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Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th Feb 2021

Thanks for understanding for the slight delay on this – what would have been written yesterday would NOT have been up to my typical standard. I did think about posting the cards but there’s one that may have throw people without context.
photo of three cards drawn for the reading 22nd to 28th February 2021

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd: Wisdom guide

We had this card turn up a couple of months ago – and I said at the time the image reminds me of Dr Strange and it’s a reminder that guides can show themselves in all sorts of different ways.
Some of you may be aware of new or newer energies catching your attention. If they want to communicate remember and use discretion first – why? I’m seeing a wee surge in false-light or fake energies at the moment.
So question what comes forwards before you fully engage. If it’s what it says it is it won’t mind – if it gets annoyed, angry or disappears – well done for getting rid.
Or stick to trusted member of your team/guardians/guides/whatnot – there may be messages or insight coming in that you possibly have missed or mistranslated.
Take the time to re-assess and make sure you have it correct.
For some others yo may be fulfilling that role for someone. If that is the case (and a nod towards facilitators here) be careful with your words. If your energy not at the right point to do the work then say so and step back till it’s resolved itself.
Best guidance for this point in time is to observe, question and assess before leaping.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Immunity

Ok so to this card. Now before jumping to any conclusions it may not mean what you think it does at the surface level.
For me this is all about strong boundaries that prevent you succumbing to each and every energy that raises its head. To effectively having a level of energetic protection that they bounce off you right back to where they came from.
If you are/have been feeling under attack in some way this is a reminder to not fall into old learned patterns. To not kick into fight mode, and to stop and pause before replying.

Is it really worth the energy, time and effort?

Lets face it there are many (understandably) angry and fearful people in the world right now and they are expressing that in many different ways. Butting heads may not be the most effective use of your time, or theirs. And may only strengthen the desire to lash out more.
Instead try taking full responsibility for what comes up within yourself first. By realising/remembering that no-one bar yourself feels what you feel when you feel it. And that you are not responsible for what others see, feel, believe then you MAY see things start to ease.
As you shift how you react and respond you build up this level of buffer zone. And when it comes up again it can be a test of sorts to see what you have learned.
Go with it if you can.
If you need to defend yourself then do so – you are not a door mat.
But try and not have it as your first knee jerk reaction.
For some others this may be a nod to your physical well being. Of taking care of your body through exercise, changing your eating habits, getting proper rest, dealing with your triggers. As you take care of your body it can take better care of you.
If you have a nudge to change something elated to this – give it a go.
I’m going back to more exercise and while my body grumbling right now it will be short lived. And I will really appreciate it in a few weeks.
Essentially putting my money where my mouth is or walking my talk.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : In flow

We spoke of this last week of going with and being in flow.
It’s quite a freeing experience and I do recommend it as and when you can. It doesn’t have to be a 24/7 thing it can be little and infrequent. Simply what works for you.
It can be letting loose and doing something that makes you happy – being creative, getting outside. Whatever it is that makes you smile and give you your glow back.
Do that.
Things feel easier when you are in flow.
And thats true for 3D as well as energetic terms. If something is proving easy and natural go with it. When it feels heavy, slow, stagnant you may wish to take a step back and ask why you are pushing against the tide.
  • Is it TRULY something you feel in your gut you should be doing?
  • Have you been told by someone else it would be great for you? But you aren’t gelling.
  • Do you even feel you have had you arm twisted into going down a path you KNOW is not for you?
Take the time to think it through, journal or find someone you trust to talk it out. To gain insight into the situation.
If you are out of flow, or out of alignment you’ll feel it.
Trust what you feel.

Extra overview for the week : Manifest

This is a good card as it’s reminding us to be careful where we put our attention.
If you are constantly around things/people/energy that drain you, makes you feel flat or makes you angry you may just add more focus to it. Essentially attracting more OR manifesting it into reality.
I don’t say this to make you feel uncomfortable of guilty – as we ALL do it. When we are so bogged down in the mire that we can’t see past it we can sink deeper.
If you have the strength to flip it and see things from a different perspective then that small glimmer may be enough to help you rise back up.
To focus on the positive – or at least find the positive in the situation can signal to the powers that be that you are coming out the other side.
Gratitude for what you have right now is a similar method.
As we are in very potent energies manifestation can happen in a heartbeat so pay attention to what you are focussing on.
If you are really really stuck then ask for the help you need to get moving again. It will be there but you have to make the first step in asking.

Summary :

Start of the week – pay attention to energies trying to get your attention. If you haven’t worked together before, question the hell out of it first. When it then feels right you’re good. If it doesn’t bin it and move on. When you are being asked to help someone/where and you do not feel up to it then say so.
Mid week – time to build up some resistance to old learned patterns and behaviour when triggered. If people need to rant and rave – let them. Do your best not to engage or feed it. Instead look to your responses and how you can change them/work on them.
If guided to change exercise, eating habits then give it a go – your body is asking for some tlc which it will repay many times over later.
End of the week – time to get back into flow. Do the things that make you happy and feel more yourself again. Allow your light to shine. If you are feeling a bit stuck ask what is holding you back – or where the sticking point is. Trust me it will pop up quickly when you ask. Then sit with it and see what can be done. You might have to tackle it from a different direction – but that shift in perspective may be what is needed. If you need help then ask.
Extra for the full week – be careful what you wish for or where you focus your attention. As it may just happen. Look to finding the positives where you can and focus there first. Or if that seems too big a task try gratitude for what you have instead. It’s a stepping stone

Decks used :

Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul
All by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies