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Dates for 7 Day Clearing course in 2020


New dates for 7 Day Clearing course in 2020


After the successful beta run through I am happy to announce 2 more sets of dates for the 7 Day Energy Clearing course in 2020. 13th – 19th June and 18th – 24th October.

“What are you talking about?”

I get asked fairly frequently about the Dragon Clearing that my team and I offer. In response to those who were asking but were perhaps not quite ready for the feeling of being hit by a train afterwards we came up with an alternative.

To take a Clearing and spread it out over 7 days.

That way the intensity gets dialled down. Making it easier to digest. And easier to follow.

“How does it work?”

Rather than have one size fits all I have been shown to split into 3 different “levels” or “intensities”:

1 A gentler level suitable for everyone £15 : 

Comprising a guided meditation on day 1.
Which can be repeated through the week if you so wish.
Ending on a New Moon Release/Mercury Retrograde meditation on day 7 – or as close as is possible.

2. Medium intensity which may start to feel a little uncomfortable £30 :
We start to go beyond the obvious but not too deep to have you running for the hills:

Comprising the gentle day 1 meditation.
Followed by a deeper meditation on day 3.
Again these can be repeated through the week if you so desire
Ending on the New Moon/Mercury Retro Release meditation on day 7

3. Arse kick level £45 :
For those who are used to deep personal and shadow work. Who may just have forgotten to look at their own energy recently. (I add myself in this one by the way)
Now this one will be intense. And will force you to look at stuff you may have been avoiding . But stretched over 7 days rather than 90 minutes:

The gentle meditation on day 1.
The medium intensity meditation on day 3.
And an arse boot meditation on day 5.
Ending with the same New Moon/Mercury Retro Release on day 7.


Rather than classify this as a Dragon specific course I have left it more open.
That way whatever needs to come in will do just that. Without me adding limits as such.
What we did find was each level went a whole lot deeper than expected when the course created itself. And that everyones experience was unique to them.

Some found repeating certain meditations helped through sticky energies or something that they wanted to work on at a deeper level. Others found 1 meditation was all they needed.

Those who really don’t want to stretch things out over a week can book a personal session. There’s no change there. They are more specific to you and you get a copy of my findings. Which won’t happen with the course.

I recommend whichever you choose to have a notebook handy for what comes up over the week. So you can note down and questions etc that we can discuss at New Moon/mercury Retro meditation.

Some helpful additions:

I found running the live channelled meditations on the Zoom platform was cleanest and allowed them to be recorded. The link was then given to all attendees to download and keep and repeat as required.

Something that I now get nudged to do for each course is to create a Facebook group to upload the meditations and allow people to chat to each other and ask further questions. Or have follow up sessions as a group.

As mentioned above each course was planned to have the final day 7 falling on New Moon. However with the situation as it is globally in 2020 some dates have had to be moved around.

We will be running 13th – 19th June. Which will end a few days before New Moon BUT it will fall with Summer Solstice on the 20th and Mercury Retrograde.

And running again 18th – 24th October. This was planned for New Moon but due to moving this years Retreat to Oct we had to push back slightly. But this one also coincides with the final Mercury retro for the year. This is a good thing as these energies are very useful for this work.

Ok book me up!

Head on over to the booking page and grab yourself a space.
For June click here.
For Oct click here.

The intensity you pick is up to you!

Any questions not covered please get in touch and ask away


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