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Oracle card reading 25th – 31st Jan 2021

Photo of he cards pulled for 25th to 31st January 2021
I’m sticking with the extra weekly oversight card with these for a while.

Mon 25th – Tue 26th : Generosity

A good card and a good reminder to treat all with compassion. Even when you may not agree with what they are saying or stand for. Finding fault or casting blame only increases the divide.
We are reminded to bridge the gap and embrace the differences of those around us – as they do so for us, or perhaps don’t. Be in that vibration of compassion for all – not simply those who fit a certain criteria.
It can be a difficult one to tackle but take it step by step.
Learn to have compassion and understanding for yourself first. Then extend it outwards.
It can be little things like allowing time for self care, being an open ear for someone to talk to, offering help where it is needed when you are able. Generosity is not simply a monetary thing – generosity of spirit is a much bigger space.
Times just now are polarising so take space to come back to centre, to remember who you are and how you interact with others. Be the energy that you wish to see in the world as that is where change happens. By MAKING change yourself first.
People are doing their best – but their best won’t necessarily look like your best. Nor should it. And indeed why would it? Allow them space to be themselves. That is the compassion we speak of.
You never know when you will be the one in need of it.

Wed 27th – Thur 28th : Integrity

Ooft another big hitter and so many facets to this one. Lets concentrate on two shall we.
Firstly this is listening to and honouring your own integrity. Of knowing and feeling what is right. Not being swayed by others opinions, beliefs or angry voice.
Of being able to stay true to that innate knowing of what you know to be right.
It’s again difficult currently to do this – but you can do it. Set aside the other voices, diatribes, wailing and gnashing of teeth – and instead turn you attention inwards. What you think, feel, believe? Are you giving ourself space to speak your own truth? Even if only to yourself?
Be brave and connect in with your inner knowing and be true to yourself.
You don’t have to yell it from the roof tops or anywhere else. Indeed you might not get heard right now anyway – but give your voice the opportunity to come forwards. To give it context. If you need to stand up for yourself in some way have the strength of your integrity.
If anyone tries to shout you down, criticise, belittle or any other shadow aspect they happen to be projecting – remember that is theirs not yours and you don’t need to absorb or take it on. Send compassion instead and give them the space they need.
And so we come to the second aspect of others (or yourself lets not pussy foot about) NOT being in alignment. Being out of integrity.
Give them compassion , give them space, but do not give them your energy to feed this misalignment. It will come right in time – but on their timescale not yours. You cannot fix, heal or force anyone where they are not ready to go.
Stay true to your own inner knowing.
Step back

Fri 29th – Sun 31st : Be Present

Well they aren’t pulling any punches this week are they?
This is a kick in the rear to be present. To be aware of where you are right now.- not last week, last month, last year…..or next week, next month, next year. Right now.
So much can pass us by as we are either living in the past or wishing time away into the future. Day dreaming is not a bad thing but you need to come back to the here and now from time to time.
Being present is also a way of being grounded.
Concentrate on today.
Sometimes we can have a shared experience/history but as you change, shift and evolve that may no longer hold true. So let these old times go. Create new memories.
Change is the one constant in life and if you resist you will stagnate.
I’m not going to say much more here as in all honesty you already know what this card means to you.
Extra card for the week

Extra card for the week : Surfacing

So a little extra perspective this week.
There are aspects of yourself that are ready to pop up to the surface. Whether you like it or not…..
It may be that you are about to use that voice of yours, express those truths that you can feel just waiting to burst out, or are going to deal with what you have been avoiding.
Just remember to have a balanced view.
Understand that as you have things coming up, so to do others.
Where you may be able to cope and process others may not so cut them some slack.
If you can see it all as potential – potential for change, to shift, to shed, to grow.
The other obvious meaning for this card is the revelation of things that have been hidden. If this happens you may be asked to support those who find it all a bit too much. Or you may be in need of such support – be sure and ASK if you do.
Hold onto the colour, movement and energy of this card. It is all creative potential


Start of the week – a gentle nudge to remind you the importance of compassion for all. It can be in small subtle ways. So be generous of spirit and watch it ripple outwards.
Mid week – you have integrity so use it. You know at a gut level what is right and true for you. If being pushed to change your mind or view or actions and it feels wrong then say so. Stand in your own integrity. This falls on the full moon in Leo which has HUGE potential so be very focussed and trust your gut.
End of the week – a time to be very much of the present and falls within the full moon window. By all means look back to take stock of how much you have changed but don’t stay there. Instead be aware of the now – see what is actually happening around you as so much can slip past in the blink of an eye.
Extra oversight – be aware of things rippling up to the surface. Some will be brilliant , some may be less so. Do the needful and move forwards. Sticking your head in the sand can lead to stagnation – which is no fun. Things may be coming up at global levels – so be present so you don’t miss them.

Decks used:

Whispers of Lord Ganesha – Angela Hartfield
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies