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Appointments late afternoon/evening only for a while

slight change to appointment availability for a short while

A slight change in plan and shift in priority for yours truly for the next short time.

All on-line/distance appointments with me will be later afternoon and evenings only. This will include weekends.
I’m keeping mornings and afternoons free as a “just in case” for reasons which I won’t go into. Lets just say life happens and when it does you have to streamline and make some adjustments. I and my immediate family are fine so please don’t go into a space of worry or concern. It’s not required

Short term change

This isn’t permanent.
It’s just for now.
So I can allow things to be what they need to be, but still able to help others along the way.

Booking is available

As always please check the booking system first when looking for time with me and if the dates available don’t suit please get in touch to see if I have availability. I am keen to keep access to me open and flowing.
For the booking system please click here 
I will be sense checking the booking system very shortly and updating current slots and possibly adding some extra ones in.
Those in the Arse Kick membership will still have access to me as planned – no change there.
Thanks for your patience with this.
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