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photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 17th to 23rd February 2020

Oracle card reading 17th – 23rd Feb 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 17th to 23rd February 2020

Mon 17th – Tue 18th : Feathers

Ok so we start the week with a nod to messages and confirmations we are given all the time. Sometimes we are blind to them and we brush them off as being fanciful. Or we ignore them. Other times they get overlooked as we are simply too distracted to “see” them.

We ask for guidance and confirmation all the time. But how many of us can say we ask then don’t look. I can pop my hand up to that. They can be subtle in nature se we have to learn to look for the subtle as well as the obvious.

Something I have asked my team to do from the very beginning is give me confirmation in a series of 3. The first time I may miss/ignore it, the second time I’ll see it, the third time I’m paying attention.

Messages can be in so many different forms and what is obvious to one person is double dutch to the next. They can range from song lyrics, a “random” overheard conversation, your social media feed, feathers are a big one as well.

But be clear do you REALLY want the answer/help you are asking for? Or are you just asking for the sake of it? You may have blinkers on at this stage – so be very clear. If you keep asking and avoiding then the confirmation may stop coming in.

If you are truly seeking confirmation ask then remember to LOOK.

Wed 19th – Thur 20th : Quetzalcoatl and the Priestess of Time

And a nod to procrastination now it would seem. At least that’s what’s coming up for me as soon as the card was dealt.

This is about realising the time has come for some decision/choice/direction and can no longer be put off. If you keep waiting for the time when things are perfect you are never going to move on. It may not be perfect but sod it , it’s beyond time.

For some others you may have been quietly biding your time from the sidelines. Scoping things out and making plans. The time to launch those plans has arrived. Be brave and go for it – doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It can be a small step but make sure it’s forwards motion.

Some of you may be aware this card is popping up during a mercury retrograde and are shouting “No don’t do anything!”. May I ask you a question? Why are you allowing someone else’s projections and view about this retrograde rule your life? Is it out of fear or is it out of a feeling of “they know better than me”.

Here’s the thing – things go wrong when it’s NOT a mercury retrograde. Some people (raises hand) thrive in this time period. So what was written is not one size fits all. Use your discernment first and foremost this week.

Baby steps are still forwards motion.

Fri 21st – Sun 23rd : Drystan – look beneath the surface

Bit of a kick to the rear this week isn’t it. For the end of the week which falls with New Moon on Sunday we are being guided to look beneath the surface. To look past the pretty mask that is being worn and truly see what is going on at a deeper level.

Now this may be in relation to others but my gut feel is this is related to something you are popping a mask on. So look at what you are covering up or trying hard not to look at within yourself. That serves no purpose.

It’s time to truly look at what makes you tick – light and shadow aspects. Those that you are avoiding looking at – why are you averting your eyes? What can you do instead to acknowledge what’s there and either let it go or adapt to integrate it in.

It’s all too easy to try and pass the blame onto others or situations but really who are we kidding here? Shadow work though exhausting, hard going and complicated IS worth it. Knowing you have faced it head on and done something about it is a freeing moment………

If you need guidance or help then you will find the right facilitator at the right time. But don’t go looking out of panic. You’ll only find someone who may not be the best fit for you. You have to link in with your discernment – your gut feel and reaction.

Trust it this week – it’s important to listen to it. and then take a breath.


Start of the week – if asking for confirmation or help pay attention to the signs. They may be more subtle than you are used to. But are you asking for confirmation or help when in truth you don’t really want it? Be very clear – if you are looking for a sign then ask and pay attention. If you AREN’T really looking for a sign then don’t ask. They may stop when you actually need them.

Mid week – if you’ve been procrastinating you may find it’s time to make a decision one way or the other. Otherwise it may all start to stagnate. Whichever way you choose its a step forwards. Also listen to your discernment – if it’s right for you then it’s right for you. Others may have opinions but it comes from their perspective not yours.

End of the week – ok folks tough love time this week. Time to look under the surface of what being presented to you or that YOU are presenting. Shadow work while not always fun is worth the effort. It’s very freeing to finally look at what you’ve been avoiding for so long – and then doing something about it. So own your crap this week – don’t pass it off to someone else. You CAN deal with it.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

Banner photo for new 7 day Energy Clearing course running 17th to 23rd February 2020

7 day Energy Clearing Course

Banner photo for new 7 day Energy Clearing course running 17th to 23rd February 2020


I so often get asked “what is a Dragon Clearing?” and “is it for me?”

And it’s a tricky question in all honesty. Many times it depends where you are on our journey. And if I am the right person for you or not.

If I haven’t managed to scare you off before now then that tells you something.

Deep Spring Clean

A Dragon Clearing is all about stripping out stagnant, stuck, festering energies/implants/programming deep in your system. That are not serving you and may be holding you back. Of going past the surface distractions to be shown what REALLY needs action.

The Dragon Clearing session as it currently stands is only for people who are used to doing self work, used to dealing with Shadow and not looking for anything light or fluffy. You have to put the work in – and it shows.

It has been compared to being hit by a train for several days while your system adjusts to the shift. Hence why it’s not for everyone. And specifically not for you if you haven’t worked with Dragon Energy before.

They don’t hang about. They don’t sugar coat. And they will make you face all of it head on. While supporting you but making you take responsibility for your own energy.

It can be startling what can come up. Be it past life situations, planted programming, entanglement with others energies and more.
Another reason why you have to use your discernment to ask if it is for you or not.

7 day Energy Clearing Course

In response to those asking but perhaps not quite ready the team have presented me with this new option.

To take a Clearing and spread it out over 7 days.
That way the intensity gets dialled down. Making it easier to digest. And easier to follow.

Rather than have one size fits all I have been shown to split into 3 different “levels” or “intensities”:

      • A gentler level suitable for everyone.
        Comprising a guided meditation on day 1.
        Which can be repeated through the week if you so wish.
        Ending on a New Moon Release meditation on day 7.
      • Medium intensity which may start to feel a little uncomfortable.
        We start to go beyond the obvious but not too deep to have you running for the hills.
        Comprising the gentle day 1 meditation.
        Followed by a deeper meditation on day 3.
        Again these can be repeated through the week if you so desire
        Ending on the New Moon Release meditation on day 7.
      • Arse kick level.
        For those who are used to deep personal and shadow work. Who may just have forgotten to look at their own energy recently. (I add myself in this one by the way)
        Now this one will be intense. And will force you to look at stuff you may have been avoiding . But stretched over 7 days rather than 90 minutes.
        The gentle meditation on day 1.
        The medium intensity meditation on day 3.
        And a arse boot meditation on day 5.
        Ending with the same New Moon Release on day 7.


Rather than classify this as a Dragon specific course I have left it more open.
That way whatever needs to come in will do just that. Without me adding limits as such.

Those who really don’t want to stretch things out over a week can book a personal session. There’s no change there. They are more specific to you and you get a copy of my findings. Which won’t happen with the course.

This is a beta test of this course so the pricing may not be the same if I offer this on a regular basis.


How will it work?

I intend to trial launch this in time for Feb New Moon on the 23rd which will be exact at 3:32pm in the UK.

  • The gentle level meditation will be on the 17th at 3pm. If you can’t join live don’t worry these are all recorded.
  • Medium intensity meditation will be 19th at 3pm (you also get the gentle level)
  • Arse boot meditation will be 21st at 3pm. (you also get the gentle and medium level meditations to build up to the last one)
  • New Moon meditation for everyone will be 23rd at 3pm.
  • Each meditation will last 30 – 45 minutes as guided by my team.

The meditations are yours for as long as you need them but you will have a week only to down load them. At the time of writing these will be live but if need be I will consider pre-recording.


Still interested?

Ok the important bit – the price.

Gentle level £15

Medium intensity level £30

Arse boot intensity £45


Where do I sign up??????

Simply click here to go straight to the booking system and choose the level of choice.

I am limiting the number of spaces for this first run to make sure we cover everything and make tweaks as and where needed.

I realise it’s a lot of meditation. But that’s the whole point. Of committing to YOURSELF to do the work. These are tools you can take with you and develop into your own practice.

Any questions feel free to get in touch for more details.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

picture for a mini workshop on 5G for energy/light workers

5G/EMF mini workshop for energy/light workers

picture for a mini workshop on 5G for energy/light workers


Mini workshop for Energy or Light Workers

Something I have been asked to bring forwards is a mini workshop/extended Q&A session on 5G/EMF radiation.  Giving examples and suggestions as to how to navigate it as an energy/light worker/spiritual identifier.

This will be a live workshop held on Zoom on Mon 24th Feb at 6pm local UK time. So you will need to be able to access it from your desktop/ tablet/phone. A recording will be made so those who can’t make it on the day will still be able to watch it.

Now I make no claims as to being an expert. I’m simply sharing what works for me. What some others say works for them. All from an energetic or spiritual perspective.

And I’ll also letting you into a trade secret (so to speak) that the Crystal Realm brought forwards a couple of years ago. Which is something I’ve been doing very quietly in the background.

Is this for me?

If you are comfortable speaking about Dragon Energy, Reiki, crystals and more then yes this is for you.

If you have fear or anger about 5G or telecommunications in general I will ask you leave it at the door – I won’t be fear mongering as that’s not my way.

This is aimed towards those people who know my work and know what I do.

I will be happy to answer questions on the day or afterwards. But please remember I won’t have all the answers for you . I’ll give you what I can or what the team will allow.

Sign me up!

A ticket will cost you £15 and once available the recording will be sent to you.

The book a space click here to go direct to the booking system. Scroll down to the 24th Feb and you’ll find it.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 cards drawn for the oracle reading 3rd to 9th February 2020

Oracle card reading 3rd – 9th Feb 2020

photo of the 3 cards drawn for the oracle reading 3rd to 9th February 2020

Mon 3rd – Tue 4th : Partridge

A bit of background – I was doing a live feed on my preloved group today and got distracted by all the birds in the garden. So payed attention and decided to go with the bird deck this week …..

The Partridge is (those paying attention note the card number) a humble, gentle bird. Which lets be honest we only really pay attention to in December when it’s sitting in a pear tree………a nod to notice the smaller details this week.

But also a reminder that humans take themselves so seriously that we get lost. We forget we are part of a bigger picture. And can feel alone and adrift. The partridge doesn’t fly all that well and not that far but that doesn’t stop it being a partridge.

Lighten up a bit – find what makes you smile or even laugh and indulge a bit. Humour can help take the sting out – and I don’t mean unkind humour or satire. Which the Brits (and yes that includes me) do only too well in even the worst circumstances. This may be a bit too harsh right now – find the gentler humour.

A bit of softness right now to self and to others wouldn’t go amiss.

And those taking themselves a tad too seriously – I’d like to say get a grip but that’s a tad judgemental and unhelpful so I will say instead , take a step back. Are you focussing on things through such an intense lens you’ve lost sight of where you started? Backtrack and try a different direction for a bit. This one ain’t working

Wed 5th – Thur 6th : Up

A more positive outlook. We’re reminded that looking down all the time doesn’t really help us move forwards. It just stops us walking into things.

It’s a nod towards low self esteem or a feeling of unworthiness. We are all worthy of whatever it is we are seeking out. Have a bit of trust in yourself and when that toxic inner voice starts up listen to it. Is it your voice? Or is it someone elses??

If it’s yours address it and change the script. Focus on the positives in your life and what you have achieved. It’s easy to forget the steps that have brought us to where we are right now.

If it’s NOT your voice tell it to take a hike! That’s someone else’s opinion/belief/programming and has no business being in your energy system.

  • You are enough.
  • You are worthy
  • You are visible
  • You do have a voice

Believe it

By looking up, standing up or even showing up you may act as a way shower for someone else. Without even realising it.

Fri 7th – Sun 9th : The Awakening

Ah perfect! A golden dragon. I love when dragon’s pop up in decks you aren’t expecting them.

For me this confirms the earlier cards for the week. About remembering who you are, or discovering who you are right now. Seeing what makes you tick. What makes you happy . And what you can no longer accept blindly.

This is about embracing yourself as an energetic level.

Of seeing the good , the bad and the ugly (trite but effective wording) and accepting the whole lot. Doing what is needed to change/release the shadow aspects. Of doing the self work and heavy lifting and not palming it off to someone else.

Finding your voice and using it – rusty though it may be.

This is dragon energy at it’s finest.
Being authentically YOU – warts and all.

Oh and a reminder that some parts of you may just be waking up ……..


Start of the week – time to look on the lighter side of life where you can. Things have been very heavy going recently so some light relief is very much needed. Watch something that makes you laugh, read a book that lightens the spirit, spend time with people who “get” you without question ……..whatever helps you take life a little less seriously.

Mid week – low self esteem or low self worth really do keep you trapped. Turn your attention upwards for a while and focus on the positive in your life. When we have the ability to change the script of the focus of attention we show others how to do this. It can be seemingly tiny steps to you – but MASSIVE things to others.

End of the week – a shift in energy me’thinks. Always markers of Dragon Energy is about owning who you are. ALL aspects not just the “good” ones. When you show up, do the work, move forwards and you’ll be doing better than you know……

Decks used:

Bird Cards – Jane Toerien & Joyce van Dobben
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

blog regarding payment by donation for 1-2-1 Energy Mentoring sessions

Pay by donation sessions now available

Well I did say some things were going to be changing and this is but the start.

I have been looking at what services people are most interested in and this is it – believe it or not. For now at least …..

It’s the hardest to pin down and explain but that’s kind of the point. Essentially a space for you to discuss/bring forwards whatever you need at that time. For many it’s a chance to offload, discuss current challenges, get help to release energies and more. It changes person to person.

Slight re-structure

So in-line with this I have been streamlining the booking process so you can choose the duration and platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype or Messenger). The prices have been streamlined slightly but be aware all my pricing is currently being looked at and may change in April.

The booking system now has bookable dates but they are not set in stone so if the date/time isn’t quite right you can get in touch and we can tweak it. You can book the space to secure it and chat afterwards – I’m fairly flexible on this.

Pay by donation sessions

As from Feb I am opening up 2 x 1 hour sessions on a payment by donation basis. Essentially allowing you to decide what you wish to pay.

It will be strictly 2 per month for now. So if you miss one month you can move to the next or chat to me first.

If this runs the way I have been shown I MAY extend it out to services currently available or yet to make themselves known…keep your eyes peeled.

You can find the booking system by clicking here

Or you can get in touch by email at cheryl@dragonascensiontherapies.co.uk



Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle reading 27th January to 2nd February 2020

Oracle card reading 27th Jan – 2nd Feb 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle reading 27th January to 2nd February 2020

Lets try that again shall we – had it all typed up and then lost the post …….

Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Sea Storm – calm amid chaos

Ok so this is the classic the eye of the storm of calm in the middle of a storm. Of having the ability to remain in a place of balance/calm when all around you are losing their heads (or sh&t as my team just said).

It’s an easy thing to say – to find a space or point of balance within but it can get complicated if the chaos is coming from WITHIN while you delve deep to discover what is out of alignment. So a touch of a double edged sword.

What I can say is that is possible – it can take a bit of practice and patience. But you can hit upon that space – seemingly by accident. Where you can breathe again, you can relax the shoulders and you can hear everything ease. When you hit that space just pause – breathe. Nothing more. Just. Breathe. Just be.

Know you can go back to that space at any time. We have so much drama, story and distraction flying around just now on a global and personal scale.

That space within is also a space of discernment where you can sense check if it’s yours or someone else’s. If it’s yours you can do something about it. If it’s someone else’s then send it back. Projecting your crap onto someone else doesn’t solve the problem.

So if suddenly you have an increase in chaos – or something you thought you had dealt with comes back – ask yourself this. Did I actually deal with it or did I deflect onto someone/thing else?? It can be a sobering moment that one.

And yes it’s a touch of tough love again – as plain talking is needed right now. When you find that calm space use it. Others will follow suit and it may calm the waters faster than anticipated.

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Alignment

Another nod to either being in balance or out of balance. When we are out of balance or out of alignment things can feel out of kilter, chaotic, deeply unpleasant. Your task here is to find WHERE it’s gone slightly awry and do something about it.

To take action – non-action leaves you stagnant and stuck. Which isn’t good for anyone.

By action it can mean the smallest of steps – such as acknowledging something isn’t quite right . One example may be if you’ve been having health issues – ask your body whats up and listen to the guidance – but at the same time if it’s been going on for a while or you are becoming concerned the seek some medical guidance as well. Don’t rule either out they both play a part.

If your energy feels a bit out whack again ask where the issue is – and listen to it. Take action and the momentum comes back.

The energies as I’ve said are topsy turvy and continue to be that way. We have to adapt or shift to keep up – they won’t change for us.

As the saying goes “the only constant in life is change” how you embrace it is up to you.

For those finding themselves back in alignment/balance don’t rest on your laurels. Keep up the practice(s) that have helped and pay attention to any changes. Help those around you where and when you can

Fri 31st – Sun 2nd : Tatsuya – Have courage

Another very strong card and repeats what has already been said for this week. It falls across an interesting weekend. Here in the UK the Friday is a huge change – which has been much debated for 4 years and is still volatile and has a lot further to go …and the card also falls across the festival of Imbolc – which is welcoming back the light.

So a big uncomfortable shift then bringing back light – seeing a message/pattern there at all ? I know it sounds like I’m being flippant – I’m really not. You’ll get it.

Now the card itself is Japanese for “becoming dragon” and for me a big nod to my team. Whenever something Japanese pops up in my awareness I get a “click” in my energy. Can’t explain it – other than it is right for me.

So how do my team translate this card? In a nutshell it is time for you to embrace who and what you are. Find your voice and use it. To find your own power and own it. Break free of your self imposed and energetically carried shackles.

Decide to face your fears head on and take action – not to allow them to paralyse you into inaction. Be brave, Be you – whatever that means or looks like. It changes from person to person.

This is pure Dragon Energy as how I understand it to be.

For some others if that doesn’t quite fit you may resonate more to Phoenix cycle of death and rebirth – they go hand in hand. Allow what has served it’s time to release and make space for the new coming in – or rising from the ashes of what once was.


Bit of a heavy week in all honesty and I could have been even more blunt – but that felt a tad unfair on you all.

Start of the week – do your best to keep your head while those around you lose theirs. Staying cool, calm and collected is no bad thing and may encourage a few others to “cool their jets” as well.

Mid week – have a look as whether you are in or out of balance in some way – being it physically health wise or energetically. You’ll know when you hit on it.

End of the week – be brave and face your fears face on. You don’t have to make a huge jump or shift or change. A small step is enough to get the energies moving out of stagnation once more. Time to own who you are right now and be that person. Rather than who others project you are.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows & Light – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 card spread using of the oracle reading 20t to 26th January 2020

Oracle card reading 20th – 26th Jan 2020

photo of 3 card spread using of the oracle reading 20t to 26th January 2020


Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Two Kittens – you must choose

Ok so we have a bit of tough love at the start of the week. Have you a decision to make that you are faffing with? Can’t make a choice either one way or the other? I hate to break it to you folks but you need to pick one, and now.

The constant back and forth is causing more harm than good by having you so entrenched you’re going to get stuck. Or so distracted you miss what’s important.

Make a decision, go with it and get moving again.

We can only do our best with the information at hand – waiting for more or wanting to see the bigger picture right now isn’t serving anyone. With the info you have to hand right now make a choice.

If you realise down the line that perhaps it wasn’t the “right” one you can fix it then.

If this whole thing starts to spin you into panic – stop. Take a breath, find some calm and then clear your mind of others opinions, advice etc. Ask your gut which way to go and trust what comes through.

Any more faffing and you’ll drive yourself batty.

Choose. Take action. Move.

Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd : Dreamcatcher

Theres a secondary meaning to this card which you might now be able to read from the photo. And that is dreaming your wisdom.

This card falls just before the January New Moon on the 24th and this can be a potent time for new ideas coming through. Your own inner/hidden wisdom making an appearance. Your guides, ancestors etc speaking to you at a time when you are more receptive.

For some you may have extra vivid dreams which may make little sense at the time but with a touch of hindsight will be like a shining light. What needs to make sense will have been heard/witnessed by your higher or conscious self – trust in this.

Some others of you may find it to be an active dreamtime with no recall – and thats fine too. Set the intent that whatever work you are doing you come back into body GENTLY before waking. Also set the intent that anything NOT in your best and highest interests do not have permission to contact you in this space.

A lot can come through when we make the time to relax and be still – so if having trouble sleeping it may be an idea to try this waking meditative space before going to sleep.

Fri 24th – Sun 26th : The mermaid and the turtle

Another nod to older wisdom coming to you – either yours or via an elder in some form…..and be open as elders without expectations as they can be packaged up in younger forms.

This card falls on the January New Moon which for me is all about letting go of what no longer serves , creating space for the new. It is the phoenix cycle of death and rebirth. Be brave shed what no longer fits and embrace the new, the reborn or the remembered.

Some of you may feel the call from Gaia direct to tune in and listen to what she has to say – direct without filters of modalities or other people. Listen well. You may find you have a role to play in assisting her and those who live upon her.

I’m speaking in code as I type this if you are meant to understand you will.


Start of the week – a kick up the rear time folks. Whatever decision you are wavering about it’s time to pick a direction and go with it. No more faffing. Make a decision. Take action. Move forwards.

Mid week – your dream time can reveal much hidden wisdom. Pay attention to any dream recall – write a diary if it helps. If you’re struggling to sleep take time before bed to go into a quiet meditative space and allow what comes forwards to do so – use your discernment with what pops up.

End of the week – falling on New Moon so time to let go of what no longer serves and makes space for new information, wisdom and people. Old knowledge may be returning to you wrapped up in shiny new packaging – be open to ancients presenting themselves in new ways.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifter – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of a chess board for a blog on discernment

Discernment is key right now

I just wanted to touch again on engaging your powers of discernment, your gut instinct.

There’s a lot going on right now in terms of energy, in terms of global events and in terms of misdirection. I’ve aware of quite a few ripples playing about just now but it’s not always easy to navigate. I put my hand up to that myself. And today I’m really feeling it.

When something feels to good to be true, or feels slightly off , or rubs you the wrong way take a moment and feel into it. Ask your gut for a response. Is it something you should do or not? What is your instant response to that question?

This is your discernment speaking. And it’s the most powerful tool any of us possess.

Trust what you get coming in direct – from yourself, your team/guides, you’re Higher Self even. Rather from external sources.

Manipulation is everywhere

When you feel you are being influenced or even manipulated in one direction over an other by someone else take a moment to question why that would be. Go with what YOU get right now not what someone else tells you.

These energies are potent and it’s easy to get distracted – I say this without judgement as I had a moment myself this last week that I had to question and dissolve. I had been manipulated via my empathy. And thats ok – it was spotted and removed. Lesson noted.

In all things right now do what is right for you – and go as you are guided.

On a personal note

I have had quite a few things rumbling up to the surface over the past few weeks. And plenty has been unpleasant at best . But I’m working through it.

I know something working on me even as I type this so my apologies if that is felt – it’s not meant to be.

But just proves I’m human too


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 cards pulled for the reading 13th to 19th January 2020

Oracle card reading 13th – 19th Jan 2020

photo of the 3 cards pulled for the reading 13th to 19th January 2020


Mon 13th – Tue 14th : Snake Princess

Ok so we have another week of looking deep into your own energies. This first card for me is always about a shift – either you are going into one or you are on the way out of one.

The shedding of the snake skin – letting go of what you have outgrown or is restricting you. Of growing into your new skin and expanding into it – breathing a sigh of relief as you do.

The snake itself can be a marker for kundalini or the spiral of life itself – it means something different to each person. See what it brings up for you.

It can also be a marker of deep old held wisdom coming back up to the surface. And this is something I am seeing happening at a larger level. Old modalities, ways of being and knowledge are being seen and heard once more.

But stripping out the bells and whistles that have been added along the way as a form of distraction and in some cases ego.

This ancient wisdom is as true now as it ever was – listen to what comes forwards. Does it sit comfortably with you?
If yes dig deeper, if no dig deeper.

Wed 15th – Thur 16th : The richness Within

Again we are reminded that we hold so much creativity, ideas and more within that we lock away. Sometimes out of fear – fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of going against the grain and whatnot.

But if we were to let some of this out, to expand our own selves what could that change in your life? Would you feel more like yourself? Would you consider trying?

So many answers to the questions we ask can be found within. Take the time, if you can, to go inwards. To ask your own self and listen to what comes back. To give yourself permission to be yourself in however that wishes to manifest.

But ultimately be yourself.

Fri 17th – Sun 19th : Mermaid in a Koi Pond

Expansion, belief in who you are and stepping fully into your own shoes.

This card comes up many times through the year and we are at that stage again it would seem. The Japanese believe the Koi is a Dragon unformed- the transition before becoming a whole dragon.

To step into who you are at heart – even if it makes you a bit wobbly. It feels better dropping the masks you wear for others, of for yourself to fit in. Exhausting stuff isn’t it? So why not let it go instead?

When we start to find our voice it can be difficult – we can make little mistakes here and there (or so we believe). But rather than shutting your voice down learn from the experiences. Take the lesson and build on it. You have experienced it for a reason so don’t let it go to waste.

We live in highly polarising times right now – so if you can live, be and speak from your place of truth you may encourage others to do so as well. And the ripples outwards faster than you an anticipate.


Start of the week – shift time folks. Either you’re going into one or you’ve come out of one. Shedding the skin that no longer fits and expanding into the new one.

Mid week – you have so much creativity just under the surface that you keep locked away. Have a go at letting some of it out. It’s time to be you.

End of the week – a repeat of what has been said so far. Of stepping into your own shoes, finding your own voice and being authentically you. It may make you wobble, you may not quite get the balance right straight away but you will get there.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish


Now I have a confession to make the energies today have made it very difficult to get this one written. Things are volatile across a number of areas and the distraction is high. If you find yourself getting torn, getting angry or upset before you say or do anything take a breath. Remember not everyone will have the same viewpoint or experience that you have. It doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong – simply that they are different.

Everyone has stuff to process right now and not all of it is particularly pleasant when the realisations start to hit. I know I’ve had a few of my own this week so I get it. Step back if need be.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn for oracle card reading for th 6th to the 12th of January 2020

Oracle card reading 6th – 12th Jan 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for oracle card reading for th 6th to the 12th of January 2020

Mon 6th – Tue 7th : Artemis of the Forest

Curious card this and I can see it speaking in a couple of different ways. The secondary meaning on the card which you may not be able to read is now you are independent and free.

For some this may be a kick (gentle or otherwise) to truly see you CAN rely on yourself. If you have been taught or programmed to believe you have to rely on others to provide comfort, food, shelter it’s time to see this falsehood for what it is. Control through fear.

We are all more than capable of looking after ourselves when we give ourselves the chance to do so. Look at the relationships you have – do you rely on them to provide you something? Is it something you could find within or provide for yourself? Are you reliant on this person (s) without realising you have handed over control to them?

This can be messy and may jolt you a little.

And no I don’t include those looking after children of the vulnerable – that is something very different.
Look honestly and what turns up for you and ask is it something you could change or wish to change?

You may surprise yourself when you give yourself permission to take responsibility back. Of truly starting to become autonomous.

For some others you may be encouraged to go back to basics in some way. Or you may have your hand forced slightly. If possible see it as an opportunity to reset rather than a punishment or a hardship – for it isn’t. That’s the old control talking to keep you in the box, so to speak.

This rediscovery of self reliance may for some others be a soft gentle process – like the deer in the card themselves. Self reliant yet gentle creatures.

Which ever way this manifests for you TRUST you have the inner strength to do the needful.

Wed 8th – Thur 9th : Gentle Release

A slight respite midweek. This is a gentle card – so it shouldn’t be a huge exhausting energetic release (it may be but that’s not what I’m picking up).

See the bright light at the centre of the card? This is you – what is gently flowing outwards is what you are letting go. Old hurts, old beliefs, old habits. Softly and in a controlled manner.

This is the soft ripple on a pond rather than the storm. A reminder again that these things can be done in a way that is easier to integrate.Self work and self care doesn’t always need to be emergency measures or painful. Let go of the expectation that it SHOULD be.

For those of you who feel drawn to working with the angelic realm this may be a direction of support for you this week.

This card also shows me of issues around the throat or of being silenced being lifted off energy systems. As i resonate with blue with the throat chakra. If you feel anything popping up physically – such as a sore throat or a cough allow it (if you can) to play out. Sometimes when we clear in specific areas of the energy field it can show up as something physical for a short time.

Fri 10th – Sun 12th : Strange companions in Strange places

I did say it may be a short respite mid week. This card is more thinking outside of the box.

We can see Alice and Snow White in the cards and when you look at their stories didn’t they live through a lot of weird shit. But they adapted to the situation at hand and tried different things to move forwards.

We are being shown quite clearly that when we have challenges popping up – especially repeating themes – it may be time to try something a bit different. Of turning your current thinking on its head and come at it from a left of field direction. Or even more simply a different direction than you would do normally.

This is a nod back to the start of the week of finding your own feet. Of taking back control for where you may have handed it over to others – knowingly or otherwise.

Start to listen to your own guidance for a while and if others offer ideas or opinion decide for yourself if it’s for you or now. Many people mean well but are coming from their own perspective which is unlikely to be exactly the same as yours . Discernment is the wy to go right now.

You do have people/guides who will support you – they may not have stepped forwards as yet but trust they are there.

A big week to come back to the core of who you are and what makes you tick.


Start of the week : take time to look at where you are reliant on others for some aspect of your life. Is this something you could do for yourself in some way? If yes give it a go – self reliance is important. You do’t have to reject people or help out of hand . It can be done in a gentle way to not cause hurt especially if you are shifting something that has been there for years. You will find the way thats right for you.

Mid week – a gentle release from your systems. Of things which no longer serve a purpose – but more like a trickle rather than a flood. If it resonates the angelic realms are excellent support for this type of work.

End of the week – again a nod to self reliance and taking back control of your life. Of thing and STEPPING outside of the box you have been in. Of using your creativity to find other ways and paths that make sense to you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies