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Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Sept 2020

photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 21st to 27th September 2020

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : A time to say good bye

There are a few cards that when viewed at the surface can cause people to panic. This can be one of those cards.
To me this is simply the ending of a cycle or pattern. Now when taken in conjunction with the astro alignments for Monday things may get a bit heavy. In fact take this as a serious caution that the potential for things kicking off ….is, well, off the charts.
For many you are going to see something shift – rather unexpectedly for some of you, and what you have seen coming for the rest. To help balance this view it as the ended of a cycle and the start of new one.
It feels like a lesson or opportunity for us to understand/learn/remember what letting go ACTUALLY means.
Look at it, understand what it truly is and then move on. Wallowing will only lead to stagnation.
If I can offer any constructive advice it is to not engage with others storm/drama, not to engage with your own drama and observe. Getting pulled into any fights really won’t do you any favours.


For a more literal interpretation on Tuesday we have Equinox – the Northern hemisphere moves from Summer to Autumn, and the Southern hemisphere moves from Winter to Spring. This shifting in seasons brings a shifting of energies.
In the north we move into the harvest, to gather what we have sown. To start the settling process as we begin to slow down and relax. To fill the larder for the winter…..
In the south you will start to see the quickening of nature, new life, new growth and the speeding up once more.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Rejuvenation

Well this flows for the full week in all honesty. Time to really let your energies rest and repair.
We have all collectively been through the wars in 2020 so far – and it’s not over yet. Yes I’ve said it.
So take the time this week to rest, to go inwards if you feel the call. The card will spiral inwards if this is the message for you.
To those seeing it spiral outwards (raises hand) you are coming out the other side of deep healing and rest. ready to start again.
You can go into this phase as often as YOU need – not when others tell you to.
The colours on this card show me rejuvenation of the throat (blue) , the heart (pink and green) and the solar plexus (yellow at the very centre).
You may see something different and if that is the case go with what YOU get.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Choices & Take action

Now the main photo shows the first card that I drew which is Choices – and it does flow with the rest of the week.
This is where you may be feeling stuck, all the doors in front of you are barred and you feel stuck in some way. The doors aren’t going to open unless you have the key. And to gain the key you may have to change or adapt.
If we look at Alice (not a book I know well but I get the premise) she had to shrink down or expand out to fit in her new surroundings. You can do the same.
Well all have choices and we all have free will – some of us may have forgotten that along the way. Now is the time to reclaim that part of yourself.
The choices may feel like a challenge or a test but they are yours to make. So do what in your gut is the best choice for you.
The second photo sits with the end of the week but has a slightly different flavour to the same energy. We pulled the Morrighan card all about taking action.
Now this kind of contradicts what I have said for this week so far – but not when I break down what I’m being shown. This is you making choices.
And being brave about it as my attention drawn to her sword in the card. Of breaking down and dissolving out what does you no favours, letting go of relationships that no longer work. Stepping away from the things that makes you stand up and shout “bollocks to that!”
But I’m also being shown some of us being told to put our money where our mouth is and stop paying lip service to whatever it is we’ve been havering about.
To put up or shut up……….only a handful of folk will get the message, it’s not for everyone.


Start of the week ; if something is ending let it. It may be a situation/person that actually isn’t doing you any favours. Understand this time round what letting go truly means. It’s a cycle only. Understand it for what it is. And a caution stay out of drama – your or anyone else’s. Let the energies of the 21st/22nd move on first it’s too explosive.
Mid week – time for some R&R for many. If feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or bone tired take some self care time. Proper self care. Do what you need to do to find your balance. Some others are coming out of this phase ready to move forwards again.
End of the week – I’ll sum it up best as I can . You have choices to make and your own direction to forge. So do what makes sense at a gut level. It may mean changes on your part but adaption is sometimes the key.
For others time to be brave and do something over what you have been faffing/procrastinating for too damn long.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies