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Dragon Balance Meditation

banner for alive guided Dragon Balance Meditation 11th April 2020


Well it’s strange times we find ourselves in globally right now isn’t it.

The shifting energies, information, misinformation and confusion is making things a tad complicated to navigate.

My team have stepped up and offered to hold a guided channeled meditation to help restore some balance. To come back into centre and remember who you are and what makes you tick.

Tell me more!

This will be a free session held over on Zoom for privacy.

You will need to register through the booking system to gain access to the link and password needed to take part. And for those who like to donate towards the work I will pop in tickets that have suggested donation values. You DON’T have to use these.

It should be 30-40 minutes in duration and will be recorded for those who can’t make it in person.

Click here to go direct to the booking system to secure your spot.

Gimme the details!

Ok I we will be starting at 5pm on Sat 11th April.

I will be opening the space roughly 5 minutes before we start to give you time to join the call.

Your device microphones and cameras will be switched off to give you privacy.

Make sure you are able to sit or lie down comfortably and if you like to work with crystal, candles etc then please feel free.

Bring a notebook for any information you may be given direct.

Looking forwards to seeing you there.

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