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Oracle card reading 2nd – 8th May ’22

Oracle cards drawn for 2nd - 8th May 2022. Dragon Ascension Therapies

Mon 2nd – Tue 3rd : Set your course (dealt in reverse)

This card was dealt in reverse i.e. upside down but have photographed it right way up so you can see it properly.
At the start of the week you may be realising that you’ve been drifting for a while. Either by choice or by circumstances. While it possible to go with the flow when needed are you really or are you being influenced by others and taking on their views/perspectives etc.
Being rudderless can be very confusing and can send you in directions you aren’t meant to go.
If you don’t know what you want it’s very difficult to put anything in motion or get advice that’s relevant. Asking for guidance when you don’t have a clue what it’s for isn’t going to help. In fact it may add to the confusion.
Planning, while annoying or constricting at times, can give a framework to work with rather than being scattered to the winds. It may be time now to sit down and look at things and find out which direction you are supposed to be going.
To start to understand what makes you tick.
Ask yourself direct rather than seeking counsel elsewhere.
Only you can sort out the guddle you may find yourself in. And trust me I know how unpleasant it can be but you will find the way back out. Ask the hard questions and listen to what you reply. Be willing to hear even the crappy stuff. Then do something about it .

Wed 4th – Thur 5th : Healing

Not the first card that I deal for mid-week but it’s the one that made more sense.
Bit of a toughie but some may be feeling very out of place or unwelcome with friends or even family. It’s been a hard slog the last 2 years and many of this is still in play. I can pop my hand up and say I’d been feeling very flat March-April but something has finally shifted.
It may be time for you to take a break. To put yourself first and begin to acknowledge and heal the hurt that has been caused to you. Or by you. It goes both ways.
That space you make for yourself will allow you to breathe, to regain your balance and assess what is happening in your life To determine what can be leg go/cut away and then do it.
You may find a friend or person coming into your life that believes in you. Or that can show you how to believe in yourself once more. Giving you the strength to pick yourself up and start again.
For others you may be supporting someone who’s feeling wobbly or unsure.
It may even be by simply walking your talk and being in integrity. As we have precious little example in the world in general of this. Be a way-shower instead and show how it can be done.
Or the card could simply be a marker that this is a time of healing on different levels.

Fri 6th – Sun 8th : Once upon a midnight dreary

At first glance this always looks a depressing card. But it’s a lesson to not go by surface appearance. To delve that bit deeper instead.
This is a card of deep creativity and understanding this expression of yourself can be alchemy in real time.
I’ll keep this brief. Whatever thing you do that expressed your creativity – do it.
Be it writing, music, art, poetry, gardening, knitting, needlework, metalwork, cooking, baking. There are no limits other than the ones you place upon yourself.
Extra oracle card for 2nd - 8th May 2022. Dragon Ascension Therapies

Extra for the week: To dance with joy

With such a heavy hitting reading for the week it’s always nice to have a balance. And the balance this week is joy and abundance.
Of having the ability to be yourself and not be bothered what anyone else thinks about it. Those like minded souls will find you, if they haven’t already.
Be open to receiving this week – as you may find an inbound flow. In whatever form it happens to be.
I’m also being shown this is about being present. To express the joy when YOU feel it. And not being guilted out of it by someone/thing else. Stay strong and dance as though no-one is watching. Or as I call it the “sod it” factor.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle – all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies