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Oracle card reading 11-17 April ’22

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Mon 11th – Tue 12th :

Dictionary ~ Communication

This is a good one – the start of the week is a nod to stop overthinking. Instead slow down, step back and let things be.
Whatever wisdom or confirmation you need will appear. But if you’re over analysing alllllll the things you might miss it.
Simplification is key here.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed especially right now. Go back to basics.
How many of use an actual dictionary or thesaurus these days? Do we all rely on tech rather than good fashioned paper? Perhaps time to revisit the extent of our reliance on each.
I’d also like to add in here pay attention to how you are communicating with others, and WHAT you are communicating. Or attempting to.
Many things can be taken out of context, misunderstood and more without the context of facial expressions.
So before you hit the keyboard, or pick up the phone : stop, breathe and re-read it in a neutral tone. Does this change things for you?
A bit of a stop before you leap moment.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : All must have prizes! reversed 

Now this card popped up recently and it’s curious to see it again so soon. BUT it’s telling me something very interesting.
No longer are you prepared or forced to people please at the cost of your own sanity, resources or health.
This card in reverse (i.e. dealt upside down) has a very powerful message.
Where once you would keep the peace, ensure everyones feelings were unhurt…..you’ve turned a corner. Or at least have a different perspective.
You are more concerned with the truth – not the sugar coated version. The actual truth of things. Rather than keeping everyone happy. Which ultimately solves or resolves nothing.
People pleasing takes a massive back seat while you make the decisions you feel at a gut level are right for you.
Not what someone else tries to persuade you is the right one.
Now this may read a bit selfish but it isn’t. I say this all the time : self care is not selfish. Sometimes we have to put ourselves at the top of the list.
While in this space giving praise or energy or even attention to where its not warranted won’t happen.
Harsh but true.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Clarity

Something most of us are looking for on a day to day basis. And this one falls over Easter when people/families may be getting together.
You may find as you’ve stepped back a bit and let yourself make your own decisions. That clarity for some things does start to manifest itself.
For some it may manifest physically as a purge of sorts (me the last 4-5 weeks). And this clearing out of the old to make space for the new can be digestive in nature.
Sorry to be so blunt.
Whatever form it takes let it happen. The quicker you get out of your own way the quicker it will clear.
Think of it as clearing out the unwanted, stagnant stuff you’ve been carrying for too long. Time to let that sh1t out. A period of renewal if you will (and that sounds better).
Some of you may even find that enforced down time can bring in a wave of awareness that you may have missed otherwise.
extra card for the week - dragon energy

Extra for the week : Lady Lunas Magick

Interesting for this card to pop up as full moon hits (in the UK) on Sat 16th at 7.55pm.
This card is about finding and connecting to the phase of the moon that resonates for you. Many will be on the 16th as they can and do work with full moon.
But there are others who connect better at other stages through the cycle. For me it’s new moon as it links to the absence of reflected/false light.
See if you can find where in the lunar cycle you feel most connected and observe where in the cycle it feels uncomfortable. Theres a lot to learn when you delve into this.
As always be vigilant around the 15 – 17 as it can make people a bit distracted around you. Particularly when driving.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
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