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2020 in observation

We find ourselves in the last calendar day of 2020. I won’t be offering the typical new year greetings as I’m slightly left of centre (you may have noticed) and don’t resonate with it. In fairness I switched frequency/vibration on the 21st.
So what am I offering in it’s place?
A short-ish observational piece.
Now I have just submitted an article for More to Life which will expand on a couple of the things I may touch on here – but when it pops up in a couple of months time it will make sense for many of you.

2020 was a year of discernment, expansion , shadow aspects and collapsing timelines.

Some saw the highest highs, some the lowest lows.
Early on there was a spirit of community and pulling together that made you proud to be human – mid way through the year it changed to division, fear and a whole host of other energies the likes of which , well, made you feel like you no longer wished to be human.
These polar ends of the scale have been difficult to navigate and it’s been across all aspects of life.
Most controversially within the spiritual community which has shown such division that it was startling. But it had to be seen for what it was.
False light. False narrative. Control. Old falling systems.
And more than even I had anticipated.
The light being held brought all of this forwards. And showed all the cracks in the foundations. But it was beyond time for this to happen.
It gave people an opportunity to choose for themselves who resonated, who felt a bit off, and who for each individual felt bat shit crazy. To take steps to shed what didn’t fit for them anymore.
And this can be carried across ALL other aspects of the year.
I have in the main stayed in observation mode and worked quietly in the background. Work to this day I still cannot share – maybe in time, maybe not. But lets just say timelines did change, predicted outcomes did not come to pass, energies did get seen for what they are/were.
This is still growing – at an exponential rate. The capacity in 2021 goes even further.

2020 gave us the ability:

  • to see the lessons,
  • see the light even in the darkest of spaces,
  • acknowledge and witness your OWN shadow,
  • remove the programming,
  • question the narrative,
  • take responsibility for you own actions/reactions/feelings/beliefs,
  • become aware when you started to project onto others,
  • recognised where and when you fell into judgement,
  • seeing where you added to the energy of division
And so, so, so much more.
But you may only be aware of this in time. When you look back and take a moment to reflect – not to wallow only to reflect.
That moment of hindsight.
The moment of clarity.
Those perfect glimpses of 20:20 vision.

We take the lessons and move on.

We remember we have the ability and right to say yes or no to what we allow in to our lives, energies and way of being.
And direct from my team (in fairness all of this is via them)
“You are a self empowered, autonomous being.
Remember, acknowledge and move ever forwards “
Dragon Ascension Therapies