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Oracle card reading 12th – 18th October 2020

photo of the three cards picked for the weekly reading 12th to 18th October 2020

Mon 12th – Tue 13th : Bats in the Belfry

This is one hell of a card and for some you have proved those who said you couldn’t 100% wrong. It’s been a bit of a slog but you did it. Now folk may not have seen the steep ascent you had to make or the blood, sweat and tears it took to do it…but stand at the top of that Belfry (belltower) and allow yourself a pat on the back.
The ability you’ve had to navigate through the darkness and trust the guidance system – aka your discernment. Going against the flow and essentially finding your own damn way.
Some people may have said you were daft or even batty – they simply couldn’t understand what you had been saying. And that’s ok you understood it perfectly. It’s all about translation.
Bats in the UK are actually rare, endangered and protected – not feared. Remember that.
The ability to hang upside down for a bit while the work went topsy turvy – no bad thing really in hindsight was it?
You have proved that you can do whatever you set out to do. And that anyone can achieve what they want so long as they are prepared to keep going.
Enjoy the view from up there for a bit – you may even now be given the gift of flight so you can go that bit further. Yes I’m speaking in code – those who can translate it will.

Wed 14th – Thur 15th : Gifted

Seeing a theme this week?? This card falls over mercury going fully retrograde on the 14th. An energy I LOVE working with as it’s wonderful for getting to the bare bones of things. Of assessing the small print and taking to to make sure all is as it should be.
I don’t fall in with the scapegoating that goes on with all the things you “shouldn’t do”. I cry bullshit on that. Go with what YOU get direct and realise this idea was simply someones personal translation – doesn’t make it true for everyone.
I digress this card is VERY balanced. And it’s showing you the gifts that you have – even of they haven’t quite surfaced as yet. They are there just under the surface. Or you are doubting yourself and questioning if you have anything to offer.
As I mentioned above everyone picks up and sees things differently. Thats the main gift we all have. The ability to see the exact same thing in front of you but from a different perspective. They all blend together to show the much bigger picture.
Rather than comparing yourself to others – and we all do it at various stages. Realise the differences are what unite and connect. Without them life would be oh so very bland.
for those who have been nudged to share them in some way but are stopping themselves – consider this a kick up the rear end. And yes I’m including myself in that as I’m procrastinating, yet again.

Fri 16th – Sun 18th : Sharing your Wisdom

And just after Mercury retro we have New Moon on the 16th – so a fairly potent week.
I love that there is a dragon on this card – as when dragons appear in decks unexpectedly I pay attention. As my team are getting my attention.
Combine this with new moon and the card meaning of sharing wisdom I’m getting a very clear message – which I have to work hard to NOT ignore this time. As it’s spelt out very clearly.
This not only for me – it’s for many people who are ready to share some of the wisdom they hold. I had to hold back for some reasons which feel they have now passed.
This is not done to gain fame or fortune but simply to allow those ready to listen to hear through your experience. You don’t have to scream and shout to be heard – come from a calm centred space and simply be you.
However this facilitates itself for you be open to it.


Start of the week : well done for scaling those heights and doing what others said you couldn’t. Enjoy the view for a while. You may soon be given wings to go that bit further.
Mid week – mixing in with the final mercury retrograde for 2020 we have a reminder that we all have gifts. So if you’ve been doubting trust they are there. They may soon surface! We all have different skills and capabilities and its the blending together that’s important.
End of the week – falling with new moon now and a chance to release that which no longer serves and to allow space for that which does. For some (and I include myself ) it may be time to share your knowledge/wisdom/experience in some way. Those who are ready to listen will find you. Be open to it but try not to go fame hunting with it – stay grounded and you.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies