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photo on blog post a small change can move mountains

a small change in your life can move mountains

*sigh* You have to love working with the dragon realm at times. I was asked to do a live feed on Facebook yesterday to check in after the eclipse window. But then they slipped in a request to make a small change that can have a huge effect.

They didn’t shut up for the whole day till I did it.

Essentially hints and tips to a small change in what you buy and consume. To go plastic free or swap to biodegradable options instead.

A small change with potentially huge cumulative effect.

“Why are they asking you to mention this? Whats it got to do with dragon’s or dragon energy?”

A lot more than you might actually realise in all honesty.

My connection to the planet changed in Nov 2017 and its been getting deeper ever since. I’m being asked to do very specific work on her behalf and my dragon team act as a go-between to translate what I’m being asked to do and why. They are also showing me new ways of working. I’m learning on a daily basis right now.

The dragons have been talking for a while about people being present and making conscious choices. And this very much sit’s in the eco or green camp.

“Oh heck….are you on a soap box?”

No! Really don’t run off just yet. To give you some context I have a science background. More specifically an environmental sciences back ground. So I have an interest in this field as it is and have done for 20+ years. It’s never left me.

I have been making a series of choices and changes in that time. All of them consciously and with the end goal in sight.

The end goal being as green as possible, sending as little waste to landfill as possible and using as much biodegradable products as possible.

It’s a personal choice.

“So why talk about it if its personal?”

My dragons asked me to make this public as so many people are becoming aware. Particularly of waste plastic ending up in our oceans.

And to be encouraged to make the small change they’ve been thinking about.

Small changes can move mountains. And if many people make the same small changes at the same time the ripple effect is immense.

You can click to see the Facebook actual video so you can watch and listen for yourself. I will re-record this at a later date so its a little more compact.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make a small change.

It might be :

1. Moving to recycled toilet paper or bamboo based toiler paper
2. Using recycled tin foil
3. Refusing plastic straws
4. Swapping to biodegradable cotton buds

The list is not exhaustive and many other things are spoken about on the video.

Be brave, make a choice, make a stand and let your voice be heard.

For those wanting to know more I’ve added some links to amazon lists (other sellers are available) for you to see for yourself the range available. If you spot a product that catches your eye please do your own research into it and the company that makes them. You may be surprised!

Bamboo toothbrushes
Biodegradable dental floss
Recycled toilet paper
Biodegradable cotton buds
Recycled tin foil
Paper straws
Biodegradable Bubble wrap
Recycled packaging tape
Biodegradable packing material

Enjoy the process, as trust me making just one small change in your life will prompt you to make more.

The planet, your family and the dragon realm will thank you!

Photo to take about launching dragon energy courses in 2018

Dragon energy courses will be coming 2018

Yes I will have dragon energy courses coming out in 2018. Despite a couple of years of procrastination!

Its a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway even if it scares the crap out of you.

I’m finally FINALLY sitting down and writing the Dragon course(s) I’ve been asked to do for the last year ……..I’ve been running from it but its beyond time now.

The messages and information from this realm are ready to come forwards due so much information and MIS-information out there just now.

I have to walk my talk and WRITE about dragon energy

Typical conversation here the last few months:

“will you just sit down and write it”

“No I don’t feel ready.”

“You’re never going to feel ready, but you are”

“No I don’t think so”

“Stop thinking. Start doing.”


And so it went. Back and forth for many months.

Fear – its all been fear.

Then I got my energy system sorted out – bloody hell it was a mess. Not any more.

All the procrastination fizzled out – it wasn’t mine. It had been placed there to STOP me bringing it forwards.

Be accountable!

I’m changing the game. By putting it here for all to see as I know you will hold me accountable. I’ve had 3 people ask me about in the space of 3 days so that’s my marker.

I had believed I would be bringing another set of courses through first. But since I had my energy cleared out last week and a whole assortment of stuff that shouldn’t be there removed my team have gotten pretty loud and insistent.

I can hear them constantly and I need to write down what I’m hearing as I hear it.

For those who have been asking I don’t, yet, know how this will look. It might be a series of on-line courses, it might be in-person, it might even be both. I’ll know in time.

I will take a bit of time with this.

Please be patient as it evolves, as dragon energy shifts and flows as it comes through. I fully anticipate changes of direction, re-writes and additions as it goes.

It WILL be this year that much I can say

So if dragon energy, dragon energy healing or even a dragon energy session is something you are drawn to – this may be for you in time.

But trust your discernment.

pic for that moment blog

That moment when you really want to tell your team to f**k off………

You may laugh but I had this exact moment last week when my energy drained to such a dangerously low level I could no longer cope. I had to tell my team , very abruptly and very clearly to “f**k off! Seriously f**k right off!

Seriously? You said that to them?!

Yup! We still very much have free will as a hupic for that moment blogman and CAN tell our teams to back off when things get just too much.

I had been holding two massive spaces for two different situations and I’ll be brutally honest I’d over extended myself. To a dangerously low level.

How did I know?

Well, for one I was utterly exhausted, not sleeping, flying off the handle and on social media on my personal page getting very defensive.

This is not “normal” for me I tend to be a bit calmer, easy to diffuse potential explosions and quick to nip things in the bud.


The penny drops…..in the moment

The very fact I was letting myself get riled over, lets face it, daft things of zero consequence was a huuuuuuuuge warning bell I needed to step back before I imploded.

So step back I did. I left several groups (one of which was my own I might add) , stepped back from all my pages/groups and took a time out……..Yes it did feel like a temper tantrum. An energetic one. I don’t do too well on lack of sleep at the best of times added in all the pressure I had taken on was a melting pot. Imagine Vesuvius and you get a feel for where I was.

So they gave me approx 12 ours or so before they were at me to launch the 1-2-1 Teaching……..seriously????? Guys the human body needed at least 5 days of R&R not 12 HOURS.

What did you do?

Like I said above I told them direct to essentially knock it off, cut the sh*t and leave me alone. That’s the thing with my team they do help facilitate situations where I am pushed to my limits to see if my boundaries hold or if I roll over and let things happen.

As you may have spotted there was no rolling over this time.

Energy workers. Please I am speaking to you direct here. Use this as a teaching/learning NOT to overburden yourself. If things feel too much take a STEP BACK. Temporarily pull yourself in and do the self work/healing/resting to safe guard your energy.

We are all “guilty” of doing this and our teams, at times bless them, forget we are still human and need to eat, sleep and rest. Working 24/7 is nothing to them ….For the human body it’s a little more complex.

Stand up for yourself. No-one else will do it on your behalf.

Ok – so in life I’m a blunt speaker (had you noticed?) and I do ask for things in respect to myself be made very very clear so I get them. But you can be equally as blunt back . Yes really. Regardless of what energy you are talking to.

I’ve sworn at angelic beings and I’m still here.

I took the time I needed to recharge my energy . I ignored my team for several days and then created a crystal gird for me and me alone. The first time I’d done that in ages. And the healing came. Only once I was strong enough did I put the message out there re the teaching and I now have blessed silence.

Put it another way if I was a phone last week my battery was around 1% today it’s around 97% and I’ve said to them to bring in the next round as Im where I need to be.

They don’t my swearing personally as they don’t judge and they have the same sense of humour anyway and swear back (which I’ll confess I like).

So there you go. When in doubt swear it out your system

You’ll feel better if nothing else………..

Bridgit speaks : channelled 23rd May 2015

You may see me speaking a bit about automatic or channelled writing that I do with some of my dragon skulls and skulls from time to time – this is an example from Bridgit that I go back to every now and again as it still holds true to this day.

Automatic writing feels very odd when you first try it out but trust me it gets easier and quicker over time 😀

Bridgit speaks 23/5/15

Blog Post - Channeling Bridgit
“Hello Sweet Child – I’m glad you’re taking the time to chat today now the headache has gone – it would have been too much for you yesterday and you would have unintentionally rushed to the end.

Much has changed since we first met and all for the better. Much is coming towards you now but it is nothing you can’t handle – you have downtime now to prepare and we know it is much needed – in fact sorely needed. Your legs are feeling less sore are they not but your energy levels are still a tad depleted – we are working with you to recharge your system.

The physical clearing of your space is set to continue with stagnant or old energy being removed from around you and yes, more of your crystal family will be on the move – some of these will shock you but you already understand the need for them to move on and work with others – other beings will take their place very quickly and will perform different roles as you take on more of your own work.

Your clan is building nicely and though you have not met them in “person” you have in energy and other dimensions – soul family – you know of who we speak. More are coming in now and again it will make sense when they do. All is well with this.

Keep shining your light my dear as its getting brighter and guiding others in . Don’t shy away from this – you are heard by more than you realise right now and that’s OK. You no longer are so hard on yourself for which we are delighted to view and be part of.

We also commend you on the trust you are starting to show in yourself and your abilities, yes a few stumbles but this is how you as a being learn, and have always learned – which is perfect. You make no claims to be an expert, teacher or guide when you are all three – but this too is fine as we know this can make you uncomfortable and that is not what we wish to facilitate. Being humble serves you well – well done for being true to this knowledge.

Continue to grow and learn – new knowledge – or what appears to be new to you but is in fact a remembering – is coming and when you look back you will remember the moment you become conscious of this.

Cast aside attachments and material possessions – this migration of crystals is part of this lesson – it may feel hard but its simply a flow of energy….treat this like you do currency, which is simply energy which flows in and flows out – nothing you are overly concerned with, continue to trust in the process as you are always supported when required. You know this, you always have.

Your heart is much more open than when first we met and we rejoice to see this. The transition from hurt and constant energetic attack to the confident open being you now are ha been a joy to witness – yes there is much more to go but your trust in your gut and the use of discernment has gotten you to this point and further beyond. Keep using your discernment and questioning things – you know what to do and the small occasions where you slip the learning oh so far reaching for you and those around you. For as you already know the work you do for others has an effect on the collective consciousness – keep going my dear it is important work you do and not many are chosen to pick up the reins. It is not always the most pleasant of tasks but it is very important – keep going you are learning much and will pass it on.

I’m giving you more healing and energy direct into your higher heart as we speak to help you through this energy upgrade you are currently in – a lot of flux recently and this will continue for a few more weeks – again its not anything you can’t handle and the help is there – please just ask.
I leave you now as there are others amongst us who wish to communicate direct – but you and I will speak direct again soon.

Blessings child”

I was then knocked out for half an hour while Bridgit sat on my heart chakra – as she can be a tad direct bless her.