Confidence

See, strong week for us all.
I see this card and can feel the full force of the rainbow it holds. I’m even sitting up straight as I type this.
This is not about faking it till you make it. This is true bone deep self confidence. That can rise slowly and gently and over time.
It’s been building for a while now and it’s time to let it in.
Again when we are authentic to who we are, what makes us tick, this confidence seeps in. We speak from the heart, walk our talk and proceed with integrity. It can be seen visibly when this happens.
You don’t have to big yourself up or anything of that ilk.
Simply be who you are.
That’s it.
The more you step into that space the more comfortable and natural it feels.
It’s effortless.
Yes you may be challenged, tested and more but stay centred and in alignment and you’ll steer yourself through.

Fri 30th – Sun 1st : Curiosity meets opportunity

Ok – I mentioned some heavy ass energies? A few may try and trick or tempt you into running down some rabbit holes without thinking.
Whoah there.
Take a moment and ask yourself WHY am I chasing down this? Is it something I’m interested in or am I feeling pushed by something/one else?
If it feels legit attach that energetic bungee cord before you place even one foot forwards. Let your team and Higher Self know when to yank you back up to the surface when things get too much. It’s oh so easy to get pulled in and held there.
If on the other hand it feels like something is pushing you into doing this, where typically you wouldn’t. Then tell it to sod off.
I’m not even joking.
Now is not the time for this kind of nonsense.
By all means research where you need to but do it from a balanced space. With an open mind to allow you to see all sides or more perspectives not simply what you EXPECT to find.
By all means be aware of what is playing out.
But from a place of observation only.
These energies may force people into jumping before looking …..and falling down a bottomless pit. Pausing a while is not going to hurt.

Extra for the full week : Vibrational

extra card for the full week

A good extra card for the week as you are being asked to look at your own energy.
Not in a sense to see what you could be doing, should stop doing etc. But to get a sense of how it looks right that very second.
Of sensing into it to see what it looks or feels like.
Does it feel comfortable?
Can you understand the work you are doing in relation to your energy that you can sense?
Understanding I am very much speaking in code right now. So the words may feel odd, sit with them instead.
If it feels right it will be, if the vibration feels out of synch or off in some way then pay attention to it and what plays out around it.


Start of the week – for the whole week in all honesty. Integrity and authenticity are key. Walk your truth, speak from the heart and do what you know and feel is right for you. Natural law does and will prevail. In all things.
Mid week- allow that sense of confidence that has been slowly building for a while now to seep into your awareness. Again be authentic and you have no need to big yourself up. As truthfully that kind of energy will get bounced on it’s arse. Believe in yourself and you’ll understand what is meant.
End of the week – before you jump down that rabbit hole and get swallowed up have you checked it’s something you WANT to do? Or something you are perhaps being forced/encouraged to do by someone/thing else as a form of distraction? Sense check the crap out of it before you move any further. And get a bungee cord – you may need it.
Extra for the week – vibration is everything. Check your energy as it is right now – not how you wish it to be, or want to change. But how it is right this second. Once you do that you’ll have a better understanding of what ISN’T yours when it’s flying around pushing buttons.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards pulled for 19th to 25th July 2021

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th July 2021

cards pulled for 19th to 25th July 2021

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Breakthrough

While the card is called break through the sense I get is truth revealed. Of pulling back the pretty outer layer and seeing the truth beneath. Some truth is positive, some truth is less so. But it is at least honest.
I can see the image being scraped back to reveal the detail beneath.
When the truth is revealed or discovered try and remain in a place of balance and alignment. This gives you the tools to process/integrate the information. Remember to breathe. And it if confirms something you’ve been saying for a while don’t gloat. Just because you could see it doesn’t mean everyone has.
For some others you may find your connection to other realms/spaces increasing or having a breakthrough moment. Practice discernment if you are connecting into something new or unexpected. To ensure it’s in your best interests and inline with your higher self.
I can see the potential for a lot of energetic masks to be dropped. And it may cause a little confusion. So stay true to yourself and who you are at the core of your being. Let that be your compass for now.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : Caretaker

A good card this as it’s a reminder to look after yourself. It can be oh so easy to put the needs and comfort of others before ourselves. And in certain instances that is 100% the right thing to do.
But do you remember to switch that back to yourself? To put yours needs first for a bit?
Or do you give, give , give. At the expense of your energy, health, resources?
There needs to be a balance between give and receive. When that balance is not there it creates an energy vacuum.
Take some time this week to assess where you sit in this. If you constantly give to others where do/can you receive? Are you open or closed to the idea.
If you feel you SHOULD put others first where did this stem from? Is it your belief or was it programmed in. Do you hear someone else’s voice when you hear these words calling you selfish. Well, quite frankly it’s time to take a closer look into this.
Is this even yours?
Lets take a step back. Rest, fresh boundaries and a revised sense of perspective.
Is it perhaps time to say no to something. Or set a boundary as to limits?
Only you can answer that. But do ask the question as it’s important.
For some others this is a kick in the rear to get this sorted. It’s not the first time it’s come up and enough is enough.
And if you are the one doing all the taking it’s time to look as to why.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Divine Guidance

I get such a sense of movement with this card. And all the colours of the rainbow.
We are being reminded that we all play a part. And all have pieces of the bigger picture.
While we may not see it (or in truth feel it) right now we all have a purpose.
Embrace who you are, drop the pretence and be YOU.
Everyone else is taken. A trite comment I know. But also happens to be true.
We all have an inner light. From the smallest spark to a blazing inferno. ALL are important and all are valid.
Let that light kindle and grow to a size that feels right for you. We have guidance all around us. Are you open to listening?

Extra for the week : Forget who you are

extra card for the week

A good strong card we’ve had a few times over the last year or so.
A reminder that we can allow old patterns, conditioning and programming to dissolve away. As we learn and grow what we once thought or believed may not longer fit. You CAN step away and have new beliefs and thoughts.
It’s called growth and evolution.
Standing rooted to one spot will only lead to stagnation.
Be open to bending, to going with the flow and learning new things. To be open to growth and moving forwards.
What has past, has past. And while it can be a comfort to revisit, living in the past serves no-one.
As you shift and grow allow that which no longer serves a purpose fall away – making space for the new.
This is an ever evolving process. So take yourself out the box you’ve popped yourself in and start living.


Start of the week – some truths being revealed can either be confrontational or a huge “AH HA!” moment. But we can all agree they are at least honesty. Integrity and discernment are called for at the start (and through) this week.
Mid week – time to put yourself first for a bit. Especially if you are someone who constantly gives of themselves. It is possible to say no to things/requests/people if doing so places you in a space of lack. Be open to receiving so you don’t create an energy vacuum – as that comes at a cost.
End of the week – shine that light of yours. It can be a small subtle thing , it doesn’t need to be an inferno. Choose the level that works for you. Know you are watched over even (or particularly) when it doesn’t feel like it. You may even find you are a source of light for someone just by being you.
Extra for the week – let old outdated thoughts and beliefs dissolve out. You’re only carrying dead weight. Give yourself some room for the new coming in. Another nod to being yourself – anything else is just exhausting.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul
Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of here cards drawn for 5th to 11th July 2021

Oracle card reading 5th – 11th July 2011

photo of here cards drawn for 5th to 11th July 2021

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Footprints

And we start the week with a bit of introspection. For me this is all about legacy, of the mark we leave on the world. Like footprints in sand – over time they are eroded away by the water. But the memory of them lives on.
This may be a two fold thing.
Looking at what you are doing in your life, your work, your energy and asking is this what I wish to be remembered for. Are you living your own authentic life? I don’t mean are your right about everything – as honestly who is. But are you being true to yourself.
Are you leading or showing others by example how they can be authentic in their life? Or are you beating your head against a brick wall and carrying on with what makes you miserable? Tolerating something which makes you wear a persona…..that really isn’t you.
What can you change, or look at that will alter where you are right now?
Go deep and ask the question. You will be guided.

Second strand

The other strand I can see with this one is ancestral. Something my online retreat people will be very familiar with right now *wry smile*.
Are you following a pattern because it is “expected” or it’s a way/thing thats been handed down over time? Have you ever questioned if it’s actually the RIGHT thing for you? If not, perhaps now would be a good opportunity.
And while it can be a beautiful thing to pay respects to those who came before you – lets not forget that some of them may not have had the best of intentions. Perhaps set a boundary when connecting in. That you will connect with those who wish their line to do well, thrive and grow. Those wishing anything else – eh, no thanks.
I won’t go into the guts of this as it’s very different for every person. And everyone views this topic differently. But you can make your own life in the way that works for you. Not as it has been dictated down a line by those who are long since gone….something to think on if nothing else.
If stuck try this on for size.
The phrase “it run’s in the family”.
Have at it.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Assistance

This is a good card as it reminds us of something quite important. When you need a bit of help or support are you actually ASKING for it to come forwards? Or have you forgotten this step completely?
Sometimes people/energies will not intervene without explicit invitation or consent. If you don’t ask or reach out you’ll get naff all help.
It is there – ask.
And when you do ask try and not block it when it comes in. For example getting some advice that will help but you don’t want to hear. Block that and the help may not come forwards again. My own team give me tough love – so it can be handed over in that way.
Be open to it.
Help or assistance can be in so many different forms. And at times it’s only with the filter of hindsight we see it for what it was. Something going wrong, a change in circumstances, things not going to plan – are actually EXACTLY the help that was needed.
Do your best not to fall into a woe is me pattern and instead flip things on their head. Try an alternative perspective. Is something now making sense that wasn’t before?
And for some others this may be a reminder or marker that you are about to become a line of assistance to someone else.
If you can hep someone without a drain to your energy or resources then do the needful. If you can’t you will be able to support in another way that doesn’t drain.

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Dragon Guide

Always pay attention when this energy pops up. As you are being shown something important.
When we take responsibility for ourselves, look to our own energy system, belief system and more. We begin the move into self empowerment. And our own autonomy.
You start to see the truth rather than the story.
This is an energy (I know well obvs) that is front and centre in this progression. They help you find and use your voice, speak your truth, re-discover your spine and walk your damn talk.
Work with this energy, not against it.
If you have something you need to say trust me you’ll find the right vehicle to do so. Fear falls away when you take responsibility for yourself seriously. Paying lip service will backfire.
Be strong, they’ve got your back.
If you need to stand up for yourself , even if your voice wobbles for a tiny bit, you will be heard. You may even find new ways of doing so.
There may be those who questions, doubt and more. But the easiest thing to do? Let them. Then prove them wrong.
I say it like I see it.

Extra for the week – Shine bright like a candle

extra card for the week

If you find things are getting a bit too much. Or you feel like you’ve stepped into an alternate universe where nothing makes any sense.
Take a breath.
Know that your inner light shines bright. Even when you can’t see it.
It hasn’t gone out.
You’re a little tired, a bit drained, and possibly a touch overwhelmed.
Do what you need to find that sense of balance and self once more. Turn off the devices, stop reading the news, take a break away from any toxicity in your life that you can.
Get outside, read a book, watch a movie, plant up your garden, visit the seaside, hug a tree, feed the birds. Whatever connects you back in, do that.
Your light will be visible to you again. You’re just weathering things for a short while.


Start of the week – look at the mark you are leaving with your work, your energy etc. Are you happy with what you can see? Do you need to change something to be more authentic? For some others this may be a few questions around ancestry – links, ties, history and more. If connecting in at an energetic level place a boundary first. Not all our ancestors are folks we’d want in our life. Be discerning!
Mid week – if you need help or support – remember to ask. It may not come in unless you do so. And when you do be open to it perhaps being in an unexpected form. For some others you may be that support for someone else. If you are in a place where it will not drain your energy or resources then go ahead. Otherwise stop and assess before jumping in.
End of the week – if the dragons are about then it may be time to step up and walk your talk. Find and use your voice and be the strong independent person you actually are. If you need to use that power and energy to help others again be discerning first.
Extra for the week – if feeling a little frazzled or overwhelmed take a break/ Do something that allows your brain to slow down, and for your breath to calm. Overwhelm is a very real thing and it can drain you to a husk. Self care is critical.

Decks used:

Path of the soul
Return of the Soul
Divine Guidance – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards pulled for 28th June to 4th July 2021

Oracle card reading 28th June – 4th July 2021

Oracle card reading 28th June – 4th July 2021

cards pulled for 28th June to 4th July 2021

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Snow White and her Animal Friends
Interesting cards this week as for me this is all about integrity.
Being yourself, walking your talk and not simply paying lip service to things.
Just being truly authentic and showing up each day is huge. Particularly with complex and challenging energies wanting you to react in a specific way, sit in fear or remain stagnant.
So keep doing your thing, your way.
You may not even realise it but just by being yourself you may be inspiring others to do the same thing. As in being themselves not copying you. That’s a different discussion for another day.
When you drop any pretence, masks or scripts people can tell. You can feel it. The truth of it all is at the surface and what you see is what you get. As honestly anything else can be utterly exhausting.
It may be your reputation preceding you in some way. Whatever it is carry on.
If you have people who watch what you do remember to look after them. But only where and when you can. Not overextending or depleting your energy, resources or more. Try not to trap yourself into service where it’s not needed.
Tune in to your discernment as often as required as it’s served you well thus far.

Wed 30th – Thur 1st : Follow your own good advice

And we step fully into discernment and walking your own damn talk.
Too many people, particularly in the spiritual field, talk a good talk. But then do the exact opposite.
Step up and be accountable. Practice what you preach! As I said in the first card integrity is key. Lead by example of what IS possible when you take responsibility for yourself.
Be authentic, truthful and transparent. So many people are starting to have the blinders removed and it can be confusing. Being upfront can be quite a relief for those who are spinning a tad. Finding that voice that has zero bs is rather refreshing.
But also listen to the advice you give others when it has been sought (unsolicited advice can do a runner). Most of the time it’s for you too.
Trust your gut and discernment. You know what is best for you, not others. They only see what they believe is best for you – and that can be very skewed or seen through a distorted lens.
With some potentially extra challenging energies building you may question a lot of what is going or around and to you. Absolutely question it. Does it feel comfortable or not? Is it something you actually wish to carry forwards or one you’d prefer to bin?
Do the work as it pops up.
And LISTEN to yourself.

Fri 2nd – Sun 4th : Dreaming your wisdom

Now this is a very interesting card as I’m holding space for some other work right now and this was pulled by someone within the space.
So taking extra note of this one.
Dreaming your wisdom. What does that even mean? For me this is accessing your inner knowledge while in a more relaxed state. Many people this will be in dream or sleep time, some in times of meditation or simple quiet.
If you have dream recall pay attention to any themes or direct messages. Even if they aren’t the most comfortable. They may have different translations and what seems abstract at the time of waking may make sense later.
If so guided have a notepad next to your bed to write them down as you awaken.
I for one do not have dream recall as I made an agreement with my team that any work done while sleeping was delegated to my Higher self. I need the sleep more than the story of what was done.
Whatever is important will be confirmed to me when the time is right.
If you have dreams of old ways and teachings run them through a filter first. Not all things that are ancient are relevant now. Or indeed useful. Again let your discernment lead the way on this.
If it feels right to connect you’l know. And if not you’ll get a form confirmation it’s not for you.
And a special caution from a trusted source of mine – do not eat or drink anything offered in dream state. You have no idea what you are actually agreeing to, or what contracts are being drawn up.

Extra oversight for the week : Follow the signs

extra card for the week

Fairly self explanatory but lets expand it out a touch.
If you are being given a series of confirmation, clues or sign posts you can follow them. If you wish – free will and all that .
I’m not talking rabbit holes. I’m referring to something a little more subtle.
If it feels right when you listen to your guide/guides then carry on.
But if it feels a bit off, or your guides suggest perhaps not the thing for you then step back.
This full week is about discernment, integrity and authenticity.
So while you can say yes to things, you also have the ability and right to say no.


Start of the week – be you, be authentic, do your work and walk your talk. Just doing this can inspire others to what is possible when you are responsible for your feelings, beliefs , energy and more.
Mid week – listen to the advice you given others when asked. Could it be it’s also for you?
End of the week – our truth and knowledge can pop up when we are in a deep relaxed space or even sleep. Take note of what comes up before acting on it.
Extra for the week – you can follow the series of signs if it feels right when you tune in. If it feels not quite right, or not for you it possibly isn’t time. Or it’s not for you. Trust your gut this week and listen to your own inner knowing. You have the ability to say yes but also to say no.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle
All by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for weekly reading 21st to 27th June 2021

Oracle card reading 21st – 27th June 2021

cards drawn for weekly reading 21st to 27th June 2021

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : The awakening

This card is unbelievably fitting as this falls on Summer/Winter Solstice on the 21st. Depending where which hemisphere you are in it’s either the start of summer or the start of winter.
Where I am it’s the Summer Solstice.
This golden dragon is speaking of new beginnings, new ideas, new ways, new direction and more. Whatever you wish to bring in for the next 6 month cycle now is the time to set that intent.
This is a potent Solstice and many will have felt it building in energy since the eclipse window closed/eased. What you choose to do with it is very much in your own hands.
You can treat it as a huge opportunity to plant new seeds and bring in what you wish to se in the world. Or you can choose to continue in the old/known/learned and keep it growing and ever cycling.
It’s your call.
I for one will be calling in and working towards what I DO wish to see in the word. Building community, connection, seeing the bigger picture, working with compassion and doing what I can in my own way to remove division. Rather than building and increasing the divide and conquer energies of the last few cycles, or focusing on what I don’t wish to see carried forwards. That focus only adds power. And I refuse to feed it.
Pay attention for what comes up for you and decide what is right for you at this time.
Enjoy the energies, work with your own boundaries and inner knowing.
Parts of who you are may start to move out of slumber and be awakened.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Infinite possibilities

Flows rather beautifully from the start of the week don’t you think?
That beautiful balance of colour, form and symmetry.
Life is a dance and the only limit is your imagination. There are infinite possibilities and post Solstice, in the new energies, anything is possible.
Manifestation may feel quicker and more powerful as we start off the next 6 months. What do you want or feel you wish to do? Where can you go from here?
What’s stopping you? That’s the question to ask yourself. If the power of procrastination is strong, question it head on. Why are you stalling or feeling hesitant? Is there something blocking your way or are you popping up road blocks of your own?
It may what you had been working towards or pushing to get to ISN’T actually for you. You may find your higher self and your team have slammed the breaks on as you’ve gone as far as you can with this path.
It may be time to create a new path for yourself.
Ask the big questions – you may get a surprising response.
I can’t answer that for each individual other than to say be fluid. Be open and adaptable to change. Not all change is bad, sometimes it can be amazing.
Flip your perspective for a time and see what else you are shown from a different angle.
Can’t hurt now can it.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Curiouser and curiouser


Love this – so much potential this week. And its up to you how you choose to work with it.
This is a nod to change. Either personal or around you. To the point where you may be questioning everything. Go with it – its good practice.
Sometimes when we shift and grow we no longer recognise who we once were. People around you may hark back to that person. They haven’t yet realised that you have moved on. They’ll catch up or be left behind.
Do your best to not allow their voice in your head if you are just twigging the sometimes huge steps you’ve taken to where you are now. Another voice will only make your head spin. Set the intent that while well meant it simply floats on past.
For some others you may find a shift is inbound (not surprising given the start of the week) and it may alter the structure around you – until it feels unfamiliar. It may be very short term so try not to panic. Let it settle and then see where you find yourself.
For some other you may be getting itching palms to try something new or an old desire to try something popping up. If you have the resources to do it then give it a go.
If you have a deep urge to go deeper into a topic then do so. But a caution as always have an escape plan in place first. Rabbit warrens and rabbit holes can get confusing quickly…..if it no longer resonates get yourself the hell out of there.

Extra for the week – The grid

Extra card for the week

An explosion of colour and form. And as you look even more closely you start to see different patterns forming.
We are all interconnected and this is a reminder only. Not just to each other but to the planet, the universe, other dimensions, energies and more.
With everything going on and huge potential at your finger tips it’s easy to forget we are ALL part of a bigger picture. The good, the bad and the downright ugly.
Look at the connections as they pop up for you and determine, for yourself, which are right for you. And if guided dissolve out the ones that no longer resonate.


Start of the week – solstice energies are at their peak. Bring in the new, plant new seeds and determine the flow of the next 6 months. This is a golden opportunity but it’s up to you if you choose to see it as such.
Mid week – we have infinite possibilities all around. If you need to re-draw your path then now is as good a time as any. The only limit is your imagination.
End of the week – things may leave you feeling a bit discombobulated so tae some time out. Let the dust settle. It may be a shift that you’ve come out of/are going into. It will calm down.
Extra for the full week – see the interconnection was have to ALL things. It’s a far bigger world than you think…….

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune deck – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for oracle reading 14th to 20th June 2021

Oracle card reading 14th – 20th June 2021

cards drawn for oracle reading 14th to 20th June 2021

Mon 14th – Tue 15th : Lion Guide

A strong week – and given we are now building up to Solstice on the 21st you can possibly understand why. So much fire and with it comes the ability to charge up of drain down.
We start the week with Lion guide which for me is a nod to those of you who haven’t already done so to let your voice and your truth be heard. And no I don’t mean shouting others down – there’s no excuse for that.
By being true to who you are, what makes you tick and your OWN moral code your voice shines through. Hiding or being someone else to fit in and not cause waves dulls your light, your voice and in time you may forget who you actually are.
This is a card of self empowerment and autonomy. Deciding to choose your life your way. Not being forced or told what to do by some/thing else simply as it suits them.
If they don’t have your best interests at heart why do you give their voice more power than your own?
Sit with that question and go deep with it if you can.
To some others who’ve been a bit TOO forceful with their voice and truth – you may want to rein it in a bit before you go too far. If you are always shouting people stop listening to you. Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard. If you don’t agree with them. So what? They have a different experience and perspective – give it some respect. Shouting over others is a form of projection and won’t do you any favours right now.
Lead by example instead and walk your talk. It’s easy to wax lyrical about something but if you aren’t living it why are you preaching it?
Integrity is key right now.
I’m also drawn to the purple of the card as this for me is about the third eye, clear vision, discernment and intuition. Allow these strengths to come up to the forefront. Listen to what your inner guidance tells you. Observe before you act.

Wed 16th – Thur 17th : Immunity

Now some of you may read this card in different ways – so you go with what YOU are given. We have had this card before not too long ago. So something is repeating or we are being given another opportunity to change.
It’s a word that’s a hot topic and has been for over a year. So lets look at it from an energetic stand point and take all the other debate OFF the table.
When you feel as if you are under attack you will have particular defence mechanisms that you fall back on. Sometimes these can do more harm than good. Take a look at your standard pattern.
  • Do you retreat?
  • Is attacking back your default?
  • Do you lose your voice and submit?
Have you found that these work for you at all?
If not it’s time to change things up.
Boundaries are a fantastic place to start. Drawing a line in the sand and saying this is what you will accept and over the line is what you will not – people find it more difficult to bulldoze through them. Once created though you must honour them. If you pay no attention to your boundaries then they are essentially worthless or invisible.
Pay attention to them and stand by them and peoples attitude towards you/your life style/ your choice will change. Take it from one who knows.
Peoples responses, feelings and opinions are their own. Even if extended towards you it’s outside of your control and ultimately not your bullshit to deal with. You can and do have full responsibility for your own beliefs, feelings and opinions so start with them.
The more you take control of the things inside your sphere of influence the less likely others will bother you to the same extent.
Step up, take responsibility for yourself, set robust boundaries and carry on.

Fri 18th – Sun 20th : Encoded

Not had this pop up for a while.
It’s a great card and if you can zoom in and see if you pick up anything direct. there are hidden messages in he artwork that not everyone will see or connect with.
This is about translating what is around you. Not just the seen or the spoken – but the unseen, the hidden and the words not said. Learn or remember how to navigate these waters.
You may start to get confirmation from external sources without the need to search for them. Trust your gut and your guides.
It can be a bit of a a headf*ck as once seen certain things cannot be unseen. But if you are aware of this going in you will be able to integrate and shift as needed along the way.
As with all rabbit holes – bungee cord to the back of you first so that if need be you can be pulled back out if you start to get stuck.
If in doubt come back to your core first – sense check what has come up. Ask if it resonates or not. If yes carry on, if not ditch it and move past.

Extra for the full week : Change of Mind


extra card for the week

Love this card as it’s a reminder that so many have forgotten in recent times.
You can change your mind about anything at any time.
It may be a feeling, new information about a situation or person that allows you to make a different decision, it may even be something no longer resonates as it once did.
Whatever it is you can, and are allowed, to change your mind and direction.
For some it may be a nod to the eclipse energies currently falling away and solstice building up. That you are in shift pattern or process. Give yourself time to integrate to the new energies around you. It may be disorientating at first but you will adjust.
Some others of you may be out the other side of a shift or transition. If you feel a bit wobbly then do what you can to ground and centre. Find your balance before doing anything else. Tempting though it may be to go full throttle you may have to learn how to walk again first …….
And if those around you are in the process of changing ideas, beliefs, energies etc then give them the benefit of the doubt. They may spin out a bit ( as may you) as they adjust. Give them support if needed and you are in a position to do so.


Start of the week – find that voice of yours. You have the courage to let it be heard if needed – but may have forgotten that along the way. Try not to get so enthused that you drown others out …….you wouldn’t like it if they did it you .
Mid week – work on your boundaries and taking responsibility for your reactions/actions/beliefs etc. This is key to finding and keeping yourself in balance.
End of the week – find the hidden details. You may get confirmation from surprising sources. Sense check with your gut/discernment first. If it feels right carry on, if not send it back rather than taking it on.
For the full week – if you need to change your mind or direction do it. We all have this ability but can forget. Allowing others to step in and coax/ or bully us down paths that aren’t right for us. Or to make decisions that we wouldn’t have made on our own. Be open to change as it’s a constant in life. Walk your talk.

Decks used :

Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
Path of the soul – All by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies