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Oracle card reading 22nd – 29th March 2020

photo of the 3 oracle cards pulled for the weekly reading 23rd to 29th March 2020

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Write

Fascinated that this card has popped up for the start of the week. As many of us retreat and spend time at home (not all of us I realise that ) it may come as an opportunity to start to document in some way what is coming up for you.

Be it journaling, blogging, course writing, book writing – it can strike in odd ways. It may even be old fashioned letter writing – remember them? I used to have pen-pals when I was a teenager and can feel the call of that returning.

Writing can also be a good way of spotting trends in your energy and emotions, recording the information that flows to you from your team/guides/higher self. And can be a creative outlet when needed.

However it resonates for you if you feel the urge to document or be creative then do it.

It may be for some that what you are writing and sharing is helping others more than you may at first realise. So before you share anything sense check the energy behind it. Is it helpful? Does it feel that it is being of service in some way?

If yes then go for it.

For some others you may get the confirmation or support you need via the written word in some form. What you need will come to you when you ask and are open to it.

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Artemis of the Forest

It’s easy to see the deeper level of the cards this week when applied to the Collective or the global energies.

This card is interestingly enough about independence and self sufficiency. Fairly apt wouldn’t you say considering where we are right now.

This is a card of strength – and many will have to dig deep. To know you have the ability to adapt to the changes. To make the changes and ensure you are sticking to them. Being conscious of each decision you make and the potential impact it/they may have.

It may be an isolated time for many – but this is what this card is about. Of being able to adapt and find yourself at the same time. To know you can be self sufficient . To strip back the noise to realise what is important to you – at a core level.

It may bring up shadow aspects or work but this really is the ideal time to do this. Observe, acknowledge, do the needful and make space for what you are bringing in its place.

Ultimately this is a card of survival. And I’m speaking at an energetic level.

The other thing that pops up for me when I look at the card are the deer. Gentle beings that they are. A call to link back into nature, back to Gaia. This carries on the theme from last weeks reading. About connection to the earth at a deeper level than before.

Listen to the guidance we are being given from nature.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : Assistance

Again you can possibly see already how some of this may play out.

I can see two strands.

The first being the help and support you need is there – but possibly in an unexpected or new form. It may be something you read, hear or see that resonates. And gives the guidance or confirmation you were asking for.

It may be someone reaching out that gives the support you needed there and then. Or allows you time and space to integrate.

The bright blues and greens in the card themselves are soothing and calming so for some colour work may be an option. To immerse yourself in colour and allow it t work with you. Or on another level it may be chakra work for the throat and heart.

The second strand I see is that YOU may be the help someone needs this week. There are many ways this can manifest. By helping someone who can’t get out the house. By contacting a friend or family member by phone, skype, text, email so they know they aren’t alone. Or even by sharing, posting or writing something that helps people without you ever knowing.

Many people are reaching out at community levels and I can see this increasing as the week goes on. This is happening on social media as well – if you are part of either wave (and many of us are already or will be) I salute you.

A kind word, smile or wave will do much more now than it has ever done before.


Start of the week – if you have an urge to write in some way or journal then go for it. This creative space can be healing in it’s own right. Allow your feelings to flow from pen or keyboard. Give them an outlet – and read it back to yourself as you may not realise the depth of the words immediately.

Mid week – you have more strength than you realise. When you dig deep – even in moments of distance or isolation you can find yourself in the quieter spaces. Be conscious of your thought, decisions and choices. You will be guided by your inner or higher self.

End of the week – for some the help you are asking for is stepping forwards. It may be in a form that is unexpected or a direction you didn’t see coming. Be open and it will make itself known.

For others you may be the help someone else needs – and simply be being yourself can be enough. Reaching to someone may be the lifeline they need -even if you don’t know that at the time.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish


We live in interesting times and while it’s changing at an almost hourly basis we still have the ability to centre, ground and come into alignment.

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