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Photo f the three cards drawn for the wekly reading 6th to 12th July 2020

Oracle card reading 6th – 12th July 2020

Photo f the three cards drawn for the wekly reading 6th to 12th July 2020


Mon 6th – Tue 7th : Keeping up

And we start the week with a sense of things possibly running a little out of control. Almost as if running full pelt only to stay in the same place, or even a few steps backwards.

So much is going on right now it may be a little overwhelming. Going from a very sedate slow pace almost back to full throttle over night. It can take a lot of adjustment.

This is for many a transition of going back to what your routine was at the very start of the year. And lets face it there are several things we may no longer wish to be part of the routine anymore.

So look very closely and decide what are you chasing that actually you are finished with now? Can you let it go and instead run with your newly discovered priorities? Could you go at a slower more simplified pace and still get done what is needed without exhausting your energies and resources?

If you feel you are constantly pushing and getting nowhere it may be time to change tact. To stop pushing and see how things are flowing first. You may be missing something very obvious that you can’t see in the rush.

Many of us have been gifted with an abundance of time just recently – and for some this is coming to a close. But before the panic sets in look at the watch Alice is holding in the card – can you see it melting away? It’s a reminder that time is a human concept. And you DON’T have to be ruled by it.

For a handful of others it may be time to start pushing ahead with something. Or at least putting some form of plans down on paper. While I wouldn’t suggest taking massive steps or big leaps right now – you have to trust your own judgement. If it feels right then start there. If it doesn’t consider this an opportunity to look before you leap.


Wed 8th – Thur 9th : Feathers – Message

I have a wry smile on my face as I translate this card as I am constantly surrounded by birds. Indeed I would be a bit lost without them.

We are reminded of nature, season, natural law and the simple joy of being present.

Sometimes though we are left feathers as a sign or confirmation. Some see it as angel messages, other as a message from those who have passed. These tend to be perfect white feathers that appear “randomly” out of the blue. But in truth they are feathers of all kinds. I’ve had some amazing pheasant ones in the past 3 months.

They are confirmation to questions you have been asking or a gentle nudge in a specific direction.

But for some this card is about being open to RECEIVING the guidance and help you are asking for. Try not to be so focussed on the asking that you miss the signs when they appear.

They can be subtle so be more presents if you can. You may start to see patterns appearing.

As an aside if you get n assortment of feathers left for you take some time to identify the bird type. You may get even more information when this totem appears. An example an owl feather may suggest the requirement for increasing your knowledge of a subject matter.


Fri 10th – Sun 12th : The Golden Phoenix

Another bird link and this is a card that turns up relatively frequently. And thats no bad thing as I see this card as opportunity. Don’t read the secondary text on the card as something literal in terms of the global stage.

An opportunity to revisit a person, situation, challenge that you thought had been dealt with – but has popped up again. It may be more work is required, more layers are being released while you have the energy to deal with them, or something has changed.

Anytime phoenix pops up it’s about a pattern/cycle completing and new one about to begin. And I’m aware of a lot of Phoenix energy recently and it’s powerful to work with rather than against.

If you have an urge to change exercise regimes, diet, what you allow into your life – this is an indication of this energy. Anything that breaks from the norm and concentrates on self care. It may even be as small as setting your phone down and going outside rather than delving into the online world.

Whatever it is listen to it.

For some others if this recurring energy, person, situation fills you with dread or a level of anxiety – ask yourself why. Where does this sit within and what can you do to move things on? Do you require help or facilitation? Can you see a different perspective after the distance and break?

What you need will present itself (see earlier cards for the week) when you are open to the possibility of change.



Start of the week : if things feel as if they are speeding up around you and you’re stuck in neutral ask yourself – do i WANT to be running at that speed again? Are you happier at a slower pace? Whichever feels right for you ease yourself in. You can make time – we have learned that this year so far. Don;t lose perspective.

Mid week : pay attention to the messages you are being given – or the confirmation to the questions you are asking. If you get caught up in the asking you may miss the responses. Be present, and watch the smallest of details.

End of the week : if something you thought or felt had been sorted flares back up don’t panic. It may simply be the last few layers leaving. Or allowing you to see things from a new perspective. If you need help or guidance it will be there when you ask.


Decks used:

The Alice Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading 28th June to 5th July 2020

Oracle card reading 29th June – 5th July 2020

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading 28th June to 5th July 2020

Mon 29th – Tue 30th : Advancements

There’s a nice flow and progression of colours in the cards this week. Start of the week sees interesting energies. As there’s so much detail in the card itself. A lot to take in and process.
And that’s where we are right now. Trying to process so much that’s being thrown at us that we can start to stagnate a bit. Or just get ourselves a bit stuck . And yes I include myself in that.
So what can we do? First thing is to come back to yourself. To sort through all the other voices and weed them out till you find your own once more. It might be a little quiet but it’s there. And it’s talking to you.
When you start to listen the advice and guidance gets a touch louder. To the point you get little glimmers of clarity. Typically in short sharp “ah ha!” moments.
Let them come up and LISTEN to your guidance. It may be confirmation you are on the right path or heading in the right direction. It may be a subtle suggestion of some smaller changes to help you re-align. Or for some it may be clarity round some bigger changes needed.
These may be uncomfortable but sit with them first before leaping into them. Sense check them and make sure they feel “right”. If they feel off or give a sense of unease now is not the time. Map it out and see if any other options or directions pop up.
Also really listen to your body – if you are being given messages and you continue to avoid them you may regret it. If you need rest then rest, if you need a change in diet then try it, if you need to up your exercise then find a way. This guidance is specific to each person but you will get it.
Once you hear it you can’t un-hear it

Wed 1st – Thur 2nd : Power

Fab this one and the centre of this image reminds me of a diamond. So clarity and focus.
The word power can mean different things to different people and I can see this card showing me 2 things to watch for mid week.
First up we have personal power. And many people shy away from this one. If I say claiming your voice does that feel better to you? In a nutshell this is about being who you are, being or getting comfortable with it and not feeling the need to explain to others.
To stand tall in your own shoes and speak from your heart. This takes courage and you may be feeling your solar plexus a touch out of whack. Pay attention , work on supporting it and coming back into balance.

You may then remember who you are.

If you have been handing your power over to someone else – it’s time to have a good hard look as to why you’ve done it. And to stop the process. And reclaim yourself – this is about your own empowerment – which is simply another aspect of power.
If you’ve been hiding parts of yourself or shying away now might be a good time to have a look at them. What makes you so uncomfortable with this part of yourself you feel the need to bury it? It is someone else’s voice or views you are listening to? Are they your own?
If you need help with this you’ll be guided to the right person. Be willing to listen and heed even the less than rosy parts that may come up. This form of self work can be the toughest – but it’s worth it when you look back.
Another nudge I’m being given is to watch those who are in positions of power – mainly governments. Listen closely to what is said and what is omitted. Discernment is much needed with this – especially this week as we approach the eclipse window closing. And if you could see the number of typos as I write this section you will understand how strongly and energy does NOT want my words to be seen.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Rebirth

And here we find ourselves at the end of this eclipse window. Culminating on a partial lunar eclipse on the 4th followed swiftly with full moon on the 5th.
And what a powerful card for this energy – that of rebirth. The end of the Phoenix cycle and the beginning of the rising of the new from the ashes – a recurring theme these past 4 weeks or so.
Mark what you have released and the space you have created for what is to be birthed or brought in. Take some quite reflection time – what better than an eclipse- and see where you are and where you wish to go next.
This for some can be a quiet time and for some others a noisy experience. Whatever is right for you is perfect.
For those who like to work with ceremony this is a perfect 3 day window – use it wisely.
And for some others allow the creative flow to rise up and be expressed.
There may even be a revelation of some sort on the bigger global stage – just an inkling and I may be mistranslating, but watch from a point of observation.


Start of the week : time to start listening to your inner guidance rather than to others. Let your self/higher self/body steer you in the right direction. It will be confirmation of what you already feel at a deeper level.
Mid week – as we step into July it’s time to reclaim your own power/voice. Especially if you have been handing it over to someone else. Baby steps are still forward motion! Also pay attention to the goings on from those in positions of power…..pay attention to what is not being said.
End of the week : and we step into some potent energies combining at the end of this 4 week eclipse window/cycle. A time to assess at where you find yourself and the change you have made to your energy – a rebirth potential. Those who work with dragon or phoenix energy will already be feeling this one.


Decks used:

Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
Blog post about observations and experiences over the last 2 months

To mask or not to mask – who could have anticipated such a divisive question.

**TRIGGER WARNING – some of what I write here may trigger you. If that happens take responsibility for your own feelings. I do not accept or take on your triggers, they are yours to look at **


Ok lets get to it. And to start with let me state front and centre this is not a blog about my beliefs – this is a blog about my experiences and observations, and a bit about the energy I’m witnessing. I can only speak on certain aspects from a stand point of being in the UK as that’s where I live. Other countries guidance, rules etc I can’t and won’t comment as:

I. Don’t. Live. There.

Clear? Good.

2020 has been a complex year and as it continues more and more is being thrown into the pot. To simmer and then come to a rolling boil. We understood this was a massive year. But very few could see the extent of that statement. Hindsight being 20:20 vision will show us more clarity when we look back.

So why am I writing this blog?

In all honesty I couldn’t sit on it any longer. Each and every time I log onto social media it is presented to me in seconds and I’m kind of done now. I have been observing this for the last 2 months and am now concerned with the direction it appears to be moving in. I am trusting some of you will read this and view current happenings from a slightly different perspective – so the timeline can be amended or crashed.It also means my team will STOP presenting it to me as I will have spoken up.

I’m also going to give you some context in some areas.

I am not here to be educated or be shown evidence – I have done my own due diligence and I highly recommend you all do yours. This is part of your discernment and finding what it true for you – not what is currently true for the narrative.

What’s been playing out.

Where to start? Ok at the very beginning of lockdown in the UK – early/mid April. I started to become aware of a very unpleasant energy that was starting to attach to something. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen a video I did on my page group about timelines. I mentioned people calling the police on their neighbours for “not following the rules” and it was growing. Luckily it ran out of steam and I know the police up here in Scotland essentially asked folk to knock it off.

This was through the fear being generated – but also a cyclic energy that was taking the opportunity to cause dissent. That whole thread has crashed and burned. And I warned what could happen if we carried on down that one.

Great it was gone.

Sadly that energy has attached to something small but has grown very rapidly into one of the most divisive energies I have seen this year. In fact, in a long time.

Face coverings or face masks.

Now some context and a lot of it.

I have tried with some non-surgical face coverings and the result for me on a personal level was horrific. What a lot of people do not know about me, as I don’t advertise it, is that I do in certain situations have pretty intense claustrophobia. Which can induce panic attacks and difficulty breathing.

Now for those who feel I am being dramatic. I’m not. My family and some very close friends have seen it. Large crowds (I used to have panic attacks in Glasgow city centre), lifts and escalators can trigger them. And for the most part I have managed to get them under control.

And it now appears having my nose and mouth covered also trigger it.

This is precisely what happened. I managed 15 seconds before the panic attack set in. And it took a further 30 minutes for me to be able to breathe properly again. Added to that it takes a day or so for your body to fully recover.

If you have never experienced one – and I truly trust you don’t as they are hideous – you tend to write it off as anxiety. They are very different beasts.

So when some people say they can’t breathe in a face covering kindly believe them. Don’t automatically judge they are lying, or they can push through and get used to it. THAT causes the anxiety to rise – to the point where even seeing a photo of one or hearing the word can be overwhelming.

Now I had some very well meaning people attempt to tell me about how to get them fitted, having to wear them for work etc.

So some more context for you.

I more than understand PPE (personal protective equipment) which theses face coverings are not. They do not pass muster or tests for that definition.

For 16 years I worked in a business that required I wear a combination of any of the following PPE on a daily basis:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Gauntlets
  • Labcoat – I had about 3-4 on rotation
  • Goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Ear Defenders
  • Steel toe-capped footwear
  • Hard hat
  • High visibility bibs/clothing

I worked in a lab for 8 years so trust me I know. Even when I moved to a different site and worked in the office – if I ever had to go through the bottling plant certain PPE was required by law (Health and Safety Act). I know only too well how uncomfortable they are when worn for a full day – disposable gloves were my nemesis. The alcohol hand sanitiser I also loathed as it stripped my skin and irritated it. The head aches I would get from having to wear goggles for hours on end.

I get it. Those of you who have to wear any of the above I understand how difficult it is to adapt to them. It takes time, practice and a lot of patience.

The only thing I didn’t have to wear was a face mask. Why? The lab I worked in had specialised fume cupboards with safety screens to allow us to work with the chemicals safely. So I didn’t know till a few weeks ago they were an issue for me.

I also know you have to get the right size and know how to wear them correctly. Otherwise they are useless. So a shout out to those wearing face coverings but keep your nose uncovered. You’d be as well not bothering.

Now I’ve given you that context lets move on.

Face coverings in the time of Covid

Again let me state I can only give you my observations and experience from within the UK or specifically Scotland as that’s where I live. But you’ll be able to read the thread of this wherever you are.

Now the science behind face coverings is not cut and dried. For every testimonial you get from a someone working in healthcare saying they are a good idea for the general public, you get an opposing testimonial from another healthcare professional saying why they are not a good idea for the general public. Even the WHO have contradicted themselves with this one. Go see the footage for yourself regarding asymptomatic transmission in regards to data from Track and Trace systems – with it being , and I quote, “very rare”. They then went on to back track the next again day – but listen to it. It was not misunderstood or misrepresented.

As I’ve looked at it it’s very balanced – as in “proof” one way and then the other. And for the last month or so I have been saying people should decide for themselves what is best for THEM on a personal basis. If they make you feel safer, more secure and calmer to go out and about then by all means use them.

I understand and respect your decision based on your personal experience.

However that understanding and respect for peoples choices is not passed back. How do I know this? From the muttering, mumbling and dirty looks I have been given while physically distancing to get in to the supermarket while being unmasked. And it’s coming from a certain age demographic. Which in itself is interesting.

Again I understand your own personal reasons for your choices but I would be grateful for this to be spread a bit wider. To understand some people choose not to wear them due to THEIR view point and experiences. And to understand that some people CAN’T wear them. And are actually exempt.

Thats the kicker.

Lets drill this down a bit more shall we. Now this is UK specific only BUT I suggest you look at your own countries government guidance and read the small print. As much is guidance, not law.

Currently in Scotland it’s compulsory to wear them on public transport. And the guidance/reommendation is to wear them in confined areas such as shops from Monday 29th June. Now when I read the guidance notice on the official website I can see very clearly those who are exempt. But very few people go and read the FULL guidance.

If you are in England it’s central government – if Wales, N Ireland or Scotland as this is all health care which is devolved powers you have guidance direct from your devolved Parliament.

The guidance is slightly different – I had a bit of a heated discussion with someone about this at the beginning as they didn’t believe it was different guidance for each country. It is.

People don’t realise there are groups of people who are being advised not to wear face coverings. So please cease with the judgement and go look for yourselves.

I have had to purchase a lanyard that I can wear while out showing I’m exempt. And I shouldn’t have to do this. To be made to feel ostracised and singled out. Again those of you who can pick up on this energy know exactly where this last sat in history.

So into the energies we go

What I am seeing growing and playing out is the judgement of others without context.

Of assuming it’s one size fits all.

Regardless of what you think or believe this energy is very front and centre. To keep people fighting with each other to distract from everything else that’s happening. More and more people are feeding into this and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

I have looked down this timeline and trust me you REALLY don’t want it. Be careful what civil rights you are happy to hand over. Those shouting for it to be made mandatory everywhere you need to be careful. This is a twisted little energy and it’s gotten a foot hold.

Instead stop feeding it.

Do what feels right for you and realise virtue signalling “I”m showing I care for others by wearing this”, judgement “just wear it it’s simple” or the other side of the coin “you are all fear mongered sheep”,  and everything else is not helping. It’s adding to this division and the chasm is getting wider.

Lets look to understand people have different perspective, experience and beliefs. And ALL are valid.

It’s time to stop silencing people – that’s censorship and another slippery slope.

I understand on an energetic level why my body rejected the face covering so violently. My energy work is to help people find their voice, to speak their truth and live their life as they choose. Being physically silenced or shut down goes against everything I do.


What can we do instead?

  • Look at what we are sharing, projecting and living.
  • Are you being authentic or are you pushing a current narrative?
  • If looking to educate are you pushing one side or offering both so people can decide for themselves?
  • Are you allowing your fears to run your life?
  • Are you blinding sharing things without research
  • Be willing to change your views based on information.
  • Most importantly realising everyone is unique and no-one will have the exact same beliefs as you. So will not behave as you do, or as you wish them to.


This time is about pushing a lot of shadow to the surface. And this is part of it. An old energy trying it’s best to cling on and be taken forwards. Lets do what we can to remove this and say we will no longer fight one another. That is the most constructive thing we can do to dissolve out this highly divisive energy. Over face coverings of all things……



Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 22nd to 28th June 2020

Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th June 2020

photo of the 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 22nd to 28th June 2020


An interesting one as I was struggling to pull the cards earlier as I couldn’t decide on decks, was getting shifting and changing threads. So I stopped, asked for clarity and tried again with only 1 deck. Which tends to be pretty direct. And that’s what we got.

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd : Geomancy – Patience

Ok couple of directions for this card but lets go for the main one first.

Patience. We have been having lessons in this all year so far – and we aren’t finished just yet. This whole year is about discernment and patience. i know it will be frustrating for many but cool your jets, just for a little bit longer.

Think it all through and re-assess right now. The old adage of look before you leap is solid advice. There’s no need to rush anything right now, so allow it to unfold at IT’S own pace. Pushing may result in a less than desirable outcome. Those of you who need to read this will get the message.

The other strand is a little less obvious. And that is to have patience with others right now.

We are living in very potent times, with shifting energies, multi timelines and much more. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and respond in the only way you can. For some this is a form of anger and lashing out – almost looking for fights. I’ve been observing it on social media – and it’s reaching a tipping point.

If you can, just move past – don’t engage or feed it, and let them resolve it themselves. Be it individuals, in a group setting or something else. Before replying feel into the words used to see what you pick up. If you feel the aggressive or passive aggressive energy then diffuse instead.

Especially if this is not typical behaviour from that person/group.

Instead have compassion and respect that people have their own experience, feelings etc which can dictate responses. Understand that we all have different perspectives and respect theirs. Even if they don’t respect yours right now – they will in time. And by having that respect for differences it will ripple outwards into the Collective – and it WILL get the message.

Patience – even if through gritted teeth for a while – will pay off in the end.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Book – Knowledge

Interesting in that asking for clarity I’m seeing multiple threads to each card (wry smile).

First up is the obvious one – and this is about education. Of looking for the information on a topic, period of history, energy you are being drawn to and investigating what you turn up. Of digging in and going beyond social media, main stream media and using uncensored search engines to get a full picture.

Giving yourself a good starting point and seeing where it takes you. Which can allow open informed discussion on your topic.

Now if you are looking to educate others – and this is where it can turn murky – this self education becomes important. And with it comes the requirement to look at the OTHER SIDES not just the one that you resonate with. To understand and accept that here are other view and viewpoints. You cannot see the whole picture the whole story if you only look at one aspect.

This also holds with sharing information on social media platforms. If truly looking to help people educate themselves show ALL SIDES of the topic , to allow others to make their own choice and translation. If you only show one side you are not educating, you are forcing your narrative, and censoring.

Really sit with that one.

And lastly this is a nod to people who may have information or knowledge of a subject they wish to share. Hold fire – it’s not quite time. There’s a hint of energy around plagiarism so keep it to yourself right now. Let the energies settle first.

I can speak from experience on this as I have information on something that I work with and I know it is not the right time – and may never be the right time to place it out there.

Do your due diligence and trust your gut.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Handwriting – Authenticity

And now we come to the crux of the week. To be true to yourself, to walk your talk and speak your truth. It doesn’t have to be yelled. Your normal volume will suffice.

But for some it’s time to let parts of who you are be seen. Rather than masking them, or forcing them down to fit in.

We are all unique with our own gifts, quirks, and perspective. And yes while we are part of the bigger collective picture we are also individuals. Learn or continue to find the joy in who you are, what makes you tick.

If you are passionate about something then show it.

If you are ready to let something go then do it.

Stand up for yourself if you feel the need, or stand up for those who can’t for themselves.

“To thine own self be true”

I don’t need to say anymore on this one as it’s pretty straight forwards.


Start of the week: patience, discernment, patience, discernment. Let this be your mantra for a few days. Especially when applied to other people. Emotions are still high for many so give them space to process. If it means they spin out, let them. Have compassion and respect for their views then step back, come back to yourself and carry on. Allow them to do what they need to process.

Mid week : Educate yourself on the topics that are presenting themselves. So you can discuss from a steadier stand point. But don’t tip into pushing your narrative, ideas or censoring other viewpoints – it’s a slippery slope. For some others keep information or knowledge you have to yourself for a little longer – otherwise it may be taken from you and someone else’s name attached to it. Let the energies settle first.

End of the week – in a nut shell be your authentic self.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn- Free


Dragon Ascension Therapies

blog for new 30 minute consultations to sense check before committing

30 minute sense check consultations – new for July

blog for new 30 minute consultations to sense check before committing


As we delve ever deeper into 2020 and the curious energies that are surfacing I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. So to speak. I talk a lot about discernment and using it with facilitators. So I’m stepping up to the plate and letting you use YOURS with me.

“Ohh you’ve piqued my interest now…..”

For those of you who have perhaps not worked with me before, have found me via an search engine, seen one of my articles in More To Life Magazine, or an advert in Kindred Spirit or are intrigued about Dragon Energy but not really sure where to start.

If you feel drawn to knowing more, are surfing through the services available not quite sure where to start, or feel you want to do them all.

How does a (max) 30 min zoom consultation sound? That way you can sense check my energy, I can sense check yours and see if the team and I can help you. As I and my work is a bit like marmite – it’s either for you, or it’s not.

If we aren’t energetically compatible I may be able to suggest some other options for you.

And if we can I can suggest where we start and if need be what service would be the best start point – dependant on what you are looking for. Almost like a try before you commit.

I will be offering these in July and they are free.

The only cost is your time at this stage.

“Where do I sign up?????”

Head over to the booking system and have a scroll through July.

If the dates available don’t suit get in touch and we can find one that does.


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 15th to 21st June 2020

Oracle card reading 15th – 21st June 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 15th to 21st June 2020

Mon 15th – Tue 16th : Dictionary – Communication

Ok so we are getting VERY strong confirmation of something I have been saying for a while – in fact I had this exact conversation 2 days ago.

We are being cautioned here – to be VERY precise in what we say, write or listen to. There is a level of miscommunication right now that is off the scale. People not reading or listening and instead reacting to what they THINK they have heard /read. When in fact they haven’t. Some is deliberate, some is accidental.

It frustrating for everyone. So here’s a tip.

Read it twice – does it say the same thing? Or did you miss something in translation? Does it change how you were about to respond? If yes thank your lucky stars you took a moment before launching in. This is rife right now – and I’ve been seeing it playing out for a while – it is only going to increase this week.

So whatever you are saying be very sure, very precise in your meaning so that it can’t be misunderstood and if you can’t then perhaps hold back from saying it right now. Even the smallest of mistakes will blow up into something much bigger. Sense checking before you hit enter or before you hit reply will pay off.

For some others (and again I’ve had this exact conversation) it’s time to re-educate yourself. On whatever topic keeps raising it’s head so you can have the conversations with more background understanding. But also check the language being used.

Is it in the right context?

Here is one very good example – and this one makes me physically wince when I see it. In the spiritual field (and recently in the political one) many people speak of being a sovereign being/state. Fair enough it’s become a bit of a buzz word. Now go look up the meaning in the dictionary – hell it’s on this card to do it.

Not quite what you thought it meant now is it – still handing over your energy to someone else.

Go look up autonomous.

Let me guess this fits a bit better now doesn’t it. So go change your language and see the energy shift. Words have power so do some digging into what they ACTUALLY mean. I can bet you you’ll be changing the script.

Wed 17th – Thur 18th : Write

Ok this now falls on the Mercury retrograde we have starting on the 18th giving us 5 in the month.

Before you panic this is actually a good thing. As it gives us a chance to catch our breath and re-assess where we are. I know I’d like a breather for a day or so.

It also gives us a chance to look at the fine print. We’re being really pulled back from signing up to anything long term right now – so be very very very sure before putting your name to whatever it is. Re-read the details, check you feel happy and if you have doubts step back for a bit and think it through.

Another strand for this one is to document what you are experiencing in some way. For some it may be journaling, for others a blog space, or even the start of a book. Whatever it is put pen to paper. You can see the pattern or development when you read it back later down the line.

We are at a point of living history and documentation is a way of recording what is happening in real time. To ensure what is written in history reflects what ACTUALLY happened. To go beyond main stream media and have true personal accounts. It all counts.

You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops – you can if you want, but personally I would recommend not. But have your account, your feelings, your growth, shifts and changes in a way that is tangible. So you can mark where you have come from to where you find yourself.

I am speaking slightly in code and you’ll get it if you are meant to hear it.

Fri 19th – Sun 21st : The Wild Huntress – face your shadow

Ok down to brass tacks ladies and gentlemen.
No more faffing.
It is beyond time for us to look at shadow individually and at a Collective level.

The timing of this card is not lost on me as we have Solstice on the 20th followed by New Moon and a partial solar eclipse on the 21st (in the Uk at least – it may vary slightly depending where in the world you are). These are big energies and not to be messed with.

So much has been forced to the surface in the last 6 months, so much has changed BUT many are turning away or turning a blind eye to what sits in front of them.


This is one of the best opportunities we have to REALLY look within , look at what is being forced up and do something about it. It can be as simple as acknowledging and giving space to what has been forced down. To give it a voice – and then to help release, move on or absorb it into balance.

Shadow is simply a different aspect of light and we are a balance of it.

Take responsibility for your feelings, beliefs, thoughts and start down the path to true autonomy. Stand in your own shoes, walk your talk and do the work. No-one can wave a magic wand and do it for you. You can find facilitators who can help guide you – but a good one will give you the tools to sort it out yourself.

Yes this may feel a little harsh but if a kick up the rear end is what you have been needing or looking for then consider it delivered.

Those who have been doing those work for a while and know exactly what I’m talking about will be helping the Collective at various levels – go as guided. And if you need to step back from others just do it. They will understand or will be shown how to.

These are potent times filled with potential – it is up to you how you sow the seeds for the next 6 months.


Start of the week– be very very very careful when to comes to communication at the start of the week. The possibility for serious miscommunication is at it’s strongest. If something can be taken out of context over a small omission or mistake it’s possibly best to wait for a bit before saying it. Sit with it instead if you can. Many may want to take a break from Social Media as it has the potential to become UnSocial Media this week. Also check the true meaning of the words used – when you really look you might realise it’s NOT what you thought it was. Educate yourself – it’s a hell of a tool.

Mid week – time for a period of re-assessment. Looking at the small print and sense checking before putting your name to anything. You’ll thank yourself later. Also if guided to journal or capture your feelings, observations etc of what is happening right now then do it. This is a period of living history and what you document now will illuminate for those who follow.

End of the week – tough love time folks. Stop ignoring or pushing away the shadow aspects of yourself or the Collective that are being presented to you. Instead BE present and look at them. Too often we push away what is uncomfortable but the energies are showing this can no longer continue. As this can no longer be supported. Instead be brave, face them, do what is needed to move them to make space, or to acknowledge and integrate in some way. Use this mid year marker point (solstice) to see where you have come in 6 months and what you want to bring in for the next 6 months. And that includes removing or dissolving what no longer serves a purpose.


Decks used :

Diviniation of the Ancients – Barbara MeikleJohn-Free
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of three oracle cards pulled for the 8th to 14th June 2020 reading

Oracle card reading 8th – 14th June 2020

Photo of three oracle cards pulled for the 8th to 14th June 2020 reading


ok folks I’ll be upfront I have had a lot of personal triggering, shifting and energies all over the place. I will do my absolute best to keep my personal stuff out of this weeks reading – just so you know.

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : DragonFae of Rebirth

Ok this is very much a nod to those who have been feeling as if something isn’t quite as it should be, something is missing or feels out of place with their energy. You may have had shadow aspects come up or come up around you from others.

It can be very uncomfortable time but don’t run away from them. Instead look at them head on – sit with discomfort and you may be shown what requires work, to be let go or to be reconfigured in some way.

When you start on this work or simply acknowledge it the whole phoenix cycle can complete – the end of one thing before the beginning of something new.

It may be new energies, new knowledge or even an understanding of who you are. This can lead to you feeling whole again – being in balance or simply being yourself. It’s a process of rebuilding and it’s ever evolving. It may take a bit of time.

Look at what comes up, do the needful, and feel your shoulders drop, the tension drop and ease flowing once more.

For some others (and I place myself in this one) may be drawn to ancestral or timeline work to help clear, heal or dissolve old wounds, victim marks or repeating stories. If guided to do this ensure strong boundaries and check in with yourself frequently to stay grounded. It’s easy ti get caught up in the story and forget yourself.

Balance is key.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th : Transcendence

The galactic fox of transcendence. An interesting card given that at the start of the week as it refers back to having been feeling weighted down and stagnant. Of being so dragged down by what is playing out that we can shut off our connecting to Source and diminish somewhat.

Instead we are reminded that we are connected to all things – always. And even those times when we feel disconnected we aren’t.

Your connection to Source and your connection to Gaia are ALWAYS there. You don’t need to connect through a modality, or through someone else’s words or process (you can if you wish and it helps) it is there direct.

For some right now there may be galactic downloads, alignments and whatnot coming in especially now we are in the eclipse window – that void of all possibility. Be aware what asks to come in and sense check it . Discernment is still key.

You are more than the sum of your parts, you are important, you have a role to play in a far bigger picture than can be seen right now. Take comfort in that connection right now. You can be human and more in the same space at the same time – will make sense to those who need to read it.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Snow White and her Animal Friends

Curious card to pop up as right now I’m not feeling it – however lets dive back in.

This is about leading by example – of giving a voice to the voiceless, of protecting the vulnerable, of guiding the younger ones through stormy waters, of stepping up for those who cannot for themselves.

When you have built up trust and integrity the next step can be to guide others forwards. Now the pressure of this can lead to you stepping back, becoming quiet and fading. Try not to do this if you can.

We are in stormy waters right now – when you stop and be present you can see all the different streams and currents rushing past. Take a breath, connecting with your inner self, your moral code and you sense of justice and remind yourself where you stand.

This is a time to walk your talk – and to be SEEN to do so. This is what we call leading by example.

When you have your integrity questioned dig deep back into the core of who you are and your voice will carry strong and true. Realise it may be a ploy or attempt to destabilise you and the work you are here to do. Have a wobble but get right back up on your feet and keep on going.

You don’t have to scream and shout from the rooftops, just be yourself and do what feels right and true to you.


Start of the week – lots of potential for shadow or uncomfortable self work this week. Do your best to acknowledge what comes up for you/collective and do what is asked of you to move it forward/on/dissolve . Self work isn’t always easy but it is necessary – and as you do work for yourself you help the Collective.

Mid week – if you have lost your faith or link to Source don’t panic. That link never leaves you , you can connect to it whenever you need/want to. You may have direct downloads/alignments coming in from Galactic sources right now – that can mean your team stepping back or your work taking a bit of a back seat while you Integrate. But they are there for when you come out the other side.

End of the week – for many it is time to lead by example. To walk your talk and not waver. Be true to yourself. Give a voice to the voiceless and protect the vulnerable. If you find your integrity under attack or being cast in doubt – dig deep. Remember who you are and where you stand. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep doing what you were doing.


Decks used :

Oracle of the Dragon Fae
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
All by Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photos f 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 1st to 7th June 2020

Oracle card reading 1st – 7th June 2020

photos f 3 cards drawn for the weekly reading 1st to 7th June 2020

Mon 1st – Tue 2nd : Arrow – Focus

Ok a few of you may get a bit annoyed with this one but sit with it. The main thing this card yelled at me was a lot of people are very unfocussed (and dare I say it ungrounded) and it’s time to change this. If you look at the back ground of the card you’ll see scattered arrows and the one in the middle is clear – what does that tell you?

Now I appreciate we live in unusual times right now but remember this – there is no such thing as “normal” only routine. Again sit with that for a bit – you may be taken aback with what pops up when you let it.

But even through the noise, the chaos, the confusion and the unknown you can be focussed. So where in your life are you not quite where you should be? Perhaps time to focus your energies there first. You’ll already know where you are being steered as it may have been feeling a bit off for a while.

Pay attention to the smaller details around this as they will steer you clear.
Do the needful and allow yourself to move on – or change direction/your mind.

For some others it’s time to stop faffing.
And I mean that. If you keep ignoring what you’re being shown it’ll vanish and you’ll kick yourself later. So FOCUS on what you are being shown, what you need to be doing and get on with it.

Harsh I know but sometimes we need a boot applied to our rear end – consider this said boot. And it’s not huge life changes but it’s something you’ve been talking, havering or debating about for too long………

I had a boot applied to my rear end yesterday and I sorted something I’ve been muttering about for years. Took less than 5 minutes in the end.

Wed 3rd – Thur 4th: Infinite Possibilities

I’m aware we had this one only a couple of weeks ago. Either the energies are still very much at play , or , you ignore/disbelieved the message the last time. Let’s go through this one at a time.

There are no limits with energy other than those we place upon ourselves. So when we say possibilities are endless it’s a statement of fact. If this messes with your head a bit think of it as infinite directions you can go, or timelines you can choose.

We are in a very potent time energetically and those of you who have seen manifestation working at a rate of knots will know what I’m talking about. Take off your limits and imagine what could be possible – without looking for barriers or excuses.

Call it day dreaming if you wish – but do it anyway. Where do you see yourself or wish to see yourself. Imagine all the possibilities. When you sit in that space of creation anything is possible. Be clear in where you wish to go or who you wish to be and the Universe will pay attention.

For the other option – those who have been ignoring or rebuffing it’s time to listen up. Sitting in a space of fear, of lack , or of shadow will only attract more of the same. If that’s what you are making yourself abundant in guess what – that’s what you will manifest for yourself.

Much as I’m know for being blunt this may touch a few nerves – but I’m saying it anyway. LOOK at what you are sitting with, look at what you are projecting and look at what you are ignoring.

It’s time to realise you CAN change the pattern, you CAN choose another way and you CAN see the good that is out there. You don’t have to sit in this just because someone else say’s its so. You don’t have to stick with a certain mindset – you can always CHANGE YOUR MIND. Free will and all that – but if you’re comfortable where you are nothing I say will dent that, and to be honest this most likely isn’t a page that’s for you.

So truly look at where you are, ask what you can change and do it. Action is the first step to empowerment and for accepting responsibility for your own actions, beliefs and decisions. And realise you have unlimited options, pathways and roads that you can take. So try a different one and see where it takes you.

Fri 5th – Sun 7th : Impossible Things

Now this is an interesting one as I have to go through 3 decks before the right card for the end of the week popped up. And this is a fairly new deck for me so I’m going on gut.

This one coincides with the start of the eclipse window on the 5th which starts with a lunar eclipse/full moon combo. So we already have some interesting energies playing about.

While Alice in Wonderland was never a book I connected with I get a lot of what was being presented.

Thos card with it’s wonderful fantastical creatures is a nod to believing in the impossible, seeing things with fresh eyes, or a new perspective. Of thinking outside of the imaginary box(es) we place ourselves in. And realising said boxes actually inhibit growth.

Let yourself continue to day dream along the lines of what you found midweek. Imagine yourself there, where you wish to go, with what you wish to build. And instead of worrying about how you get there see yourself in that space. BELIEVE it , feel it, accept it.

If you can imagine it, you can bloody create it.

Think about it – the more we worry about a specific goal or a specific problem the more bogged down we get until we become stuck. If you are brave enough to bin what you’ve done till this point and try a different direction or two you open up to your own creativity. And it can flow once you’ve taken the brakes off.

If you even wish to think of it as believing or wishing for miracles so be it. But keep doing it.

We did ask kids – so let yourself go back into that space of possibility and dare to dream. see what comes up and decide whether to pursue it or not.

For some of you it may be as simple as devoting more time to something you enjoy or are looking to improve.


Start of the week – time to get a bit more focussed on where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want to create. I know things have been complicated but don’t allow this to distract you any further. Something you’ve been talking about or faffing about for too long needs to be looked at. Either do it, or don’t but make a decision as it allows you to move on rather than going round in ever decreasing circles.

mid week – we have incredibly powerful energies right now and you have the ability to manifest into reality more than you realise. So be clear on what you wish as you may just get it. If you focus on lack, or fear you may attract more so look at what you are projecting and if you need to change it then change it. It’s not always easy and may require more work than anticipated but trust me it’s worth it when you look back.

End of the week – dare to day dream about what could be. To dream big. Not worrying about the how. Rather freeing isn’t it. Here’s the kicker – if you can dream it, you can create it……..

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice : The Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Banner for the full moon and lunar eclipse meditation 5th June 2020

Full moon/lunar eclipse meditation 5th June

Well it’s amazing what happens when I hand the wheel over to my team. I was told this morning that I can “do” a guided meditation on 5th June. Based on some of the work that turned up on the Online Retreat.

“Ok sounds fine.”

Then I looked up what was happening on the 5th June.

We have a fabulous full moon / lunar eclipse combo. Which opens up an eclipse window and many other things.

I will go through them in a little detail but I have to laugh at my team. Theres no such thing as random with them.

“What’s the work then?”

Well something that we came across on the Online Retreat was that many of us have muffled or turned off our own inner voice. And it was useful to find ways to mute the rest and bring that forwards instead. So this is what I wanted to bring forwards for more people as it was empowering stuff.

Now given this will be done on the eclipse window opening I understand what my team are showing me. This infinite possibility energy is potent stuff. So ideal for really looking at all the voices we carry with us – that aren’t perhaps ours. And consciously tuning them out , or in some cases removing them completely. To allow our own TRUE inner voice to step in. To be heard, to be acknowledged. And to assist you in being the autonomous being you are.

“Ok so what else is going on then?”

Where to even start with this one?

  • We have full moon and lunar eclipse on the 5th.
  • Followed swiftly on the 18th June with the next Mercury retrograde – don’t panic that’s a good thing!
  • We then move into Summer/Winter Solstice on the 20th depending where in the world you are.
  • The 21st June sees New Moon and a solar eclipse.
  • July 4th we have Full Moon
  • And finally 5th July we have a lunar eclipse closing the eclipse window.

So as you can see a few things going on.

I was supposed to be going on Retreat (not running one) 19th – 28th June and I can see why that was the original plan – as the energies would have been highly potent for the work. It still is just in another form.

I’m also working with Mercury energies by running the 7 Day Energy Clearing workshop 13-19th June. The potential for that work with a retro is off the charts. So we’re just adding to my workload with this meditation.

Give me the details!

It is a free meditation but I will give options on the booking site for donations for those who would like to contribute towards the time and energy. But please do not feel obligated to donate – this is simply something I am asked about time and again.

It will be 5th June at 5pm UK time on Zoom. Facebook not so user friendly for this type of work.

You will have to book a space as it will be recorded but the booking allows me to send it to you properly.

Still interested?
Click here to book your space now!

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards pulled for the oracle reading 25th to 31st May 2020

Oracle card reading 25th – 31st May 2020

photo of 3 cards pulled for the oracle reading 25th to 31st May 2020


Oracle card reading 25th – 31st May 2020

Mon 25th – Tue 26th : Cosmos of the heart

So we are back to 3 cards this week and already I can see the theme running through.

At the start of the week it’s time for a bit of self work. And by bit I of course mean deep. To really look at what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what makes you irritable. To see what if anything you can now let go of.

Creating space for growth and expansion as you shift and transform.

It’s quite a journey when you do look inwards and can at points be a bit trippy. But remember the hard work is worth it. As the more you do the more you remember/realise/learn who you truly are.

Not the person you play or pretend to be to fit in/meet expectations/avoid the deep self work. But who you are when all the masks are peeled off. Look at that person inn the mirror and connect in – you may have some deep realisations.

You may find some objecting to what you start to uncover or finding new ways of being which resonate. Remember this – it’s YOUR life not theirs. Let them make their owns choices but do your best not to allow them to influence yours. Free will and all that …….

Fitting in isn’t all its cracked up to be and can cause you to splinter, become ill or even a shadow of yourself. Life your life the way that makes sense to you at a core level.

If the changes you make feel right, then for you they are right. They may not be for everyone.

Let’s be brutally honest here – sod it. Do what you know is the best thing for you right now.

Wed 27th – Thur 28th : Nectar of Life

Can you see where this is steering?

The sweetness of life – the pay off or harvest for what you have planted, tended and nurtured. This is all about abundance – in all its forms.

Be grateful and thankful for what you have, where you find yourself, and what you have experienced to be right where you are. That gratitude ripples outwards and attracts more towards you. Be open to it. This is a time of rapid manifestation – believe it or not! So be very clear on your intentions.

It may also be for some a reminder to slow down a touch, appreciate the smaller details and stop and smell the roses. To BE rather than be DOING all the time. Take time out to do what makes you happy or makes you feel more like yourself. Especially where we find ourselves at a global level.

Appreciate nature, your friends and family or those you pop in that category, for the time we have been gifted to slow down.

It’s also for some a reminder that even in the crappiest of times we can find a small ray of sunshine. Hold onto it and it will help see you through to sunnier and happier days. Honour what has been.

Fri 29th – Sun 31st : Integrity

And the biggie of the week. This is playing out in 3 strands so lets tackle them one by one – whichever resonates loudest is the one for you.


It may be about your own integrity and sticking to it. Using you own moral compass and inner guidance to do what you feel is right. And to not be shaken from it by others.

Many old timelines are currently collapsing and this can cause others to spin out – let the, You stick to what is right for you and let them play out what needs to be played out.


You may be called upon to defend your integrity – been there done that one too many times so I know of what I speak. When you truly listen to your own inner counsel and KNOW yourself at a deep level you’ll find it easier to defend where you stand. To be able to communicate in a non-aggressive or argumentative way that your views can be heard. To agree to disagree and walk away. It’s a hard thing to do but you can do it.

In interesting times such as we find ourself any views or beliefs not within the accepted narrative can be looked upon with deep suspicion and distrust. Again allow people to have their own choices etc. But you have yours too – be string and stick to your guns folks.

And thirdly:

This is one playing out time and time again. You may have to deal with someone/something that is out of integrity. This is a harder one to handle but the best advice we can give is discernment, discernment, discernment. Sit with what you see playing out and feel into it rather than reacting.

If you really do need to call someone on their actions then do so – but do it from a place of calm. Try not to let your emotions spill over as it can work against you.

If you need to walk away then do so. Don’t get pulled into someones else’s drama/story/storm – you have your own things to deal with without taking that on as well. If you can view it as the hidden being revealed and masks falling it may add an new dimension to what you are seeing and hearing.

Sit with it all and USE YOUR DISCERNMENT


Start of the week – time to go within and remember/discover who you are at heart. What makes you tick, what makes you happy and what you can let go of. This inner journey of discovery can trigger others. So if they have opinions or views on what you are doing let them – but don’t take them on as yours. You live your life the best way you can.

Mid week – take some time to slow down and appreciate what you have, what you have experienced and where you find yourself. This is the pay off for all the hard work. If you’re having a less than stellar time right now look for the small details and hold onto them as a reminder of sunnier times to come.

End of the week – use your discernment and your own inner moral compass. Do what you know and feel is right for you. If you are being challenged in any way stick to your guns. Let your integrity shine through. If you are dealing with others or situations that are out of integrity – sit with it, feel into it. Where you feel you can do something then do so from a place of calm and balance. If not then walk away or pass it to someone who can.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
all by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies