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Oracle card reading 10th – 16th August 2020

photo of the three cards pulledd for the weekly reading 10th to 16th August 2020



Mon 10th – Tue 11th : Snake Princess

Ok so this week looks to be another opportunity to dig deep into yourself – but at YOUR pace. The start of the week is all about knowledge and wisdom I don’t sit comfortably with the word power on the card right now – and thats simply with current energies . Hence me substituting with a different energy.

This card does tend to challenge me on a personal level as I have an irrational fear of snakes. However I can see the symbolism and what they are bringing forwards. Now I could go very heavy here but I won’t – I’ll go a bit gentler than is typical from me. Lets face it theres plenty of arse kicking going on I don’t need to add to it.

So the gentler version of what I was going to write.

The snake does not move in a straight line. It has a gentle flowing movement as it goes forwards. And we are reminded of this movement. Life is not a straight line ESPECIALLY in current times. Allow yourself to go with the flow instead.

I’m also being shown the shedding of skin as you grow. As the snake grows it sheds it’s skin to reveal the new growth beneath as the current skin can no longer support it. And in the card itself I can see different colours in her hair starting to come through. We are all constantly shedding skins – or perhaps should be.

It can be comfortable to stay with the familiar – but that can lead to stagnation. Allow the old you to fall away, allow old beliefs and thought processes to fall away. Welcome in the new ideas, thoughts and beliefs that are stepping forwards. But also be willing to let them go when the time comes to shed them.

Allow this knowledge, remembrance, wisdom to have its opportunity to speak with you. It may even be in the form of other people – be open to this and give it space. As you give it space you give yourself space to grow, shift and evolve.


Ok I will add a small caution here – anyone offering up something too good to be true, question it. Sit deep within your discernment before making any decisions.


Wed 12th – Thur 13th : Change of Mind

One of my absolute favourite cards this one. And that is all about free will. You absolutely 100% have the opportunity and right to change your mind. About anything. At any time.

And given where we are currently this has never been more true.

So much is coming up, being seen, being questioned etc that it can change your mind over things you believed you knew, what you trusted and more. Listen to your inner guidance and inner compass as to what is right for you. This is also known as growth and it never stops.

So be brave question what feels out of balance or out of frequency to where you find yourself. Also the shadow to come up if it needs to – and take the time to acknowledge it. You will know what to do and if you don’t you can seek support – the right person(s) will be there.

But remember this is your work not theirs – palming your stuff to someone else is not the way to go. Get the support needed for YOU to do YOUR work.

As you open yourself up to other ways of thinking, doing, being you may find more of your true self coming forwards. Embrace it and keep going.

For some others you may find those around you are changing their beliefs or standpoints and you may be asked to hold space for them while they process. If you feel comfortable doing so then do, if not hand it up to Source instead.

Above all be kind to yourself and others this week.


Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Becoming Braver

A lovely confirmation of all that has been said above already. That we are all finding our voices, accepting people have different experiences and perspectives. And are willing to look at things from other angles.

To be open to discussion rather than arguing.

And also to show how far we have have grown. Individually and collectively.

And his card also reminds us of resilience. The power and strength to cope with what is placed in front of you and to still keep going. That os true strength – we all have it. But may not recognise it.

So look back – what have you been through?
A fair amount I’d be willing to bet. And these circumstances, choices and challenges have made you who you are right now.

The choices you make now will make you who you are in the future.

Continue to grow, to evolve, to learn, to be. Embrace it all and keep that forwards motion going.

You may be showing others how they can move forwards at a time when they may be feeling stuck.



Start of the week – go with the flow. Allow what you no longer need to move on. Listen to your inner guidance and do what is right for you. But anyone being offered a shiny new once in a lifetime too good to be true opportunity – sense check the hell out of it first before committing either way.

Mid week – if you want or wish to change your mind about something then change your mind. You have free will. New experiences, perspective and information can change your perception. So give yourself permission to grow.

End of the week – be brave. Change what you wish to change and allow yourself the chance to see things from different perspectives. Look back and acknowledge what you have been/worked through to bring you where you are today. You are more resilient than you know – and will be again. You may recognise you have the ability to not worry about the small stuff as much as you once did……and then keep going.


Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice – the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish


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