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Energetic Boundaries mini master class 21st March

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Amazing what your team can pop up when you ask them.

Some of the eagled eyed amongst you will already have seen this pop up. But I’ll confess I’ve had a few technical issues on the website. To be fair I have a feeling they were self induced as not the most tech savvy person.

However I shall prevail.

Coming up on 21st March at 6pm on Zoom webinar platform.

We have the space and time to chat about what energetic boundaries are, how they work, how to maintain them and more.

These are extremely important with the energies right now as so many are being over stepped on a daily basis.

Once you have the key you can set them up for yourself.

To book click here to reserve a ticket. And don’t worry if you can’t be there in person – it will be recorded.

See you there!

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