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cards pulled for 27th September to 3rd October 2021

Oracle card reading 27th Sep – 3rd Oct ’21

cards pulled for 27th September to 3rd October 2021

Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Feline

As we hit the last Mercury retrograde of 2021 it’s time to remind folk that it’s not a BAD thing. It’s a good time to re-assess, review, renew, reflect …all the re’s. Not a time to panic or hide away.
Mercury retro gets made into a scape-goat for things going wrong or going awry, despite these things happening year round. Take a moment and ask yourself what the retrograde label brings up in you – if it brings up naff all that’s perfect by the way. Question what (if anything) pops up.
Take responsibility for your actions, reactions, beliefs and energy. When you do things begin to fall into place. You start to see through your own BS and you can take steps into sorting it all out.
Why am I mentioning this with this card? Because the feline energy is very independent, curious and observational. Being responsible for yourself IS about being independent.
It can seem big and scary if you haven’t done it before – but honestly you will thank yourself for it. You find the ability to separate out what’s yours and what’s not.
Take some time to step back and take stock of what’s going on in and around your life. What can you control and what’s outside of your control. Focus where you can make changes and shifts and then take steps to do so.
If you’ve been overdoing things recently and feel a bit burnt out then take some down time. Be like a cat and nap to conserve energy and save it up for when a burst of energy is needed.
(Those of you who connect with dragon energy also pay attention to cat energy popping up as they are interlinked in many ways. )
Stay curious, ask questions of yourself and others, be watchful of your surroundings and tune things out when it’s all been a bit too much.

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Balance

Perfect card this as this is what we all working towards. Balance in all things.
Not always easy but it can be done. The first step may be to look at where things are out of balance in your life.
Has work taken over, are you placing someones needs before your own (note I don’t mean children in this ), have you forgotten how to relax, are you relaxing too much?
What can you do to tweak this. It might be very simple small things – but do them. See how you feel when you make these small changes. Either getting more head room, the ability to breathe or simply letting the stress drop a fraction.
You start to see and feel the benefits. Then you start to make more changes to allow all things in your life to find a natural , workable balance once again.
Try not to beat yourself out if you find it slipping. You’re still human and have to deal with life. Just know when you have experienced balance once, you can absolutely experience it again.
For some others you may be a way-shower for others in how to streamline, consolidate and manage your time and energy in a way that works best for you. And while the exact format may not be right for them it may help nudge them towards what is perfect in their life.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Footprints

The mark you leave behind you – or legacy if that word resonates more deeply for you.
We all come into this world seeking to do good things and leave it a better place than we found it. Continue striving towards that goal. Even if those around you seem to be doing the opposite.
Taking the stance of “oh but I can’t make a difference just by myself’ achieves nothing. Do it anyway. You can never know the impact this has as people observe and get inspired to do something themselves.
It’s a cumulative effect folks and many people overlook that.
And yes while some footprints in the sand get gently washed away by the sea, others stay put. Think of dinosaur footprints, or a cats paw-print in freshly laid concrete to get a sense of what I am saying here.
Do what you are here to do and that effect will be felt in time. Guide and teach others to do the same.

Extra for the week : Seek counsel of crystals

extra card drawn for 27th September to 3rd October

Love this card as when I pulled it I was reminded that it’s time to reconnect with my own crystal team. Given we’ve moved into a new season it’s time to see if any are ready to do new work or move where they are right now.
Not everyone works directly with crystals but they are in our everyday life. Powering technology and more. But to many it’s seen as odd or “woo woo” p.s. I’m not a fan of that phrase.
In truth we have been working with crystals for a long, long, long time. References through out history can be found.
They are a direct connection to the natural world and the planet we live on. If you don’t work with them or are not drawn to them this card can be seen as a marker to reconnect with nature. To allow the earth to teach and to guide you. To listen to the wisdom all around you.
For some others it may be time to be honest with yourself and recognise that there are others ways of being. Not simply the “norm” you have been handed and taught by society.
All are valid and all have unique riches to impart. Which one(s) call to you?
If you have always wanted to try a card reading, reiki, crystal healing and more then give them a go. The right facilitator may pop up like magic as soon as you put the intent out there.
(Noting again the dragon reference on this card artwork – those who work with this energy that’s twice in one reading. I read this as people embracing their autonomy and self empowerment. You may be here to help facilitate this, or help support this process.)

Decks used:

Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance
Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of cards drawn for 20th to 26th September 2021

Oracle card reading 20th – 26th Sept 2021

photo of cards drawn for 20th to 26th September 2021

Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Hope

Quite an apt card all round. For those who feel helpless or hopeless and for those who want to create something different or new.
Keep hope alive within you. See it as a spark that shows up on the darkest of days. That can be used to kindle your fire and creativity when it’s most needed.
We live is a very topsy turvy world right now and for many it can be very difficult to see a clear way through. Hold strong to your hopes for now and the future. Put things in motion to bring them into being.
If you don’t like whats going on around you right now what can you do to change things. Think way, way, outside the box if you have to. But trust in yourself, your vision and your hope (or faith is that resonates more).
All is not lost and while the things that you cannot control play out around you it’s up to you where you place your attention, your focus and your energy.
Choose wisely and choose from the heart.
Not from fear.
For those who have a clear view and are setting things in motion, have endless compassion for those around you. Even if you don’t agree with them or don’t have the same perspective. Remember all experiences ARE valid.
Be a way-shower and strip away any pretence. Keep walking your talk. And if you haven’t started now is as good a time as any.
Guide by example.

Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd: The lovers at the feast

Now this card falls over Autumn (Northern hemisphere) or Spring (Southern hemisphere) equinox…..and I believe a full moon. This for me is a point of reflection.
Where I am it’s Autumnal equinox and the bounty of the harvest. This card is specifically looking at what you feed yourself.
Are you aware of what you ingest/take in across all levels? Be it food, information, ideas and more.
Do you take stock and sense check that it is the correct thing for you? The old adage of “rubbish in, rubbish out” is one to look at.
In terms of the food you eat are you paying attention to what your body wants? Are you eating what will fuel you or what will cause you stagnation or inflammation? Really look at it.
Food can heal but it can also harm if taken in excess, abused, overly processed and more. If not sure where to start you can try a food diary. Simply noting down what you ingest in a day. Can you spot a pattern happening. Are there areas you can work on or improve?
With this equinox you can set an intent to look at your fuel (not just food) and assess your needs. Making changes as needed. You 100% have free will – do what is right but if you have been silencing or over-ruling your body you may have to re-asses at a later stage. As it may come back to bite you.
Work with the seasons, observe natural time and where possible let Gaia guide you.

Fri 24th – Sun 26th : Becoming Braver

This card is all about growth. Of having the ability and courage to change your mind or your view based on new experience or information.
To realise all that you have worked through, all the challenges and trials and you are still here. Taking what you have learned and experienced and growing from them.
It can be a knock to your confidence when working through challenges and obstacles. They can at times feel never ending. But you have shown resilience and strength.
Pull from this as you progress. Know you can (and already have) weathered some of the worst storms possible and come out the other side.
Take a moment to look how far you have come despite having been pushed to your very limit. And have the strength to keep questioning, to challenge and to investigate when something feels a bit off.
Continue to be brave.

Extra for the full week : The golden phoenix

extra card for the week 20th to 26th September 2021

A quick heads up that you may find a few things with the potential to flare back up. Mainly things you have presumed were done and dusted.
It may be that an aspect of it was hidden and can now be dealt with. Or it’s simply an echo or test to see if you change your automatic reaction.
Whatever it is let it come up. The phoenix cycle for me is about the end of one thing and the start of something new. Work with it.
You are more than capable of dealing with it. Whatever it is.
If this is something at a global level (and lets face it that seems to be a daily occurrence) KNOW you are far from alone. Many others see and feel what you do. You may even find yourself in touch with them in some way. Embrace the feeling and reality of community and connection.
For some others it may be something coming back in as it’s NOW the right time. If it feels right then carry on, if it feels off a bit then wait , assess and look before you jump in feet first.

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the ShapeShifters
all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for the oracle reading 13th to 19th September 2021

Oracle card reading 13th – 19th Sept 2021

cards drawn for the oracle reading 13th to 19th September 2021

Mon 13th – Tue 14th : New Direction

How many of you feel as if you are stuck in a cycle, keep repeating a pattern or just feel something isn’t quite as it should be?
Ok so what are you going to change in order to break free of where you find yourself.
In order to change you have to be willing to MAKE a change.
Go inwards with this one and ask yourself when a patterns comes up – why is this? What are you facilitating each time you allow it to cycle? Change can happen but you have to be open to it and prepared to take the first step.
Claim responsibility for yourself as the solution won’t be handed to you on a platter.
If you are routinely blocking or self sabotaging it’s time to delve into why this is. To look at what you are anxious or fearful about head on. And then ask what you can do to break, change or shift the pattern/cycle. Some of it will be not so pretty, some might be a hard slog and some may take a moment or two and its gone.
But it’s work you need to do for yourself. Yes people can help you pinpoint it, give the tools needed or dial into the finer detail but they can’t fix it for you. You’ll know this if the pattern keeps repeating despite having gone to various people to fix it. At a level YOU need to move it on.
Sometimes a change in direction is simply trying another way. If what you keep repeating isn’t working now, it’s highly unlikely to work tomorrow. Try a different angle or direction and it may give you insight that’s not been visible before.
Follow the spiral and see where it leads.

Wed 15th – Thur 16th : Ohm

After the deep dive into your own energy, thoughts, behaviours and more it may be a good time to pause.
To take stock.
Integrate and re-charge.
This card represents Ohm which may be the physical sound made with the mantra or a nod towards slowing down &/or meditation.
Taking time and space for yourself.
It may be for some a time to re-connect with your voice and your truth. Even if just with yourself at this stage. Get comfortable with having your own voice, story and truth. As when you become comfortable with it then becomes possible to share it.
This can be a massive step. Typed by one who understands that only too well.
Give yourself time, give yourself compassion. If baby steps are all you can manage remember it’s still forwards movement. The bigger steps will come later when you feel less wobbly.
If you are able to use mantras, singing or sound tools then go ahead. It may be a creative way in which to unlock this area. I for one cannot (and I understand why) but it may be perfect for you.
As I’m typing I’m being shown lapis linked with the colour of this card. I’ll let you (and myself) sit with this.

Fri 17th – Sun 19th : Illuminate

Can you see all the colour inside this image? It’s not all blue. There are finer strings and threads of colour when you start to look a little deeper.
The full spectrum. The shape on the card may be relevant to some of you.
This is a nod to let your light shine – or bring light to a situation.
The greater the level of light the more is seen, revealed and unhidden. This can be a double edged sword. Be prepared for this.
We may find or expose aspects of ourself that we are deeply uncomfortable with. If this happens see it as an opportunity to shift, to change.
It can of course reveal aspects of ourselves we didn’t know we had but are absolutely the right thing for right now and is a huge relief.
You may reveal aspects of a situation you were perhaps not aware of or had been hidden from view. This can cause people and situations to spiral. Let that happen. Sometimes things are required to fall apart before something new can be built in it’s place.
Be authentic. It shines through every time. Also takes up a lot less energy to just be yourself.
If you get a bit shaken up with what you find or see then take some time to do as guided mid-week. Give yourself time and space to integrate and process. You may start to see things from a different perspective that explains things more fully for you.
extra card drawn for the week

Extra for the week : Heed wise Counsel

A good strong card this one. And it’s a reminder that if you get good advice be open to taking it.
It’s very easy to ask for advice on something and then completely ignore it. If you ask you have to listen at the same time. Otherwise what is the point in asking in the first place?
Guidance can appear in unexpected ways so if possible pay attention to the finer details.
If guided to research, study or dig a little deeper then go with it. Particularly if related to the deeper self work popping up this week.
And for some others it may be that you give advice or a different take on things for someone else. If thats the case then listen to what you say as it may apply to you as well.
Finally for some reason the word counsel is giving me a nod to legal framework and language. If doing anything that involves contracts, legal issues etc then make sure you get advice first. I wouldn’t typically say this but that’s what I’m being shown .

Decks used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards pulled for weekly reading 6th to 12th September 2021

Oracle card reading 6th -12th Sept 2021

cards pulled for weekly reading 6th to 12th September 2021

Mon 6th – Tue 7th: Threshold

Now I find this an interesting card to show up here as it falls over New Moon. In the uk where I am it’s exact at 1:51am on Tuesday.
And for me new moon is the perfect time for clearing away what no longer resonates, what has past its’s best or what is ready to move on. Making space for the new.
However you can feel anxious or wobbly when you get close to a transition from the old to the new. And you may not even be aware of what the change is – only that you can feel something coming.
If you are able to let the butterflies that you can feel in your stomach be released they may lead you somewhere that makes more sense. Trust and let them out.
If you get stuck be thankful for all that has brought you to this point. See the value in it all – the good, the not so good and the downright ugly. They all served their parts. That thankfulness and gratitude may help to shift the vibration that you can take a step into the new.

Wed 8th – Thur 9th: Painting the roses red

Ok this one I nearly put back into the deck but lets stick with it. This is a reference in the story to the white roses being painted red to cover up the “wrong” ones had been planted by mistake.
We have all been there when we’ve made a mistake we try to cover up, hide, blame someone else or run away from. And often times the guilt and worry it causes massively exceeds what would have happened if we’d said at the time.
What are you attempting to cover up/conceal right now? Is it something that actually would be better dealt with head on? Can it be fixed?
Only you can answer that.
it may even be something that happened in your past is being flushed up to the surface. You have a choice to either stuff it back down again or deal wit it. The latter is you taking responsibility for yourself. the former, well it will come back again so be aware of that.
If you are aware of others trying to erase their mistakes cut them some slack. Unless you have been in their position you can’t know how they feel, or what the fear will happen. Support where you can.
Another thread to this one is if you are around someone who kicks off for the even the smallest of things not being “right” – be it in a work, family or relationship environment. You way wish to question if this is right for you anymore.
And at a global level – well.
Lets just say plenty is being brought to light on a daily basis. You have to use your own discernment as to which resonate for you and what you can do about it at a personal or collective level.
The truth will out.

Fri 10th – Sun 12th : Phrenology – Certainty

Carrying on the theme it’s time to shut down the distractions and internal dialogue.
If (and I include myself in this one) you find yourself aimlessly scrolling on social media without really connecting again and again and again – what are you distracting yourself from? Who’s voice are you allowing in your head rather than your own.
It’s time to dial it back and reconnect with yourself again.
To hear your own voice, your own guidance and detox from all the bs and projections you may be picking up along the way and claiming as yours.
Instead dig a bit deeper.
Use that brain of yours. Give it something to do for a change.
Be old fashioned and investigate things before you commit to them. The long forgotten (well it seems that way) skills of logic and common sense can give you the stability you need right now. So use them.
You may shock yourself and those around you but by god you’ll be in a place where you know what you are talking about.
If you need expert advice you’ll find it.
Use your head.

Extra for the week – The Time Guardian

extra card for the week 6th to 12th September 2021

This card popped up not too many weeks back. But many (myself especially) need a reminder that you can make time. Rather than stressing about all the things you need to do try prioritising them instead.
What NEEDS to be done right now?
Are there tasks/things can wait a little longer?
What isn’t actually time dependant and can be done later?
It starts to calm down and not pile on top of you all at once when you can put it into context.
If you have the urge to do all the things at the same time – question why this is. Who’s driving that urge. If it’s not you then who’s expectations are you feeling? And why are you letting them?
Make sure and take time for yourself. It’s all too easy to forget to prioritise ourselves. Take a walk to clear your head, take a cuppa outside, watch the sunset or sunrise, listen to the birds. that moment you take for yourself may be the most beneficial of your day.

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
the three cards drawn for 30th August to 5th September

Oracle card reading 30th August – 5th Sept 2021

the three cards drawn for 30th August to 5th September

Mon 30th – Tue 31st : Change is natural

Ok the change we are looking at here is change YOU have made. In clearing out the old, the outdated, the no longer needed you made space for the new.
This is the new coming in or being integrated.
Do your best not to slam on the breaks and stop the process. It’s what you have been working towards, don’t forget that important bit.
Yes change can be painful, complicated or hard. But it’s a constant in life. Without change things would stagnate.
I hate to say it but for some it will be a case of suck it up buttercup. Tough love but needed, harsh as it may sound or feel.
And for those who haven’t made the change(s) you KNOW is/are needed. You may be in line to get a grand old kick in the arse for you to see it very, very clearly. If you do, pay attention. You may not get this reminder again.
Some others will see this for the positive change that it is. If it creates more work, so be it, you’ll sort it.
And for some others you will see it as a transition period. As one thing end another starts in it’s place. That old phoenix cycle and energy making it’s presence known.
You may have to step outside your comfort zone. But it’ll pass quickly. As will any fears or anxiety that kick up.
You may have new ideas, thoughts, challenges or people popping up. And without the changes you made there wouldn’t be room for them.
Keep going.

Mon 1st – Tue 2nd : Worthy

I know for some the word of the card alone will be a challenge and may trigger some specific emotions. So lets break it down.
It really is time to understand your own worth. Not compared to some made up checklist but at a gut level.
Can you see your own worth/value?
What you bring to the table?
The talents and gifts you have that you share?
Not working or can’t see it?
Let’s try another angle (laughing as I type as the word kept changing to angel). If you met someone exactly like you in all ways would you see their worth. Could you see their value, their light and their gifts?
Of course you could.
Shine that compassion inwards. See this in YOURSELF.
A shift in perspective can give you a whole new view of things that may be just out of vision.
Another thread to this card is to have compassion for others. We are all doing the best we can at any given second. And unless you are in the exact same position with all the exact same parameters you have absolutely no idea what they are going through. And vice versa.
Everyone has worth and purpose.
It’s time we see it fully.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Clarity

A curious card as on the surface you may be anticipating a time of connecting with nature and being outdoors.
And while yes that is 100% always a brilliant idea which I highly encourage. It’s not what’s coming up.
This is a time to look inwards. To question the path you find yourself on and if it’s right for you or not.
Not what others say is right for you, they can only say what is right for them. (see my comments for the middle of the week) But to truly listen to your own inner guidance.
To trust that gut and discernment of yours and ask the big questions.
Where others appear to have a vested interest in your actions, words or more – ask is this right for you or not. If not then a gentle detach may be in order. Or drawing up of fresh boundaries.
Take some time to be independent and free from others for a while. How does it sit with you? Is it a comfortable feeling or even a sense of relief to have some space?
This is the clarity the card speaks of. That sense of knowing and feeling what is right for you and what is not. And following your own guidance.
This can allow you to slowly unfurl like a fern in the sunlight.
extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Frequency Shift

Now this card will mean different things to different people.
For some it may be a heads-up that you’re about to go through a shift. And all the preparatory work leading up to this will suddenly make sense. Clearing the way for what is about to come in or change in a bigger way.
For some others this may help to explain some of things you have been sensing or feeling in recent days. Especially if things feel like they have been slowing or shutting down.
It’s just the transition period we spoke of earlier.
It’s going to happen so allow it as smoothly as you can.
Things will start back up again.
If you need a break from your self work, social media, electronic devices, people – or whatever you feel overwhelmed by. Then take a break.
Chat to your body, come back into the present. Do what feels the best thing for you right now.
When the energy shifts again you can go back to what you temporarily stepped away from.
And for a hand full of others this is a reminder that you’ve come out the other side of a recent shift.
Take time to let it integrate before trying to run at a million miles an hour again. Take it from one who has over done it themselves. It’s not a fun thing to do.


Start of the week – change is the one constant in life. Allow it to be. The space you’ve made with your self work, or physical surroundings make space for the new. Honour what presents itself. Allow the nerves or anxiety to settle and see the change for the positive step it is. For a few others it’s kick in the arse time. To get a final confirmation of what you KNOW needs to change. Get to it.
Mid week – time to see your worth and your value. Not always an easy thing to do and many will shy away from this. Treat yourself gently and realise if you met someone exactly like yourself you would see their worth immediately. Swing that round and accept you have value. Compassion folks, its very much needed.
End of the week – time to go inwards for a bit and ask if the path you are on is still the right one for you. Only you can answer that one. Take some time to yourself if needed.
Extra heads-up for the week – you may be completing, starting or going through a shift. This can slow things down almost to a standstill. Know it will start up again when the energy is right. You’ll feel it. If in doubt have a conversation or two with your body and listen to what it has to share with you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Dragon Fae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
the three cards picked for oracle card reading 23rd to 29th August 2021

Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th Aug 2021

As with last week I’m going to (try) and keep this concise and allowing you to read into the cards direct.


the three cards picked for oracle card reading 23rd to 29th August 2021

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : The Time Guardian

A good card and a reminder that you can make time for whatever you need to make time for. Time is a human construct. Therefore you can speed up or slow down what you need to.

For me this speaks more about prioritising. Of deciding what is the most important things/tasks in your life right now. Focussing on them first and then allowing the rest to flow.

If you’ve been jumping from task to task, or area to area you may feel like a spinning top. It’s time (pardon the pun) to stop to look at what you are doing. To decide what is important, what can wait, and what has no importance what-so-ever.

When you do this you start to gain clarity and a sense of relief as your day begins to free itself up again.

When you do this don’t forget YOURSELF as a priority.


Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Angelic Being/Personal Guardian

I’m reading this one a little different from what the author of the oracle deck wrote. For me this is a reminder that you have guides and guardians around you.

Have you connected with them recently?
Do they still feel the right fit for you?
Does anything about them feel odd or off?
Have they been trying to get your attention and you’ve been ignoring them?

Trust your gut – sometimes we can connect to things that we THINK are one thing but can turn out to be something else.

Sense check what’s around you. It may be that everything is 100% as it should be. Which is perfect. Checking every now and again doesn’t hurt. And can be good practice.

If things aren’t as they should be spend some time stepping back and questioning. You may have new guides coming in but again sense check them first.

If all is as it should be have a chat with them, ask them for support, help or guidance. That’s what they are there for , but we can sometimes forget to ask.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th: Creativity and flow

Fab card that on the surface can feel dark and depressing. It’s the polar opposite in all honesty.

For me this is all about the creative flow. Being in it, working with it and allowing things to expand to see where they lead.

It may be through a short “ah ha!” moment or something you have been searching into for a while

However that creativity wishes to flow let it.
Get out of your own way.

If you have a book to write then start with the very first word, create that piece of jewellery, pick up the pen, open that tube of paint. Whatever it is or whatever you have had a yearning for perhaps now is the time…..


Oversight for the week : Music

extra card pulled for the week 23rd to 19th August


A beautiful card and a reminder that music can help. It’s pure vibration that can lift you up, energise or soothe the savage beast.

Work with what resonates.

If opera is your thing great, if heavy metal floats your boat then carry on, if jazz helps you declutter your mind then go for it.

Whatever works for you add it in this week.

I when working will work with specific Solfeggio frequencies as they help me to focus.

For others it may be bird song (which is VERY important – just a hint), the sound of the wind and rain, the ocean. Or some part of Mother Natures symphony that works for you.

It may even for some be a nudge to play or create music . whatever it happens to be go with it.



Again this week I am leaving the summary to you. To feel into the cards and pick up on what they mean to you direct.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

slight change to appointment availability for a short while

Appointments late afternoon/evening only for a while

slight change to appointment availability for a short while

A slight change in plan and shift in priority for yours truly for the next short time.

All on-line/distance appointments with me will be later afternoon and evenings only. This will include weekends.
I’m keeping mornings and afternoons free as a “just in case” for reasons which I won’t go into. Lets just say life happens and when it does you have to streamline and make some adjustments. I and my immediate family are fine so please don’t go into a space of worry or concern. It’s not required

Short term change

This isn’t permanent.
It’s just for now.
So I can allow things to be what they need to be, but still able to help others along the way.

Booking is available

As always please check the booking system first when looking for time with me and if the dates available don’t suit please get in touch to see if I have availability. I am keen to keep access to me open and flowing.
For the booking system please click here 
I will be sense checking the booking system very shortly and updating current slots and possibly adding some extra ones in.
Those in the Arse Kick membership will still have access to me as planned – no change there.
Thanks for your patience with this.
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three main cards drawn for 16th to 22nd August 2021

Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd Aug 2021

photo of the three main cards drawn for 16th to 22nd August 2021
I’m going to keep my translation short and sweet this week – not my typical ramblings *wry smile*

Mon 16th – Tue 17th : Mermaid in a koi pond

A card that pops up semi-regularly on these readings. And it’s a nod to a few that it’s time to step back into being YOU.
It may be that over time you have taken on others ideas, beliefs and truths as your own. And it has dulled your own energy. To the point you may feel tired, fed up or even thinking “what’s the point”.
It’s time to strip out others energies and rediscover who you ACTUALLY are, not who you think you are or who you’ve been told you are. But the person you are at the core of your being.
Your energy has outgrown the space you’ve placed it in. It may be time to dissolve that box and find fresh energy, direction or pathways.
To transition from the Koi into the Dragon.
Essentially to be YOU and embrace the shift.
Take some time to clear out and dig deep within to find that buried treasure that is YOU

Wed 18th – Thur 19th : Fire – Spontaneity

I laughed when this card popped out as I did something very off the cuff this week and the fruits of this will be on Thursday – it all ties in.
While we still have some very heavy arse energies kicking about this week there is still an opportunity to grab hold of the creativity that fire energy can gift us.
It can take a set of balls though, or even a “sod it” moment.
This is about being you, saying “stuff the shackles!!”, speaking up or doing something just a bit different. Or something that pushes your safety zone a little bit.
Now I wouldn’t suggest HUGE changes this week – not in these energies. But smaller things are very much possible – IF THEY FEEL RIGHT. Or even setting a ball rolling for when the energies are more settled for you.
Use your discernment and do what feels right for you.
Not what others tell you is right for you. As let’s face it unless they are in your exact shoes, with the exact same set of circumstances, they haven’t a clue.
And vice versa.
If you aren’t in the others persons shoes what exactly are you trying to project?
We want to harness the creativity that fire can bring, not the destruction.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd : Wake up!

Fab card this one and jam packed with colour and life. Which is kind of the point.
It’s time to be very much present in your own body and in your own life. Take control of your own destiny and path. Realise the decisions you make are YOURS to make. Even if they feel the “wrong” ones later take responsibility for the decision.
You can interpret the message that’s on the card in any way which resonates for you. And honestly I would prefer that you do 
But for me this is about authenticity, integrity and being yourself. And if you aren’t it might be time to question the reason(s) for this. What can you change that makes the task of being yourself a little easier?
Baby steps are STILL forward motion.
Take notice of what is happen to and around you and take pleasure in what you can see. The sheer number of flowers on the card suggests this time is a gift.

extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Confidence

Love this. As you can see I’m picking up the possibilities of a very empowering week, but it’s your choice and free will if you see/feel the same.
The possibility is very much there. Even through the heavy energies and perceived chaos/distraction.
Have faith in your own abilities, decisions and choices. It’s time to have confidence in yourself.
You are (more than) enough and when you start to believe it and feel it, change happens.


Over to you this week. See what pops up direct when you look at each card in sequence. I have faith you can read them just as well as anyone else can

Decks used :

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards drawn for 9th to 15th August 2021

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th August 2021

photo of the three cards drawn for 9th to 15th August 2021

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : You are independent and free

This is a card that pops up semi-frequently for these readings. Typically when some are getting a gentle or not so gentle nudge that they are more capable and self-sufficient than they believe.
This is a time to go back to basics – or even to inwards for a while. To assess where you are right now. This is very much sitting with the energies of Sunday with New Moon and the Lions Gate portal.
Take time for yourself.
If it helps you may wish to take a look at back at where you have come from to where you find yourself now. Acknowledge all that has brought you to this point. Hard lessons they may have been but you have come through them. Try not to wallow.
Realise you CAN depend on yourself.
You CAN look after yourself
You have all the tools and more
And know that when you need a bit of help or support you CAN ask for it without seeming “weak”. It’s actually a show of strength to be able to do that .
For some others you may be looking for a break from everyone around you. By all means take a break. Switch off from the over stimulation and let your body guide you. Find yourself underneath all the “noise”.
Take a deep breath and flow into your own space once more.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : You are a peaceful being

Flowing nicely into mid-week we have a reminder that at heart we are all seeking peace. And that being peaceful is not weak but balanced.
Again some may wish a bit of time out to come back into balance. To switch off the other voices, beliefs, world views, vibration etc that may be projected onto you or trying to overwhelm your own stance.
Taking some time and energy to slough off what is not your own voice and gently dissolve it out. Allow your own voice and guidance to come to the fore-front of your awareness.
You have the ability to voice your truth without yelling it. To understand we all have differences and accepting them as they are. Without the need to analyse, justify or qualify. The world has had more than enough of that energy recently.
Instead walk your talk, be yourself and shine a light to others that they can do their own thing in a balanced, calm manner. If that feels right for them.
Being peaceful ripples out faster than being aggressive.
Sit with that statement and see how it feels for you.

Fri 11th – Sun 15th : Believe

love this card!
Now I am reading this as all the work you have done to make space for the new is now paying off. As the new is inbound!
Be it new ideas, new people, random opportunities and more. They are starting to flow in – if you are open to them that is.
When you are closed to the possibility even if placed at your feet you won’t be able to “see” it for what it is. And you may discount it as being too out there or “weird” or just too different to what you are comfortable with.
When you are open to the possibility you may find some confirmations making their way to you in unexpected ways.
You can choose if open or closed.
Free will and all that.

Extra for the full week : Violet Flame

Extra card drawn for the week 9th to 15th August 2021

Now this card will mean different things to different people.
For me it’s telling me that if help is need to clear and dissolve out what’s not mine then I need only ask.
For others you will know instinctively what this means.
Go with what this term or phrase means to you direct without my interpretation 🙂


A little different this week as I will ask you to look at each card and see what you pick up direct. As it will either be something in the image, the words of the card or your own intuitive knowledge.
You more than have the skills – put them to use.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapshifters
Oracle of the DragonFae
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – all by Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
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