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New quarterly Group Dragon Clearing session – starts August ’21

I’ve been nudged to offer up another form of Group distance work. This time with a Dragon Clearing. To go deeper into the energies and give people the opportunity for more group work.

And also for me to step up a bit more in what we offer.

For a better understanding of a Dragon Clearing you can read more here.


As with all Clearings this may be intense so caution is suggested before booking if you haven’t experienced this energy before. If unsure try the Group Dragon Release on the 15th of the month first. To see if you are comfortable with it. 


new distance group dragon energy offering

Tell me more!

Each of these Clearing group sessions will be on/around the new moon February, May, August and November at 7pm local UK time. This means the dates will move around slightly.

We never quite know what will come up in any Clearing session other than they go very very deep into your energy. In a group setting however we concentrate of the group energy rather than any one individual.

For those who prefer the energy of an individual session please just get in touch to chat.


Who knows what will come up

Those who work with the Collective who join these sessions may find we Clear at a Collective level. Those who work with shadow may find aspects of this being cleared out -it varies as to what is apparent at the time.

It’s never a known thing before we start and does depend on the energies that are playing out. But I have found this work to be potent on New Moon.

What’s the price and how do I book?


As you know an individual session costs £80 at time of writing.

As this is a group setting the price will be £25.


To book please click here.


See you there!!


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