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Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th Dec 2019

Photo of the 3 card spread for the oracle card reading 23rd to 29th December 2019

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Renewal

The first thing that strikes you with this card is the spiral. And its a reminder that life is a spiral not a straight line. Thats why we have ups and downs, revisit what we thought had passed ….depending where on that spiral we actually are at any given time.

The renewal can be at a cellular level, physical level or in many cases energetic level. For some you are at that stage of renewal of some sort in your life after specific work, shifts, integration etc.

For some others you are heading into this stage for a while – for much needed R&R or simply space to BE.

Which ever it is allow what comes up to do so – give it space to breathe and do the needful to move it on or integrate it inwards.

For some others it may be a nod to look at current relationships in your life and determine if any need some work, require a bit of rebuilding or if possibly it’s time to let go. As we evolve and change those around us either come on the journey or stay where they are.

Feel into what I’ve channeled here and the truth will surface for you. It may be painful but it’s simply fear of change – when in truth change is the only constant in life. When you let connections that have played out their time it can be freeing for you AND that person to let go. And make space for the new .

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Contact

And flowing beautifully from the first card we have Contact. Which may herald new people or contacts coming into your life in some way.

It may be personal, it may be work related, it may be something other.. But it may very well be linked to the start of the week – possibly a conversation you’ve been putting off or a discussion you know needs to happen and to gently nudge it forwards.

I’m aware Christmas (if you celebrate it) possibly isn’t ideal but on the other hand maybe it’s the exact best time to do it. Bearing in mind we have a very powerful new moon on the 26th combined with a solar eclipse it’s another opportunity to really look at stagnant energies and connections.

Do the needful folks – it can be done in a kind way it doesn’t have to be harsh on hurtful. Pop the compassion hat on and come from that space. Releasing stagnation is good for all concerned.

It’s not all “bad” news here – for many this may signify a very positive connection stepping forwards. So be mindful of the energy of those around you and be honest with yourself. Is this energy you feel comfortable with and WANT around you at this time?

It may be for some that YOU are that contact for someone else.

Pay attention to any synchronicity or “coincidences” at this time as you may see the detail in the small stuff.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : Expansion

I love this card – I really do. Not only is it filled with colour it’s filled with so much movement.

And for me this is about your own personal expansion – not physical 😉 but energetic. Of having the strength and courage to shine that light of yours that bit brighter. To not hide it away from the world.

But to say this is me and this is what I can do. At this very end cycle of the current decade look back at what you have achieved – I can bet it’s far more than you give yourself credit for.

And the beauty is the process does not stop. We keep changing and growing – so let it. Give yourself the permission to not stay stuck, to challenge the status quo, to challenge what you thought you believed. To allow yourself to change you mind, views and opinions.

If you feel inspired to start anything new or build connections/community/safe space then do it. Be brave, but be you.

By doing so you may just be a wayshower for someone else on the cusp of doing something brave.


Start of the week – if you feel the urge to rest or slow down then take it. You may be integrating shifts you aren’t even aware of. You may also be taking time to really look at all your relationships – family, friends, work etc – and seeing if anything feels out of synch. If there are only you can decide if it can be salvaged, repaired on allowed to dissolve away.

Mid week – there may be new or unexpected connections coming in for you. Allow yourself space to sense check them and if they feel right then carry on. If they don’t then take a bit of time asking where the resistance is sitting and if it’s yours. Sometimes we can get blocked from the very things that are perfect for us.
Again and this mirrors the first card – if there are connections in your life that are stagnating now is the time to do something about it. Work with the powerful New Moon energies on the 26th – they will guide you.

End of the week – those new people coming in or the unexpected things happening? It’s all part of a bigger plan. This is the time for you to step into your own shoes, your own energy and show who you are. Be brave. It may just shine a light for someone else ready to take a similar step in the near future

Decks used:

Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
All 3 decks by Cheryl Lee Harnish


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