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photo of 3 cards pulled for the oracle reading 25th to 31st May 2020

Oracle card reading 25th – 31st May 2020

photo of 3 cards pulled for the oracle reading 25th to 31st May 2020


Oracle card reading 25th – 31st May 2020

Mon 25th – Tue 26th : Cosmos of the heart

So we are back to 3 cards this week and already I can see the theme running through.

At the start of the week it’s time for a bit of self work. And by bit I of course mean deep. To really look at what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what makes you irritable. To see what if anything you can now let go of.

Creating space for growth and expansion as you shift and transform.

It’s quite a journey when you do look inwards and can at points be a bit trippy. But remember the hard work is worth it. As the more you do the more you remember/realise/learn who you truly are.

Not the person you play or pretend to be to fit in/meet expectations/avoid the deep self work. But who you are when all the masks are peeled off. Look at that person inn the mirror and connect in – you may have some deep realisations.

You may find some objecting to what you start to uncover or finding new ways of being which resonate. Remember this – it’s YOUR life not theirs. Let them make their owns choices but do your best not to allow them to influence yours. Free will and all that …….

Fitting in isn’t all its cracked up to be and can cause you to splinter, become ill or even a shadow of yourself. Life your life the way that makes sense to you at a core level.

If the changes you make feel right, then for you they are right. They may not be for everyone.

Let’s be brutally honest here – sod it. Do what you know is the best thing for you right now.

Wed 27th – Thur 28th : Nectar of Life

Can you see where this is steering?

The sweetness of life – the pay off or harvest for what you have planted, tended and nurtured. This is all about abundance – in all its forms.

Be grateful and thankful for what you have, where you find yourself, and what you have experienced to be right where you are. That gratitude ripples outwards and attracts more towards you. Be open to it. This is a time of rapid manifestation – believe it or not! So be very clear on your intentions.

It may also be for some a reminder to slow down a touch, appreciate the smaller details and stop and smell the roses. To BE rather than be DOING all the time. Take time out to do what makes you happy or makes you feel more like yourself. Especially where we find ourselves at a global level.

Appreciate nature, your friends and family or those you pop in that category, for the time we have been gifted to slow down.

It’s also for some a reminder that even in the crappiest of times we can find a small ray of sunshine. Hold onto it and it will help see you through to sunnier and happier days. Honour what has been.

Fri 29th – Sun 31st : Integrity

And the biggie of the week. This is playing out in 3 strands so lets tackle them one by one – whichever resonates loudest is the one for you.


It may be about your own integrity and sticking to it. Using you own moral compass and inner guidance to do what you feel is right. And to not be shaken from it by others.

Many old timelines are currently collapsing and this can cause others to spin out – let the, You stick to what is right for you and let them play out what needs to be played out.


You may be called upon to defend your integrity – been there done that one too many times so I know of what I speak. When you truly listen to your own inner counsel and KNOW yourself at a deep level you’ll find it easier to defend where you stand. To be able to communicate in a non-aggressive or argumentative way that your views can be heard. To agree to disagree and walk away. It’s a hard thing to do but you can do it.

In interesting times such as we find ourself any views or beliefs not within the accepted narrative can be looked upon with deep suspicion and distrust. Again allow people to have their own choices etc. But you have yours too – be string and stick to your guns folks.

And thirdly:

This is one playing out time and time again. You may have to deal with someone/something that is out of integrity. This is a harder one to handle but the best advice we can give is discernment, discernment, discernment. Sit with what you see playing out and feel into it rather than reacting.

If you really do need to call someone on their actions then do so – but do it from a place of calm. Try not to let your emotions spill over as it can work against you.

If you need to walk away then do so. Don’t get pulled into someones else’s drama/story/storm – you have your own things to deal with without taking that on as well. If you can view it as the hidden being revealed and masks falling it may add an new dimension to what you are seeing and hearing.

Sit with it all and USE YOUR DISCERNMENT


Start of the week – time to go within and remember/discover who you are at heart. What makes you tick, what makes you happy and what you can let go of. This inner journey of discovery can trigger others. So if they have opinions or views on what you are doing let them – but don’t take them on as yours. You live your life the best way you can.

Mid week – take some time to slow down and appreciate what you have, what you have experienced and where you find yourself. This is the pay off for all the hard work. If you’re having a less than stellar time right now look for the small details and hold onto them as a reminder of sunnier times to come.

End of the week – use your discernment and your own inner moral compass. Do what you know and feel is right for you. If you are being challenged in any way stick to your guns. Let your integrity shine through. If you are dealing with others or situations that are out of integrity – sit with it, feel into it. Where you feel you can do something then do so from a place of calm and balance. If not then walk away or pass it to someone who can.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
all by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

New dates for 7 Day Clearing course in 2020

Dates for 7 Day Clearing course in 2020


New dates for 7 Day Clearing course in 2020


After the successful beta run through I am happy to announce 2 more sets of dates for the 7 Day Energy Clearing course in 2020. 13th – 19th June and 18th – 24th October.

“What are you talking about?”

I get asked fairly frequently about the Dragon Clearing that my team and I offer. In response to those who were asking but were perhaps not quite ready for the feeling of being hit by a train afterwards we came up with an alternative.

To take a Clearing and spread it out over 7 days.

That way the intensity gets dialled down. Making it easier to digest. And easier to follow.

“How does it work?”

Rather than have one size fits all I have been shown to split into 3 different “levels” or “intensities”:

1 A gentler level suitable for everyone £15 : 

Comprising a guided meditation on day 1.
Which can be repeated through the week if you so wish.
Ending on a New Moon Release/Mercury Retrograde meditation on day 7 – or as close as is possible.

2. Medium intensity which may start to feel a little uncomfortable £30 :
We start to go beyond the obvious but not too deep to have you running for the hills:

Comprising the gentle day 1 meditation.
Followed by a deeper meditation on day 3.
Again these can be repeated through the week if you so desire
Ending on the New Moon/Mercury Retro Release meditation on day 7

3. Arse kick level £45 :
For those who are used to deep personal and shadow work. Who may just have forgotten to look at their own energy recently. (I add myself in this one by the way)
Now this one will be intense. And will force you to look at stuff you may have been avoiding . But stretched over 7 days rather than 90 minutes:

The gentle meditation on day 1.
The medium intensity meditation on day 3.
And an arse boot meditation on day 5.
Ending with the same New Moon/Mercury Retro Release on day 7.


Rather than classify this as a Dragon specific course I have left it more open.
That way whatever needs to come in will do just that. Without me adding limits as such.
What we did find was each level went a whole lot deeper than expected when the course created itself. And that everyones experience was unique to them.

Some found repeating certain meditations helped through sticky energies or something that they wanted to work on at a deeper level. Others found 1 meditation was all they needed.

Those who really don’t want to stretch things out over a week can book a personal session. There’s no change there. They are more specific to you and you get a copy of my findings. Which won’t happen with the course.

I recommend whichever you choose to have a notebook handy for what comes up over the week. So you can note down and questions etc that we can discuss at New Moon/mercury Retro meditation.

Some helpful additions:

I found running the live channelled meditations on the Zoom platform was cleanest and allowed them to be recorded. The link was then given to all attendees to download and keep and repeat as required.

Something that I now get nudged to do for each course is to create a Facebook group to upload the meditations and allow people to chat to each other and ask further questions. Or have follow up sessions as a group.

As mentioned above each course was planned to have the final day 7 falling on New Moon. However with the situation as it is globally in 2020 some dates have had to be moved around.

We will be running 13th – 19th June. Which will end a few days before New Moon BUT it will fall with Summer Solstice on the 20th and Mercury Retrograde.

And running again 18th – 24th October. This was planned for New Moon but due to moving this years Retreat to Oct we had to push back slightly. But this one also coincides with the final Mercury retro for the year. This is a good thing as these energies are very useful for this work.

Ok book me up!

Head on over to the booking page and grab yourself a space.
For June click here.
For Oct click here.

The intensity you pick is up to you!

Any questions not covered please get in touch and ask away


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of the two cards drawn for the weekly reading 18th to 24th May 2020

Oracle card reading 18th – 24th May 2020

Photo of the two cards drawn for the weekly reading 18th to 24th May 2020


You may have spotted we only have two cards this week . The reason being the message was so clear that a third card simply was not needed. I tried drawing a third one but honestly they either added the same message or simply did not flow. So going with what we have.

Not assigning specific days for these as they will weave and flow through the week.

A Time to Say Goodbye

Now before anyone starts to panic treat this as would do with certain cards in a tarot deck. As in don’t take this at face value.

This doesn’t mean a dramatic end or ending. It may for some but you’ll have seen it coming for a while now.

How I translate this card is the ending of a cycle. The Phoenix burning away to rise again from the ashes as something new and/or improved.

With the energies as they are right now it’s difficult to remain static and to not see what’s being forced to the surface on a daily if not hourly basis.

It’s time to face these head on rather than shoving your head under the sand in an attempt to avoid it. It’s still going to be there when you come up from breath. So be brave and LOOK at it.

It may something you have been chasing, attempting to build, trying to repair or fix, a relationship that simply has run it’s course ………it’s just not working is it. So rather than trying to force it into being, or force it to work once more it’s time to let it go. To step aside and let it either fizzle out or dissolve away and make way for the new.

It may be a belief you had that after new information, perspective, understanding or experience is no longer true for you. It’s time to let that go. To allow it to leave your energy system. You may feel the weight of it come off your shoulders when you take this action to release.

It may even be beliefs or thoughts you have about another person, a situation etc you can see and sense that they just don’t hold water for you anymore. Rather than cling to them be open to letting them go, releasing the energy held with them and setting yourself and anyone else involved free of the burden.

It’s not always easy and for some this is going to be a very difficult test this week. But for some others you may find it’s a few smaller things that create and avalanche. When you change your mind, stance or core belief you open the door to change.

Allow yourself the opportunity to create space and be open to what is going to take its place in time.

Infinite Possibilities

I adore this card for many reasons . One being the mix of green and purple (two colours I adore), the infinity loop and the sense of balance you get just looking at it.

We are reminded even as we let go of what no longer serves or has run it’s course that we have boundless and limitless opportunity if we open ourselves up to it.

**I add a caution here – to set the intent that you are open ONLY to what serves your highest and best , not simply open to all and sundry. **

When we can take away the box we shove ourselves into we take the brakes off , we can create almost anything we set our intention to.

This is the pay off for all the hard self work. To create that space within your energy and your life to allow a wave of new potential in. To work with it rather than against it and see where it can lead to.

See, feel, and sense the expansion you have at your fingertips when you truly can believe. To manifest from a place of abundance . And trust me we are manifesting FAST right now so be crystal clear with your intentions. The simpler the better right now.

If this all seems a bit too much look instead for balance.

For finding what brings you back to yourself so that you can hear your true inner voice once more. To giving yourself time to remember who you were and see the changes to who you are now, and who you will become.

Take time to BE.


A week of potential I’m sure you can see and we have a new moon in this mix as well which amplifies everything.

We have the opportunity to release what no longer serves, has become stagnant or stuck, to have a profound change of mind or beliefs. To open ourselves up to the new that we create space for along the way.

Of being who you are, not who you were, or who people EXPECT you to be . And being open to the possibility of manifesting your heart intentions. Or finding your balance and calm once more. And letting your inner voice be heard.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 2 cards pulled for 11th to 17th May 2020

Oracle card reading 11th – 17th May 2020

photo of 2 cards pulled for 11th to 17th May 2020


Mon 11th – Tue 12th :
we have two cards again this week which make sense when translated together.

Drystan – look beneath the surface & Fernia – Clarity

Full disclosure I had the Drystan card pulled for me by a friend online a few days ago. I know what it means to me and can now see it extending out.

This is a repeating message and either things are about to ramp up or people are ignoring it. There is so much information, mis information and dis information out there right now that it’s easy to get lost in it all. Rather than trusting their inner guidance people may be finding themselves taking many things at face value right now.

It might be in our best interests to dig that little bit deeper. To look underneath the surface and see/sense what is REALLY going on right now. Look to the behaviour of people rather than the flowery or pretty words/script they use.

There’s a lot of distraction right now so if you find you have been moved off course or fallen for a saviour or white knight narrative etc then be kind to yourself. It’s easily done. And once you spot it you can do something about it.

A lot of the clarity you are seeking is there but may be hidden from view. When we look to nature we get very clear instructions and guidance – but we have to be open to receiving.

Learn from the cycles, the weather, all the nature around us. Go inwards and seek your own true council. And LISTEN to what comes forwards. You will know at a gut level what is truth for you and what is not.

And stay true to yourself.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : Handwriting – Authenticity

Spotting a theme yet?

Your handwriting is unique to you – even when you try to change it or adapt it your energy comes through loud and clear.

When you listen to your gut, follow your own guidance and start to seek truth your authentic self begins to show.

Being authentic is important – especially now.
Particularly if you go in your own direction rather than following the crowd. Use your OWN voice, stand up for yourself if need be. Take yourself out of the box(es) you’ve placed yourself in and see the bigger picture.

For some others it may be time for you to be heard. You have sat in silence long enough. You don’t need to yell to be heard – so do it from a calm, balanced space and you may be taken more seriously.

It can be quite a daunting prospect to let who you really are be seen or heard – but in truth can you really force it down for much longer?
Only you can answer that one.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Snow White & her animal friends – you inspire trust

Ok – the theme continues.

If you feel guided to stand up for or speak for others this may be the time. Particularly those who cannot speak up for themselves. But think before you leap. Be in the right space and mind before you step up – otherwise you may do more harm than good. Be prepared.

Some of you may become unintentional leaders in various ways – either by words or deeds. It may inspire others to follow in similar ways.

For some others this may be stepping in/up for causes based in nature. Such as animal rights, conservation etc. And trust me even small steps in this one create massive ripples.

It may be as simple as someone seeing you pick up a piece of litter and disposing of it without any ceremony. Simply doing what you feel in your heart is right . It may encourage others to do the same and before you know it magic happens.

This also links in with your authenticity – or walking your talk. Nothing inspires trust faster than saying what you mean and doing what you say.

So feel into this one and watch what comes up for you.


I’m not going to split this into sections of the week. What I will say is we have a theme this week of looking beneath the surface for the truth. Paying attention to your gut guidance. Being true to yourself and what feels is your truth. But do it from a balanced calm space. Raving and getting heated can be counter productive. Speak up for those who can’t if you feel so guided. And walk your talk – be your authentic self. As lets face it trying to be anyone other than yourself right now is exhausting.

Decks used :

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meikljohn-Free
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the oracle cards pulled for the reading 4th to 10th May 2020

Oracle card reading 4th – 10th May 2020

photo of the oracle cards pulled for the reading 4th to 10th May 2020


Now I’m going to give you a bit of a trigger warning on this one – I pulled one card 3 times so have given up and included it. Please use your discernment when reading this one. Yes it is a bit heavy but it’s for a reason.

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Winged Seer – you see clearly, clairvoyance

Ok so we start the week (and you’ll spot a theme) of clarity and seeing more than what is presented to you. For some it may mean seeing beneath the masks and if you follow my weekly readings you will now this is a repeating theme and has been for months.

Of trusting your own gut and questioning pretty much everything right now. If you have been asking for answers, clarity or knowledge it may just be presented to you. But possibly in an unexpected form. So be open to knowledge in new ways – not simply the ones you are comfortable or familiar with.

Many of us are more open to receiving information right now.

for some others it may be that you suddenly know things, or sense how people are truly feeling and more. It may be that your clairvoyance is increasing or switching itself on.

Go with it if it feels ok to do so.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th

We two cards for mid week and they fall on full moon so added illumination

Law is not Justice – rules that are not fair

Now these cards were insistent so I’ve put them in. I will be reading them together as it’s simply how my team are translating them. And again a trigger warning that some of you may not feel comfortable with what you are about to read.

Ok first off we are in strange times right now. There are multiple timelines playing out at any given time, and more popping up each day. This can be very confusing, disorientating and frustrating. Added to this is that EVERYONE has a different perspective and translations.

A lot is surfacing on an almost hourly basis and it can throw your energy off in seconds. A lot of what is being seen is the falling apart of old systems that can no longer be sustained. And with that comes a lot of not so nice energies popping up trying to stay put.

Now we have freedom of speech and while I may not agree with certain people, their beliefs etc I do support their right to say it. Currently many social media and mainstream media outlets are censoring content. Which I in no way agree with. I have looked down that timeline and it’s not good. Trust me when I say the energies around this have been here before and it’s extremely uncomfortable when you click as to exactly what.

Labelling something as a conspiracy theory is part of what is falling down. Just because it isn’t real to you does not mean it is not real to someone else., nor does it mean it’s not true. You simply haven’t been given the information or experience that other person has had. So be careful how you judge – as we are all doing it to some level. Is this really the energy you want to be manifesting?

I could say a lot about the emergency laws that have been passed globally but won’t – do your own due diligence in which ever country you live and ask yourself do they feel right, do they feel fair or is something a bit fishy.

Follow the White Rabbit – curiosity meets opportunity

When you sit with this you may be prompted to follow the rabbit hole – to follow the trail of information or mis-information – whatever. This is all about educating yourself, questioning the narrative and listening to your own gut.

As someone who was given permission to follow a whole load of rabbit holes (or timelines) I will say you have to do this from a space of observation. If doing this and getting angry etc you’re feeding it and manifesting it into being. Stop, recenter and ask if you really want to continue.

Attach a bungee cord on the way down so you can be pulled back if you start to take too much on.

It can be a fascinating exercise but it can also mess with your head.

Follow it as far as it feels right to do so and then when it no longer resonates move back.

Like I said with this falling on full moon it adds an extra dimension of illumination into shadow. It’s not all doom and gloom though – solutions can come from these spaces and in some cases the strength and courage to speak out for others.

USE YOUR DISCERNMENT MID WEEK and be cautious/very aware of what you say and where you say it. Try not to dismiss others beliefs and views as that is a form of silencing and attacking their voice. Agree to disagree and move on. Try your best not to fall into the divide and conquer energies right now.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Little Owlyn – wisdom as light as a feather

Ok so a lighter note thank goodness for the end of the week. Still with the full moon energies so it may be a touch rocky – it may not.

This card falls on my annual solar return so I understand as to why the reading may feel a bit heavy – it’s another opportunity to release stagnant or stuck energies, to make space for the new and being OPEN to change.

You may find that what you have been working on this week suddenly and simply comes forwards. Or that you have a calm way of communicating what you have found/discovered/believe. You don’t always have to go in all guns blazing to be seen, heard or acknowledged.

If you need/want to put a bit of power behind it – so be it.
We are all different.
That’s kind of the point.


Start of the week – time to start seeing what’s actually going on around you rather than the script playing out. For some others it may be your clairvoyance turning on or amping up.

Mid week – this has the potential to be a heavy going few days. Use your discernment and if you feel it’s time to question something then do it from a space of observation. Place a safety net under you in case it gets a bit too much. Be aware of what you say and to whom – if triggered do your best to think before you react. It will be very easy to fall into judgement so stay true to yourself.

End of the week – a time for reflection of what the rest of the week has brought to you. It may even be what you were looking for presents itself direct in an unexpectedly gentle way. When passing something on/say – calm and steady will be received the best.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows & Light
Alice in Wonderland oracle
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
All by Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

details of an online retreat hosted by Dragon Ascension Therapies 4th - 7th May

Online Retreat 4th – 7th May 2020

As you may have spotted this years planned retreat should have been happening at the time of typing. However due to current global events this has been postponed out to October.

Rather than cancel the time set aside I was nudged rather forcefully to create an online retreat instead. With some of the work that had been planned. Not all of it as this will still happen later in the year, and some other work that has been pushing forwards. Similar to work I do privately.

Now the nudge happened on a live call and again on a live Facebook feed so I ca’t get out of it – not that I would try and do that.

“Soooo what are we doing on this online retreat ?????”

What I know so far (as I tend to channel live rather than plan ahead) is that this space will be about remembering/finding your OWN connection to Gaia/Earth. My team will facilitate and support you as you delve deep into your own energies.

This connection is not found via an energy work modality, not through what works for me, but what works for you. And each person will be unique. It may be a blend of things you already do, it may be something brand new to you. But it will be yours.

We may also delve into energy line/ancestral work if the space allows. In fact as I type this it’s most probable we WILL be doing this work as it’s all linked.

“Ok tell me the specifics!”

This will run across the 4 days (4th – 7th May) at 5pm GMT for approx 1.5 hours or so. It may run under it may run over – it again depends on the energy and the work.

Each session will be recorded and you will have access to the audio recording once it is available. It can be downloaded for you to use as often as you like afterwards. And if you can’t make it in person you will have each recording to access and download.

There are unlikely to be any slideshows or PDF handouts as the team and I don’t currently work that way – but never say never!

You may be given homework across the duration – but again we will go with the flow.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch ahead of time.

“I’m having some money challenges so I won’t be able to attend….”

Worry not I have taken account of this and have 5 reduced energy exchange spaces available. If they are taken up when you come to book or you simply cannot manage the reduced price please come speak to me direct.

To book click here

Looking forwards to seeing you there!


Dragon Ascension Therapies


photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 27th April to 3rd May 2020

Oracle card reading 27th April – 3rd May 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 27th April to 3rd May 2020



Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Nectar of Life

Now this card may challenge a few and that’s ok. It’s all about switching out your perspective and looking at things from new angles.

This card is all about the sweetness of life – or slowing down and smelling the roses. Of recognising a simpler way of being without all the bells and whistles. And yes for many right now thats where we are – slowing down, being present, connecting with our loved ones, paying attention to natural time, being in nature. The sweetness of life.

It’s by no means easy – but it can be navigated.

Ask yourself what you have chosen, or been forced, to give up is it something you actually miss? Or was it a form of distraction? Is it something you will pick up again in time? These are the questions I know I am asking myself this past month and I know many of you will be as well.

Take the time to question what pops up for you at the start of the week.

If you can slow down in some way take the opportunity to do so.

Listen to your body and what its telling you – rather than listening to the brain or constant chatter feed loop……..strip things back to the bare bones and you may be surprised with what comes forwards. Of what is now important to you versus 1-2 months ago.

This is a time of reflection and recalibration.

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Vibration

Don’t you just love the flow of the 3 cards next to one another – all about expansion outwards.

Vibration – very on point as focus here goes a long way.

What energies, emotions, feelings are you projecting outwards right now? Are they things that are helping you stay balanced, happy, in alignment with who you are? Or are they things that sit with your fears, main stream media, things that trigger or overly challenge yourself or others?

You have a choice in all things – it’s time to remember that. As it’s easy to become consumed and forget that you can step back, change the script and move away from the things that bring your vibration down to a level that’s not helpful to you.

Now I don’t want you to translate this as everything is love and light – eh no that’s not me and I 100% do not resonate with that – but to understand it’s a BALANCE of light and shadow. Of finding your balance point with the light aspects of who you are and the shadow aspects that come up.

To look at the shadow from a balanced, objective, observational space – and to acknowledge and deal with it. Not to run from it in a panic. Or to stick your ears in your fingers saying “la, la, la I can’t hear you”. This will no longer work.

When you take the opportunity to do the work or dissolving, or integration, or ancestral work …or whatever is needed that vibration ripples outwards. Claiming the responsibility for your own work – it speaks volumes. Even if you can’t see it – trust me people can feel it.

So take responsibility for your actions and reactions and watch the shift.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Recognition

An interesting card this one as I can see a couple of layers of translation for this one – possibly a few more that you will see direct.

For some this may be recognition in some way of the work you have been doing finally paying off in some way. Be it a breakthrough moment, completion of something you started a while back, helping someone else, an award of some sort …there are so many layers.

If it does come to you feel into it.
Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable?
Does it may you happy or want to run away from any attention?
Do you want to acknowledge it or not?

Only you will know – so feel into it. See what it brings up for you – if comfortable then accept it with grace and carry on. If uncomfortable it may be a guide into something for you to look into next – or to work through/with.

For some others this may be the penny dropping to what is actually going on around you rather than the story that is being played out at surface level. Question everything and you will find what resonates for you – this is your truth. Comfortable or otherwise. Try and not give yourself a hard time if this is the falling away of something that you have believed for years , or a person in your life you have always trusted to be “right”.

This is simply a point in your own evolution – the ability to change your mind/view and carry on. Realise this for what it is – another cross roads.

And the final thread I’m seeing to this is that some of you will see what makes you tick. Will accept what you have let go and welcomed in to replace it. Of realising you are open and adaptable to change and shifting energies. Give yourself a small pat on the back and then keep going.

Acknowledge it all, carry on and watch it again ripple outwards into the world around you.


Start of the week – a time to slow down, simplify, pay attention to nature, spend time with the people who matter to you and work out what’s truly important to you right now. Most of us have chosen/been forced to strip away the distractions/bells and whistles this last month or so. Take note of what has changed for you and what if anything you will return to – if it feels ok without it do you really NEED to go back to it?

Mid week – pay attention o the energy/vibration you are putting out into the world right now. The old adage of “energy flows where attention goes” is very apt right now. You have a choice as to where you place your attention – so do so wisely. Take responsibility and action if/where needed.

End of the week – a time for recognition in some way. Be it physical, energetic or otherwise. Pay heed to how you feel/react to it and be guided from there as to where you go next. It may be that you are bringing in recognition for someone else …….

Decks used:

Divine Guidance
Path of the Soul
Return of Spirit – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo for a radiation mini workshop

Re-run of Radiation and how to navigate workshop 28th April

photo for a radiation mini workshop
A re-run of a workshop launched in Feb 2020

Mini workshop for Energy/Light Workers

I’ve decided to re-run this mini workshop/extended Q&A session on 5G/EMF radiation that I first held in Feb 2020.

This will be a live workshop held on Zoom on Tue 28th April at 6pm local UK time.

Giving examples and suggestions as to how to navigate it as an energy/light worker/spiritual identifier

I make no claims as to being an expert. I’m simply sharing what works for me. What some others say works for them. All from an energetic or spiritual perspective.

This is work I have been doing very quietly in the background for years and it’s time to share some of it with you.

And I’ll also letting you into a trade secret (so to speak) that the Crystal Realm brought forwards a couple of years ago. This I do ask you keep to yourself as it’s not time to put it out beyond the people doing this and the previous workshop.

Is this for me?

If you are comfortable speaking about Dragon Energy, Reiki, crystals and more then yes this is for you.

If you have fear or anger about 5G or telecommunications in general I will ask you leave it at the door – I won’t be fear mongering as that’s not my way.

This is aimed towards those people who know my work and know what I do.

I will be happy to answer questions on the day or afterwards. But please remember I won’t have all the answers for you . I’ll give you what I can or what the team will allow.

Sign me up!

A ticket will cost you £15 and once available the recording will be sent to you.

The book a space click here to go direct to the booking system. Scroll down to the 28th April and you’ll find it.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn for the card reading 20th to 26th April 2020

Oracle card reading 20th – 26th April 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the card reading 20th to 26th April 2020


Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Caretaker

Now even though I am reading these cards for specific days I can see them weaving together across the full week. So take them as they come.

First up we have caretaker. Now as soon as I pulled this card what came up first was self care. Of stopping placing others before you and looking to see what you can do for yourself. To feel calm, feel in control and feel in balance.

All too often we forget to look after ourselves and drain our resources and energy for the sake of others. Now I don’t include children in this as that’s a very specific thing.

But I do include everyone else.

Have you been listening to your body and resting when tired, eating when hungry, taking a step back when feeling overwhelmed? Or have you been attempting to push past all this to “keep going”?

It’s time to stop and place yourself at the top of the list of people to look after.

Sounds easy but can be difficult – especially if we have been ignoring ourselves for some time. It’s a form of boundary setting as well. Of ensuring your own energy is where it needs to be BEFORE helping anyone else Otherwise we can burn out or be drained dry.

When you start to take yourself seriously others will too. But if you walk over your own boundaries others assume they can too.

Can you see a bit of a pattern?

If the shoe is on the other foot give people space. They will be in touch when they can and how they can. Allow them time to process what they have coming up in their lives.

You may find other people or groups who can offer the help/guidance/support you need and be in a better space/position to be able to help you. You may have to look beyond the norm for this but the help will be there if it is truly needed.

Try not to take anything personally right now – if you need to take a step back for your sanity then do it. If you need to reduce contact with someone then do it.

If you feel people drawing back who normally are front and centre for you have a bit of understanding that they are doing the needful to find balance and calm themselves first.

A touch of compassion goes a long way right now.


Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd : Sacred Beetle Armour

Curious to see this card popping up as generally it’s linked with boundaries and extreme self care. Of realising when the need to protect your energy arises and doing just that.

Now shields and boundaries can get a little muddled or misunderstood. It’s not about hiding away from the world – it’s about having a defined line in the sand of what you will accept and what you will not accept. And being very present and aware of what is going on around you.

Where we are right now globally is very confused and boundaries can become blurred. This is a time to maintain and rebuild if need be.

To look at your energy and spot any depletions, leaks, attachments etc and correct them. You are more than capable and while you may require a bit of guidance you will know at a gut level what is going on.

You just need to listen to yourself right now. Mute others narrative and concentrate what you can sense direct.

Part of this may be stepping away from media – main stream and social, switching off your devices, getting outside, reading a book…….whatever gives you a feeling of space, calm and the ability to breathe.

Find yourself again and clear out any projected energies, programming, frequencies or vibrations that aren’t in sync with you right now. Allow your own energy, feelings, thoughts to fill that space instead.

Reclaim your energy and give it some TLC.


Fri 24th – Sun 26th : Love

See the progress of this weeks cycle?

This for me is about compassion, gratitude and understanding even in the hardest of times.

We are in very uncertain times right now and much is outside of our control – but we all have depths of love and compassion. Time to tune into this.

To feel unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, others and all. To allow it to show and flow – even in the smallest of ways. A wave or a smile can do just that.

Feel gratitude for where you are right now and allow it to ripple outwards.
Feel love for where you are right now and allow it to ripple outwards.

Your acceptance of where you are at the present moment may light a torch for someone struggling or show them how to move forwards.

I’m not going to say much else on this one as it feels self explanatory.



Start of the week – odd as it may sound or indeed feel it’s time to put yourself first. To really listen to your body and up the self care. The old saying of you can’t pour from an empty teapot has never been truer. Delve into your energy/feelings and ask how you are right now – listen to what comes up and go with your own guidance as to how you can move it forwards. Others will respect the need for you to step back for a bit. Others will step up in your place.

Mid week – Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Yours and others. Respect them, maintain them and reinforce if needed.

End of the week – oddly after all the suggestions for self care and boundaries now is the time to step into self acceptance and feel gratitude and love for all you have right now. For the situation you find yourself in right now. To be present and have compassion for self and for all – and to let that flow outwards.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies