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It’s ok to get stuck

So I’ve been feeling quite a bit stuck recently and I’m feeling a few of you may be too. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s ok to get stuck.

Being stuck is usually a reminder to stop, be in the moment and stop pushing.

It’s very tempting when doing our own work to keep going and digging everytime something comes up. So we keep going, going deeper, discarding layer after layer until we hit the blocks we just can’t seem to get over or see past.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Now for some this is a time to simply stop as you’ve been overdoing it. Be aware that by constantly clearing etc you are actively looking for more layers you will keep finding them.

Seriously just stop.

Take the time to allow all the good work you’ve done to integrate – then see how this new energy level or signature feels and looks.
Give it time to work with it rather than against it.
Take stock, have a sense check.
See what comes to mind or awareness.

Don’t railroad over it looking for the next thing. Take a pause, work with it, use it.

You might miss something beautiful in your rush.

For some others this can be a time to look for a little bit of assistance elsewhere – this may, for now, be a bit beyond your capabilities. Its nothing you won’t learn going forwards but its ok to ask for help. Just because you can do it all on your own doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

It’s not that we are expecting others to fix things for us – no we are looking to see what they can pick up beyond our sometimes blinkered view of our own world.

That other perspective can be highly illuminating as something we can’t see or keep skipping over is the thing we need to see. So use your discernment and if you need a helping hand ask your gut who to turn to – who to work with – or who to seek a bit of advice from.

photo of local clouds


Does that make sense?

I go to others for a bit of help every now and then and what comes back to me can make my jaw hit the floor. By being so blinkered into my own view of things I miss whats just at the outside of my awareness.

Take these natural pauses to do other things, to do the day-to-day stuff, to live, to be a human BEING not a human DOING.



I can help

If you do feel stuck and are looking for a bit of help or a nudge in the right direction for you I am here to help.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat either on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonascensiontherapies/

Or by email: https://www.dragonascensiontherapies.co.uk/contact-me/

I have a few Dragon Energy services that might just do the trick as they are all about removing things that serve no purpose. If you haven’t worked with Dragon Energy before I would suggest one of the gentler options rather than the freight-train-trough-a-sheet-of-tissue-paper approach that is a Clearing!



So grab those stuck times by the horns , enjoy the space, the peace, the void. And know that this too shall pass