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Oracle cards 10-16 Jan 2022

Cards drawn for 10th to 16th January 2022

Mon 10th – Tue 11th : Be light of heart

Lets keep it relatively short and sweet for this week, as I can waffle on at times.
We’ve had this card fairly recently and it’s telling us to lighten up. So many things are heavy, depressing, divisive and non-sensical just now that it’s easy to fall into it. And to attract more. Falling even deeper into it all. Which is exhausting.
Instead we are being nudged to laugh, to find what makes us happy. Good food and good company to lift the spirits. Not to take ourselves or what is going on around us too seriously.
There’s a reason why the British (and others) have a very dark sense of humour. It’s to be able to laugh at really heavy times and take the power out of it. I have even found myself laughing at some news reports in the last few days as they are so utterly ridiculous. I choose not to give them any power but instead take the power away.
So lighten up, remember to laugh and embrace the joy when and where you find it.

Wed 12th – Thur 13th : Change is natural

As quoted by Heraclitus the Greek philosopher :
“Change is the only constant in life.”
Without change things would become stuck and stagnant. Growth would be impossible and things would feel just a tad bleak.
While some change can indeed by very painful it can also be liberating. Learn/remember to embrace change, to see the potential it gives. It is simply the end of one cycle and the start of a new one.
If it is painful take some time to integrate. To grieve for the change of what was but try not to get stuck in it. As that leads to complications.
There are no road maps, guide books or written instructions on how to deal with the changes you face at a personal level. Most times its trial and error. Grow from each one that comes along. Share your experience if it feels right as it may show a different way for someone else. Indeed you may hear or read something that resonates for you to try.
Yes you may make a few mistakes along the way – we all do.
You’ll find your feet.
Trust in yourself.

Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Follow your own good advice

Now this one was dealt upside down so I will give the two different spins on this card to cover all angles. It also falls on the first Mercury retrograde of 2022. For me this is a good positive energy to work with, for others it may be more complicated. See it as an opportunity to re-view, revise, re-asses and take stock.
Lets start with the card in reverse (i.e upside down)
Have you been avoiding your own advice and writing it off as fancy or stuff and nonsense?
Repeating the same thing to the same end, with the same result? Much to your complete and utter frustration.
Looking for someone to come in and fix things for you?
Seeing only doom and gloom around you?
I hate to break it to you but only you can stop that cycle. Time to take responsibility for your choices, actions and more. The clarity will come in when you make that first step. Listen to yourself and TRUST what comes through. Make decisions for yourself or someone else will impose their will and make the decision for you.
Break the chain you’ve placed yourself under.


For the card right way up it’s a similar message but perhaps a little less tough love in the delivery.
How often do you listen to the advice you give to others when asked? Many times the advice we give is also for us if we learn to listen clearly. Observe it, integrate it and then do the needful.
When you have a challenge that has you getting emotional or wishing to pull your hair out in frustration.
Take a breath.
Step back for a second or two and ask yourself what advice would I give to a close friend if they has this issue?
Then LISTEN to said advice.
You already know what you need to do in the situation – are you ready to do it?
Only you can answer that one.

Extra for the week : Confirmation

Extra card drawn for the week

The confirmation you’ve been looking for about a choice/decision/whatever it happens to be is there. It may not be in the form of a shooting star or a neon flashing bill board (for some it may be) but it is there.
Learn to look at the smallest of details and you’ll see it.
Stay in the flow of gratitude and you may just see it that much more clearly.

Decks used:

The Oracle of the DragonFae
Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – all by Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies