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Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd September 2019

photo o the 3 card spread for 16th to 22nd september 2019
Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd September 2019

This is another one of those readings I’m not allocating cards to specific days as it all rubles around the full week. I’ll read them in the order they were drawn.

The unending sadness of looking back:

Now this is interesting as on the surface it’s quite sad, retrospective and heavy. And for it has the potential to be just that. Many time we look back on things we have regrets about, are angry about or simply have no closure for. And they can hurt, but they can also drain you.

What’s also interesting is that in the card itself she’s holding a trilobite. A fossil, one of the oldest lifeforms on earth (as we know at this time). So here’s where we are actually being guided. To look at what comes up and unpick to see if it’s yours or if it’s something more in line with ancestral energies. Of finding or discovering patterns to what’s being dredged up or repeated. This may well be a huge opportunity to acknowledge, do the needful and let it rest.

Of not looking backwards and staying stuck there. What do I mean? Reliving something so deeply you get a bit stuck. Looking for a way back to those times, to work out what went wrong, to find at better argument etc etc etc. Instead lets try something new.

Of seeing it for what it was . Taking the anger, irritation, sadness out of the equation and what are you being shown? Is it something you can carry with you or is it something you can build from and move forwards rather than circling back??

I have already had this playing out the past few days with flashbacks to old jobs and people and heard my internal voice using the words “idiot” and “stupid” in reference to myself. And these are words I don’t use. I’m aware this is a chance for me to release something I thought had already been dealt with. But a little piece is still there. So some work to do rather than hang onto it.

The same with the ancestral work that pops up . I’ve worked on the parental line, now to focus on the maternal one. It all comes down to what we are presented with at the time…..but to move forwards.


And then we have the translation portion of whats coming up. I hold my hand up to being able to mis-translate what is plonked in front of me many a time. But eventually I “get it”. Sometimes having done a bit of work I would have missed if I HADN’T gotten it a bit muddled the first time.

There’s always a reason.

So if you are finding things confused, guddled, upside down it is possible to get a bit of help untangling it all.

Yes you can figure it out on your own But it can be exhausting stuff at times. If you find yourself drawn to a facilitator of some kind (a healer, a channeller, an energy worker ) do a bit of research and if you’re still guided then ask for help/guidance/a step for a hint of what’s going on. And they may even see a view you hadn’t even considered.

I don’t mean go to them with the expectation they can fix it all for you – no, that’s not their job. But to shine a light from an outside perspective and help you see whats playing out around you. I have people in my life who I go to (and pay for their time) to do just this for me. Especially when my energy reserves are a bit drained.

For some others this is a reminder before you kick off there’s always 3 sides to every story Yours, theirs and what actually happened. Try and look at the broader picture this week and not react immediately. A steady , considered approach may be no bad thing.

The golden phoenix

Seeing the reason for not assigning days to cards? This is very similar to the first two combined.

This is a marker of the phoenix cycle in general. Of things flaring back to life you thought had finished…..and in keeping time wise as we have Autumn Equinox approaching rapidly. So a grand opportunity to release what no longer serves and welcome in the new.

For some (and I’ll contradict myself a little here) it may be something from the past coming forwards in way that you can finally step away. Of seeing something you perhaps missed before that explains everything.

Or gift you an opportunity to repeat/end a cycle in such a way as it’s ended.

It’s how you look and view what’s cast back up. As ultimately only you can decide how you react to it all. It’s not all bad as these can give you a chance to change the script and write it yourself …….

It can also be the other side of the Phoenix cycle. Of new life, new ideas and new beginnings born out of the ashes of what has come to pass. Embrace it if you feel it – it’s a highly potent and creative energy if you choose to work with it.


A bit of a busy week in terms of energy when you look at it.

A chance to let rest those things from the past that have caused hurt or harm. Or even of looking at it fully and acknowledging it for what it was. Rather than holding onto it like a hot poker burning your hand.

Of stepping into some ancestral work if it calls to you.

Learning/remembering to see the bigger picture not just from your own perspective when things have the potential to off (raises hand to make a mental note of this one) .

If you feel stuck and need to seek a bit of help or support then go where you are guided. But don’t have any expectations about someone fixing it all for you. This is simply to get a bit of direction or confirmation of what you already already know.

We also have a huge energetic potential heading towards equinox to work with the phoenix energy . To burn away what’s done and creative something new from the ashes. It’s your choice. But a caution from someone who embraces it – it’s highly potent and VERY fast working

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Dragon Ascension Therapies