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Oracle card reading 11-17 July ’22

Oracle card reading - Dragon Energy

Mon 11th – Tue 12th : Deeper Look

Ok and we start the week with a reminder that taking things at face or surface value might not serve you as well as you think. Take some time to dig a bit deeper and work out what’s actually being presented or shown to you.
Taking that time will allow you to feel into or understand what’s going on at a deeper level. But it also shows you yellow or red flags if you had simply accepted what you saw. Or what you thought you saw.
Yes it may delay a few decisions but due diligence always does. And taking time to look at other perspectives around whatever it is may show you something you have never even considered.
Take the time, do the work and then you can make a choice based on more information.
It may even be for some of you an opportunity to delve into your own energy and self at the start of the week. To see what makes you tick and what you think you are showing to the world versus what you actually are.
You might get a bit of a jolt. But take it for what it is. A snap shot in time that you can leave as is or work to change.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th: Voice

One of my favourite cards as it’s time to be heard. Whether you have been shut down or self censored to keep the peace (or anywhere in between) it can wear you down.
We all have a voice that deserves to be heard regardless of what those around you , or who you perceive as having power, tell you. Being seen and not heard is no longer relevant to you.
Now it doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation that’s been waiting to be had. If you really need to then crack on. Otherwise start small. The voice in your head (that we all have) is it kind or is it cruel. Challenge it . Change it. Burn the script and start a new one instead.
That inner voice can be utterly toxic, but it doesn’t have to be. We all have the power to mute it if need be.
For some it may be stepping into the limelight in some way. Be it an interview, a magazine article, or even standing on a podium. You wouldn’t be asked if you had nothing to say. Believe in yourself and the rest will flow. You might be a bit wobbly at the start but it’ll sort itself out very fast.
We all have experience and wisdom that can be shared if the time is right.
For some others you may be helping in some way for someone else’s voice to be heard. Keep going. That has a huge ripple effect that you can’t even begin to imagine.
And last but not least some of you may have a nudge towards sound work/healing – go for it.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Renewal

A few days to reflect, to rest and to heal. So much has been done and is being integrated that slowing right down may be the only thing that you can do this weekend.
It’s not a failure it’s simply time you need right now. Do you let your phone battery drain right down or do you top it up when you feel it’s time? Thats what you are doing for yourself.
Life is very much a spiral with ups and downs along the way but always forwards motion. So if for you it’s a turn that takes you down in the spiral thats fine. It always comes back up again.
Those of you not needing a break . Be aware that those around you might need one. Cut them some slack.
Whatever side of this one you find yourself on this weekend do what is right for you.
Dragon Energy - oracle card translation

Extra for the week : I am NOT a victim

A very strong card to over-light the full week. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.
Respect yours and those of others. Anyone attempting to smash them is perhaps someone who requires a “chat” or even an energetic “time out”. Stand up for yourself or others if so guided (no playing the hero complex here folks) and stand firm.
You have a voice, you can use it. It doesn’t have to be screamed to be heard. A calm spoken tone can have the exact same impact as a megaphone.
If you find yourself or someone very close falling into a victim role/complex pay attention. I’m not going to tell you what to do as you are your own person with the ability to make your own choices in life. If you spot a pattern , take note and then look to see what can be done to change it.

Decks used:

Divine Guidance,
Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
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