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Social media – stormy weather

Social media. It’s an odd animal isn’t it.

On one hand it’s a phenomenal tool for connecting with like minded people, seeking out new pathways and expanding your life. On others it’s a pain in the backside with people using it to spout from their own little soap box.

It all depends on your perception of what it is.

For me I view it as a tool. And a highly useful one at that.
With that mindset and intent I have a pretty upbeat social media newsfeed and only see what is relevant for me.
It can be done.

Masks slipping here there and everywhere

However what I’ve observed for quite some time now, and in particular the past 24 hours or so is rather startling.

People standing in what they believe/feel to be their own power and using social media as a way of using their voice. All power to you. I do it myself so cannot possibly say anything else.

But they are missing or are oblivious to the language and tone they are using that’s showing the mask they’ve been wearing.
And it’s slipping.
And slipping FAST.

Now I’m coming only from a standpoint of observation right now as I’m too damn tired to be doing anything else. Until my own energy stabilises from all the shifts I’ve had since 31st October all I CAN do is observe.

But I’m seeing things very clearly.
And I’m paying attention as to where they are coming from.

“So what exactly are you seeing?”

To put into context I have had, so far today, three “seriously? Judgemental much? Wow, just wow.” moments.

What’s come across loud and clear is views/opinions being expressed but coming across as judgement.
From people who claim to be “better” than that. Their words, not mine.

It’s very firmly in the language used. And the message has a hint of a slap about it. It may be there to deliberately incite a reaction. I may be completely off- base , as I often am. As hey, I’ll admit I’m human and make mistakes.

I make no claims to be free of ego, to be completely non-judgemental. I do my best.
But I will admit when I’m wrong.

For the people who say they are free of ego and judgement. They may well be and if they are I salute them. But when faced with something written or said which flies in the face of that I have to question the energy underneath.

Because I can feel AND see it, clear as day.

Live your life your way

You are under NO obligation to justify any of the following to others:

  • Your feelings.
  • What you do.
  • The systems you use to process shifts and transitions.
  • Your way of giving back – as we ALL do it in some way.
  • What you charge for the work you do.
  • Falling into your shadow and doing your shadow work.

It’s no-one else’s business but yours.
As in turn it’s none of your business how someone else feels, works, copes etc.

See what’s underneath

So when someone who is a way-shower, guide, teacher – whatever word resonates for you. Starts to make you feel as if you are being judged in some way just by what is being written or shared. Question it. Look at the language being used , look beneath the surface and see what pops up.

Sometimes its insecurity, sometimes it can be a sense of self importance, or possibly its a fear of losing people or control. They may be processing and not realise it, or they have shadow work coming up that requires some work.

Whatever it is IT’S NOT YOURS TO TAKE ON.
It’s simply their perception.

If you have asked for insight that’s different.
But unsolicited advice or unsolicited opinion? Let it wash over you or send it right back.

Time to take stock.

If you are seeing patterns or a trend on social media it’s time to pay attention.

For me today it’s a confirmation of perhaps it being time to part ways with specific pages/energies/people. As we seem to be out of alignment with each other, or we’re an octave off each others frequency. Something doesn’t quite “fit” anymore.

And that’s ok.
People change, energies shift, directions change path.
It’s all part of what we are here to do.

Sense check yourself.

If you look at the language you are using on social media and think “uh oh, Ive read that from a different view point and its sounds a bit judgemental” don’t panic. You are still human. Judgement is so deeply ingrained from a very young age it’s hard to break away from. Being aware of when you are falling into it isn’t a bad thing. It’s a just a thing.

If it feels uncomfortable do what you need to take it away. To resolve what has come up.
Learn and move on.

But own your own crap.

Better yet if it pops up , scroll past and live your own life. Observe it absolutely but try not to take it personally. As trust me , it’s not about you.


Musings from a tired energy worker

When you see a storm brewing in social media

Oracle card reading 10th – 16th Dec 2018

Oracle card reading 10th – 16th December 2018

Mon 10th – Tue 11th : a brilliant solution is on its way

The first thing that jumps out at me with this card is the word PATIENCE. A solution is on its way give it the time and space it needs to come forwards. Attempting to speed it up or force it into being may make it disappear.

As with all things be aware that the solution may not be what you WANT but will be what you NEED.

For those who are feeling under severe pressure, or under attack it can be very difficult to think straight in these times. So many other peoples voices, thoughts, opinions can fly around you to the point they become deafening and you can no longer hear yourself. Try to mute these other streams of information and listen to yourself again.

What you possibly don’t realise is you likely have the solution within you. You just can’t see or hear it right now. It’s there buried. So ask yourself what you need to do to move things on, change the situation , or take things apart.

We all have little moments of brilliance and it may be a spark to look at something from an angle you hadn’t considered, something that worked for you elsewhere that you can tweak in this situation, or speaking to someone who gives you that moment of clarity that things start to make sense again.

Listen to yourself in this and put your needs first. Not everyone else or you’ll keep stuck in that loop. Whatever you need WILL come forwards. Perhaps not what you expected but it will make sense when you look back on it properly.

Wed 12th – Thur 13th – Cornucopia

It may feel odd if you are in a bit of turmoil to be seeing such a positive card. But look at it as a glimpse of what is to come when things start to move.

All the seeds you’ve planted and taken pains to grow are coming to the point of harvest. Of enjoying the fruits of your labour. Of providing the next set of seeds to plant and nurture.

Now many people equate abundance with money and while it is an aspect of abundance there are so many – health, peace, clarity, inner knowing…the list goes on.

Be aware of each strand of abundance in your life and give thanks for them. The more grateful you are , the more you can attract…and you never know where it will lead you.

Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Be Light of heart

Ok this did make me laugh as it’s essentially saying lighten up 🙂

We can get very bogged down doing our own work, finding the pathways and going deeper down rabbit holes of information that we can get a bit serious and intense. Or lose our sense of humour and even sense of self along the way.

Lighten up – don’t take everything so seriously.

It’s ok to have a sense of humour, to take time to do the things that make you happy, of spending time with folk who “get” you…….these are the things that make you glow, that lift you up, that balance out the harder stuff we deal with.

You can be serious AND still have a sense of humour. It keeps you grounded and at times sane.

Embrace the joy you find. Remember what joy is to you and go with it. By embracing it and finding the times that make you happy your light glows that little bit brighter.

It’s a beacon to others that they too can lighten up too.


Start of the week – it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with others opinions, feelings, thoughts etc on your situation. To the extent you can no longer hear your own voice. Do what you can to mute that stream of noise and listen to yourself again. Ask yourself what the solution will be to this – you may be surprised by what you hear. And practice patience with this – it may not happen overnight, give it time to develop, it will come forwards. It may be in a form you didn’t want but it will be what you NEED.

Mid week – take a moment to stop and look at the abundance you have around you. Even in challenging situations they can be found when you give it a go. Even if you can’t sense them just yet the promise of fruition is there if you choose to embrace it.

End of the week – time to lighten up and stop taking life so seriously. You’ll crack if you don’t find a way to let loose…..watch a film that makes you laugh, spend time with people who lift you up, read a book you love, eat a meal you adore – whatever helps your inner glow do it. Life is short so ENJOY it.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Dragonfae -Lucy Cavendish
Energy oracle cards – Sandra Anne Taylor

Photo of Oracle card reading 3-9 December 2018

Oracle card reading 3rd – 9th Dec 2018

Photo of Oracle card reading 3-9 December 2018
Oracle card reading 3-9 Dec 2018

Mon 3rd – Tue 4th: Alignment

Liking this a big bit as it’s all about balance for me. For some it’s coming back into alignment with yourself and the new energies following a recent shift – it takes time.

For some others you are either in or about to hit a shift of some sort and it can throw your balance off. So much so you may not know which way you are spinning.

Don’t panic it DOES calm down and you start to see where and what has changed in and around you. You can pick through the finer details when the room stops spinning so to speak.

You may even find what once felt right for you feels a little “off”. Give yourself permission to shake off or drop what feels out of balance for you. To walk away from whats out of frequency. Of listening TO YOUR GUT AND DISCERNMENT above all other things.

The more you can trust yourself the quicker these wobbles or shifts can transition.

I know I’ve been saying this for quite a while but it’s getting important to not only listen but to act on it – you won’t be given too many more nudges if you keep ignoring them.

Do what is right for you to get back to that feeling of balance – you’ll know exactly what it is when you ask yourself direct.

Wed 5th – Thur 6th : Healing

You’ll notice a strong theme with the 3 cards this week as the flow from one to the other very smoothly.

This is a short period of retreat or intense self care. To adjust to the changes and makes some form of sense – or have an understanding around them.

Some changes you will be making will feel harsh , hard or even very deeply conflicted. Take a small step back to see the bigger picture around you –
if you continue where you are will things change?
Can it be fixed?
Or is it better for all concerned to let it dissolve?

This can be letting go or situations or even people – and they may have caused hurt in the run up to this choice/change being made.

It’s very easy for me to sit and say their reaction says more about them than about you when I’m not the one feeling it. But I can empathise as we all go through periods of time like this. It’s our development and forwards motion.

So take TIME, rest, step back and let yourself heal emotionally, physically and energetically before you do anything else.

Think of this time as a deep breath before the next round. There is always light with the shadow when you look for it.

Fri 7th – Sun 9th: Infinite Possibilities

And the wheel turns once more.

Can you see the infinity loop in the card right at the centre? This is you – no really.

Life is full of ever possibility you can imagine and then some more. It’s your choice as to how you wish your life to go – a series of choices and directional changes. You make the best decision you can at the time.

Yes some may not go quite where you had planned, and you may need to make a quick change here and there but thats free will.

You have choice and control over your decisions. Never forget that – especially when others attempt to tell you differently.

Seize the moment, see everything spread out before you and go with what makes you jump up and down with excitement and glee. Anything that makes you sluggish, sad or flat ……perhaps not the route for you right now.

Work with the recent shifts and you may shock yourself with where you pick….and work with the New Moon energy on the 7th as its perfect for new directions, new paths, new ideas etc

Go for it.


Start of the week
if you’ve been a bit wobbly or off balance you may start to find things coming back into focus. Or if still wobbly know that balance is just around the corner.
Finding your new alignment will take a bit of time so let things settle first , get comfortable with it and then see how others things have changed.

Mid week
take some time out to rest up, to retreat just for a short while and again come back into balance. If you’ve been emotionally hurt or upset by recent events allow yourself to feel them, ask where they actually stem from and do the work to embrace it, acknowledge it and allow it to dissolve so you can move on.
Use this time for intense self -care.

End of the week
work with the new moon energy and realise the world is your oyster right now. So many possibilities stretch out in front on you in an ever expanding pattern. Of what’s presented ask what truly makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get going? And do that.
Above all go for it if it feels the absolute right thing for you.

Decks used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish

State your truth

Image credit goes to Heart Touching Fun on Facebook


This fab meme popped up on my feed this morning and I wanted to share it with you as it made me laugh but also as it’s becoming more accurate by the day. It was published by Heart Touching Fun on Facebook.

Those of you who have been here for a while , some since the beginning, will have spotted I’m getting blunter and blunter. Particularly in the last few months. Those of you who are newer give it time 😉

So why are you getting blunter?

The reason for this I believe is in part due to me standing firmly in my own power, facing and dealing with my shadow aspects as they become revealed and working through what is being presented to me by my “team”. But as I do i have noticed my tolerance of certain things is diminishing : including those looking for hand holding, those attempting to push their work onto others, ego wrapped up in “spirituality” and the glaring double standards of judgement this brings – I have been very vocal on the latter and will continue to be as it crops up.

Now kindly do not accidentally or deliberately misinterpret my words here.

I am 100% committed to helping others along the way. Of shining a light on things where needed. Of giving you the tools, the nudge, or in some cases the kick up the arse you need to do your own work. That’s the crux – we ALL have our own work to do. I and other energy workers are not here to do it for you.

We are here to support.
We are here to be OF service not IN service.
That difference is key.

Light and fluffy I am not.

I have stated repeatedly I am neither light nor fluffy as the work I do does not sit comfortably with this. And in truth that’s not me. I am anti-fluff, anti-faff, blunt almost to the point of rudeness as it seems to be what’s needed. This from someone who as little as 4 years ago wouldn’t have said boo to a goose.

But I’ve changed along the way as I’ve done and continue to do my work.

I will challenge folk along the way – and for some that’s perfect and for others it’s too much. And this is where I say to everyone learn to trust and work with your own powers of discernment. Of deciding who you listen to, follow, unfollow, walk away from. as we do our own work we change and what may have been right for us once can stop. Trust yourself enough to move on. I actually applaud those who listen to themselves, who realise what doesn’t resonate and continue with their own self empowerment. Truly.

I’d be a complete hypocrite if I didn’t. Given how many people, pages, energies etc I’ve walked away from as they just didn’t feel right any more. I’m trusting my own inner guidance and it’s steered me well so far. Yes I’ve made a few mistakes along the way but without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. So I’ve made my peace with it.

Decide who’s right for you.

So for those looking for someone who is love & light this most likely isn’t the page for you. You will find others that resonate for you that are a perfect fit for where you are.

For those who like energies that little bit heavier, don’t mind being challenged or called on your crap, don’tmind a vein of sarcasm or darker humour buckle in and enjoy the ride. Until you’re ready to move on to whatever you resonate with next.

I’ll continue to be unapologetically me, you continue to be unapologetically you.


Photo of the oracle card reading for 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 2018

Oracle card reading 26th Nov – 2nd Dec 2018

Photo of the oracle card reading for 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 2018


*Carrying on the theme from last week these readings are about to get that but blunter – no apologies, it’s just how it’s got to be for a while.*

Mon 26th – Tue 27th: Intuition

Intuition – that gut feeling, your discernment, that sense of just knowing. Time to start listening to it folks. It won’t steer you wrong, but discounting or ignoring it can.

What have you had coming up that you’re ignoring, running from, decided you’ve just made it up, listening to others instead of yourself….time to really get down to the bare bones of this one.

Instead of sitting in your head ask what your gut response is to all this. If its positive then keep going, if its suggestion is a bit of caution then for gods sake listen to it. Take a pause or small step back and sense check whatever you’re about to do before you do it.

It’s all to easy to react to something first then mop up the aftermath later. Give yourself an easier job and LISTEN to yourself and your gut feel first. Others as with all things can have their take and opinions but they are not YOU. If they would do something differently fine – thats not the question. You have to go with what feels right.

If that means potentially upsetting the apple cart , well, you know my response to that.

Whatever glimmers of light your discernment is giving you pay attention. The more you do the more will come through. By closing it off you dim that light.

Either do whatever it is or don’t – but YOU make the choice, YOU have free will…exercise it.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : The World

Ok – this is a pretty expansive card in truth.

Your world is what you choose to make it. Free will coming up again. And while it may be horrendous for some around you try and not take it on as yours. If your world is great right now then fab – keep going. Manifest away and keep going. We create our own realities – so choose wisely.

There is so much potential for so many things. directions, pathways if you choose to see them. Spread your wings that bit wider and start to see the bigger picture opening up in front of your eyes.

If you choose to open them that is.

Being grateful for what you have both good and crappy sends a message out there that you are open to potential, to change, to more.

If you choose to focus only on the crappy, become insular, see only the “bad” in life – that’s your free will. It’s possibly not my choice but I’m not you. People always have their reasons – it may even be something you have to work through before you start to have the balance again.

The world is your oyster and you have 2 main choices.

To focus on building a beautiful pearl from the grain of sand or the challenge that presents itself. Or you can focus on the irritation the sand becomes, how it makes you feel, and how it colours everything else around you.

The choice is 100% yours.

Fri 30th Nov – Sun 2nd Dec : Knowledge

Another harder hitting card this one to go with the rest of the spread.

Knowledge – and for me this represents knowledge of self. Of finding that connection to Source/Spirit/God…whatever word you use. Of finding that spark inside, of having a greater understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

And for those shaking their heads saying “but I have no clue” that’s fine. I hold my hand up to this myself. We all find ourselves at that stage. The trick is to go into it deeper and realise we DO have a clue but for whatever reason we may be blocking the insight, the clarity or the knowledge that we have.

that’s ok – do the work that pops up, help things move on, do the hard going shadow work. It all plays a part. The more you do, the more you reveal. And if you don’t like something that comes up do the needful to change the damn script. This is all within you – start to set it free.

If you need help or guidance you’ll get it once you send a message to the powers that be that you are ready to take that next step. Don’t project your crap onto someone else just to avoid it or to play out a victim role that isn’t actually there, or even to manipulate others. These things ALWAYS bounce back.

Face up to your own crap and sort it. You know on a deeper level exactly what I’m saying or not saying with these words – so get to it.


Start of the week – time to start listening to your gut on things. If you’ve been discounting your discernment and things have been going awry try a different route. Ask yourself from your gut how it feels about things and LISTEN to it instead. You may find a shift when you do.

Mid week – lets start looking at the bigger picture. Of seeing your view expanding rather than contracting. You create your own reality so take control of what you manifest. Play a starring role in your own life rather than a supporting one. rewrite the script you’ve been handed by someone else. Its theirs not yours.

End of the week – do you truly know yourself? Do you want to? Are you hiding or ignoring a part of yourself that keeps coming up? Be brave and face it head on – the more of your work you do the more you begin to understand yourself and how you tick. If you really don’t like an aspect coming up CHANGE it. You have the power to do it.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Energy Oracle Cards – Sandra Anne Taylor

All energy work available bookings will start from Jan 2019

Energy Work book closed till Jan 2019

I’m just back after taking some much needed time away with part of my soul crew this week and I have a few things to put into action. The first of which will be from now till year end I won’t have any available appointments for energy work. The book will reopen from January 2019.

I’m stopping to concentrate on some needed self work. And the work handed to me at halloween which needs my full attention, energy and participation. Rather than the half arsed effort it’s been thus far. It’s big work and requires a bit of respect from yours truly.

So clearing the books it is.

For any that have been booked these will of course be honoured as this is a tad unexpected.

But this is me listening to my OWN advice about self care. About frigging time yes?

I will still be here and sharing as always and I will be continuing the Preloved crystals side of things but they won’t be running the show.


Interesting times

I’ve had my eyes opened to a few things this week:

Seen some surprising masks falling continuing the theme of the year.

Observed some real ego crappolla pop up on social media which I have zero time for. In particular from those who claim not to come from ego doing just that. A fair few double standards it has to be said. A lot to be said for plain speech and not speaking in riddles or thinly veiled drama.

I have some re-prioritisation to do before Winter Solstice (my new year) with self, work , direction etc. And truthfully what better time than now?

Here’s to seeing where the path meanders to next , speaking with my team and making time for the things that need it.

Contact me if you need to

If you have something that simply can’t wait by all means please get in touch.

Dragon Ascension Therapies


All energy work available bookings will start from Jan 2019

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th Nov 2018

3rd time lucky as my tablet ate my homework…twice…..
This is a pretty in your face oracle card spread so it’s going to be a pretty blunt reading from me – buckle up

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Power

Who here has been ignoring, running from or flat out denying their personal power? Of going with the crowd because its easier, of self censoring yourself so not to “upset” someone, of pleasing others, of going with what someone else wants even if you know it’s not right for you?? Pretty sure we all can pop our hands up for this at some stage.

Well enough.

Seriously enough.

This diminishing of self does not serve you in any way – it may serve others but thats their crap not yours.

We are right at the start of the current Mercury retrograde phase – and please do not start with the do’s and don’ts for this as I don’t resonate with these old outdated teachings. Think outside the box and realise that any retrograde season is simply a time to re-asses, re-visit, re-write…basically all the “re’s”. To find what is NOT working and do something about it.

So if you’ve been avoiding your own power I’m sorry folks but that sh*t ain’t going to fly anymore. Now is the time to work WITH the retrograde energies and really look at yourself and what makes you tick.

If its not working it’s time to bin it, to bring in what does work and re-write your script. Ditch old fear programming, others expectations and perceptions. Allow yourself to speak your truth, be heard, be seen, and stand in who you are once more.

You don’t have to scream and shout or cause a drama – it can be done from a calm , balanced standpoint and still have the same far reaching results.

Stop handing your power over to others as it only drains you …in fact check in with your solar plexus and see if it looks a bit flat or has cords in it that aren’t yours. Folk may be siphoning your energy without permission – I’ve had it done too many times to count so know what I’m talking about.

Take your power back, get rid of whatever isn’t working (you’ll know it when you hit on it) and be yourself. Not a puppet or what someone else wants you to be.

Roar if needed.
Just get on with it.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : Faith

And back to faith – of trusting what what happens is mean to . Things always happen for a reason – even of its not palatable at the time, with hindsight we see what was actually going on.

We discount our discernment so often that we forget we have FREE WILL at all times. Most things happen as we made a choice. So rather than playing victim face up to the fact that we create our own reality. If something isn’t panning out the way you want or had planned it probably was never meant to.

Attempting to force something to your will is never going to work. No matter how hard you keep trying. Indeed you may find things start to stagnate if you keep battering against a brick wall.

So start to have a bit of faith or trust in yourself , your abilities, your choices and remember that all things teach us something. Even the holy-crap-what-the f**k- was-I-thinking decisions show us something. If its something you aren’t likely to repeat then great lesson learned.

All it takes is a shift in perspective – to find the other ways of looking at something as it can show you a hell of a lot more than you may realise.

The more you start to trust in your gut, yourself, others and Source the more it ripples outwards.

Go on try it.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Change of Mind

This is a brilliant end to this spread as it adds confirmation to all that has come before. And that is that we have FREE WILL always. We make decisions based on the best information we have to hand at the time.

You are ALLOWED to change your mind as you grow, shift and change.

What was true and right for you before may not be now. So be brave and let go, change your mind or perspective and try something that feels right, fits who your are NOW and be open to it changing again in time.

So many people panic when they read the word change. As change or the unknown can be scary – but it’s inevitable. Theres the saying that the only constant in life is change – and its true.

Learn to work with change rather than attempting to swim against it as you may find yourself moving a bit faster.

So trust your decisions, trust your ability to make an adjustment if needed.


Start of the week – no more pussy footing about. Time to reclaim your power , taking your voice back and letting your truth out. Do it. No more procrastination , it’s not needed. Remove your own self imposed chains and let yourself live.

Mid week – start to trust in yourself, and not a bit , a LOT. Silence or mute the inner critic and know you are doing the absolute best that you can right now. People can have an opinion that’s simply their perspective. Only you are living it right now so have faith in yourself right now. Be brave.

End of the week – we all have free will. And with that comes the ability to change your mind about anything in your life or about yourself when it no longer fits or serves you. Work with the energies and face up to what isn’t working, is there something you can do to change it? Great, the get on and get started. You are allowed to be you and that changes over time and with experience – so go with it.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish

When the spiral turns

We all know that feeling when the spiral turns. Where what was once up is now down. What was down is now up. And having no clue how you got there.

Dark night of the Soul

This is a term you hear again and again. But what does it actually mean?

It’s different for each person and depends wholly on what you go through and come out the other side of.

I’ve had 3 that I know of and can recall in vivid detail.

The last of which was almost exactly 4 years to the day.

For me the dark night of the soul is when everything falls apart at the same time and the feeling of not being able to cope closes in. Or a clusterf*ck of things failing all at the same time. When the spiral turns and you find yourself at the very bottom of it clinging on for dear life. Without a clue or a safety net to help you back up again.

“Why are you bringing this up now?”

Because I am seeing and observing many lovely folks going through there own version of the spiral tipping upside down. It’s hard to observe and not be able to help beyond holding space. But as someone who came through her’s I’d like to explain why just being there for someone is so important.

We aren’t looking for you to fix things we’re just looking for support and a safe space when everything else feels like pure chaos.

Some context

I have spoken of this a fair few times but lets be truly honest and open.
4 years ago I had a complete mental breakdown.
It was messy, it was brutal and it shook my life upside down.

This was my third bout of clinical depression since 2002. And it was the worst by a long shot. It came with full paranoia which does a number on you that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

But I was finally paying attention. I was in a job for 16 years that was making me deeply unhappy and pulling me off course. I was actually following my fathers footsteps. Sounds innocuous doesn’t it? Well no, I had the realisation THIS year the I was following his exact pattern and that if I hand’t stepped out I may not have been here for much longer. I am not overstating this. He passed young, from stress. I broke that pattern well and truly. It wasn’t mine to follow hence why it was making me so ill.

It took my team 3 attempts to get the message across and I know I wouldn’t have been given a 4th if I’d ignored this one.

My life was being pulled in two polar opposite directions and the physical “me” couldn’t cope with the huge gap between them. I had to be forced to make a choice, stay and become ill. Or leave and fix myself.

I took a scary leap of faith and took the latter option.

“Bloody hell!”

I know but I am proof it CAN be done – scary or otherwise.

Without that leap I would have stayed right where I was and who knows what state I would be in now.

But that’s the point I don’t have to wonder or think about it as I changed the script. I reached my rock bottom and while parts are extremely hazy it had to be done.

It took me a good 6 months of rest, daily exercise, remembering to eat and finally starting to sleep again before I emerged from my stupor. Before I started to feel less shaky, less anxious, less paranoid. More myself and able to breathe again.

I started to have all sorts of realisations of what was going on. As it wasn’t JUST the job that was going sideways. I had some people in my life who were the absolute wrong vibration and had to go. I had to cut all ties and work solid for over a year to reverse a whole host of crap out of my system and out of my energies.

But it made me stronger.

I was able to start my own business in 2014 and I’m still here. In a slightly different form to when I tentatively launched myself *wry smile*

It made me able to do what I now do for others. Without that experience I would have no empathy for the people who seek me out or find me.

And I’ve made my peace with that. It took a while but I got here.

And if I can do it ANYONE can.

Here’s the important bit. I had a few people in my life who stepped up.
Who fully supported me through it , who were there when I needed to offload and were there when I needed a boot applied to my arse.

Without them I wouldn’t have gotten so far so fast. They are still very much in my life now and we still support each other.

That list has grown somewhat over 4 years but it’s strong.
I found my tribe and it shifts as I do. And I’m cool with that.

I am now in a position where I can be that person for others. To hold safe protected space to let them be honest with themselves. To fall apart if need be and know I have their back with zero judgement. I have no possible way of understanding exactly what they are going through only that they are.

For me to be empathetic but not take their stuff on for them as it serves no-one to do that. Holding space does not mean absorbing others issues, pain, challenges or lessons. We do our own work in our own way. Give people the space and respect to do so.

Work in Progress

I’m still doing my work. Working with my shadow aspect and having realisations all over the place. I am a work in progress and always will be as I learn and remember aspects of who I am and who I will become.

That’s the trick right there. When you find yourself at the bottom of that spiral it can shake everything apart.
It’s your job to put yourself back together – possibly in a completely different pattern.

I am a radically different person to who I was 4 years ago. And it’s a bloody good thing as I was a shell, a whisper of myself.

Now I’m standing fully in who I am , what I work with and what I do. And I have a feeling I always will be.
I am becoming who I was meant to be before I got sidelined by various circumstances and choices made via free will along the way.

The spiral always turns back up again

Remember this. It’s important.

Your spiral WILL turn back up again that’s the beauty of a spiral.

And while yours rights itself the next persons may dip down. Be there for them.

You have no idea until you’ve been through it just how important that support is or becomes. Or how you then pass it forwards.

It’s a beautiful thing when you look back on it.

11:11 portal grid

Unusually I’ve been given a nudge to share what is a deeply personal grid that was built last night for the 11:11 portal. Candles have intuitively been added this morning and lit to help hold the space and bring forward the work.

This grid will be up between now and winter solstice. It will shift and change as I shift and change, the work shifts and changes, and the energies shift and change in that time.

What you see here today will be very different come the 20th Dec. And part of me sharing is to mark the progress made in that time as I don’t always do that.

“What’s it for?”

This grid represents my own personal intentions and work , the ancestral work I have been presented with. But also the Collective energies and work that I am asked to step into.

To work on/with one works with All.

Release for self will release along family lines and for the Collective at the same time.

Clearing for the Collective, will allow you to clear and to help clear the family lines backwards and forwards in time.

Honouring those who have gone before also honours those here now and those yet to be.

11:11 Grid picture 2




We are all interconnected and at times this is forgotten.

There is no judgement with that purely observation.

There is not harm or fault on working with the Collective if that is how you are so guided – as I am. If you prefer or are guided to detach then trust your guidance and use your discernment.

We all have different roles and paths but they blend together to create the whole.

So much is being shown to me through this work – parts I may share. Others I won’t but know that whatever I share will be for a reason.


Armistice minder for the fallen

White rose that bloomed for Armistice













The poppy at the front of the central sphere is a marker for today (Armistice/Remembrance Sunday) but will stay as part of the spirit of the grid itself.

The candles used are specific as they hold channelled energies. For those interested they are Awaken:


If you’d like to know where to get them and a whole host more get in touch and I’ll give you the Facebook link.

Much love

A filtered picture of the 11:11 Grid

Oracle card reading 12th – 18th Nov 2018

Oracle card reading for 12th – 18th Nov 2018

Mon 12th – Tue 13th : Renewal

A reminder that life is a spiral not a flat line.

This card actually reminds me of a fern opening up as it grows to reveal the beauty and form held in that tight spiral growth. And as the wheel turns the fern starts to grow older, slow down and eventually turn into another form.

It’s time to realise/admit you have had all sorts of changes, challenges, shifts going on and they can take a bit of time to integrate – indeed we had a similar message for the previous week. It’s still ongoing folks – and may take you a bit longer than anticipated to adjust to the newer energies (raises own damn hand to that one)

So take time – it won’t happen overnight for most, for some it just might.

If you’ve let things go or spotted where some things are no longer working now is the time for healing, or repair and rebuilding – either from scratch or fixing what’s there. Only you will know which is right for you. Either way it’s time.

Let things rearrange, re-knit, change form, morph into something else and give it and you space to do so. It might not be the smoothest of rides but it IS needed.

Wed 14th – Thur 15th : Mermaid in a Koi pond

This to me is all about a blossoming into self.
Into who you are and standing in your power.

You are unique and rather than hide what makes you tick perhaps its time to let some of it come out. This is you reclaiming your power, your voice, your choice. In essence reclaiming yourself.
Taking yourself back from those who would have you be someone else to fit their perspective and wishes, rather than who you are at this point.

This is simply a reflection of THEIR perspective not yours. Again it’s not always easy shaking off the shackles – self imposed or otherwise as we all do to some extent silence ourselves to fit in or be someone else.

It’s ok to be you. Truly.

Shake off others energy, expectation and assumptions – feel that weight coming off our shoulders and take a moment to remember who you are and what makes you happy.

This message will keep repeating till you make a conscious choice to change the status quo.

Fri 16th – Sun 18th : Angel of Strength

Following on from the previous card very nicely – you have more strength in you than you realise and you can make changes even if they thought makes you shake or raises your anxiety. Take it from someone who had to make a radical life change to break a repeating cycle and is still here 4 years later a happier, more balanced , self empowered person.

If I can do it trust me you can too – whatever the massive wall is that you feel you have to scale.

The lion in this card leap out at me as it’s a recurring theme – linked to what I’m working with and where I’m about to go in the ancestral side – theres a lion on my clan crest. But it’s also a link to fire energy – to creating change, new direction and really shredding away the crap.

You can work with that fire energy that comes through – of transmuting what’s to go, of standing firmly in who you are and the choices YOU feel are needed to be made. Again listen to yourself not others who would have you stay as you are for their benefit.

To speak your truth clearly without fear again even if it makes you shake you have the strength and the support to do it. The support may well be from a direction you would never have considered – but take it when offered if it feels right.

You can and will do this.


Start of the week – take some time for you right now. You’re still integrating the changes and shifts that have happened recently. Let things settle first and see where you find yourself before leaping into any form of action.

Mid week – a reminder that you are who you are not who someone wants or wishes you to be to suit them. Shake off others expectations and be you instead. Be your own unique magnificent weirdo – you may be an inspiration to others. Don’t stagnate in someone elses pond.

End of the week – you have deep inner strength that you can pull on when needed. Even if you don’t believe me give it a try you will surprise yourself. It’s time to speak and stand in your truth and own it.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Energy Oracle cards – Sandra Anne Taylor