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Energy work closed in December 2019

Energy work/bookings for others will be closed for the month of December.

As a mark of walking my talk I will be taking the final month of 2019 as self care and self work time.

All bookable energy work and sessions will close until 1st Jan 2020. If already booked however they will be honoured.

I will still be offering the monthly Dragon Release 15th Dec as this is something I like to do – and my team like me to keep going.

If urgent you will be able to get in touch and if I feel it can’t wait till January we can sort something out.

Why are you taking a full month off?

December for me is my annual reset and setting of intentions for the year to come. As you know my energy system has been completely rewired this year . I’m taking some time to integrate it all.

Thanks for your understanding as you never quite know what will come forwards when I take this time.

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