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Pay by donation sessions now available

Well I did say some things were going to be changing and this is but the start.

I have been looking at what services people are most interested in and this is it – believe it or not. For now at least …..

It’s the hardest to pin down and explain but that’s kind of the point. Essentially a space for you to discuss/bring forwards whatever you need at that time. For many it’s a chance to offload, discuss current challenges, get help to release energies and more. It changes person to person.

Slight re-structure

So in-line with this I have been streamlining the booking process so you can choose the duration and platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype or Messenger). The prices have been streamlined slightly but be aware all my pricing is currently being looked at and may change in April.

The booking system now has bookable dates but they are not set in stone so if the date/time isn’t quite right you can get in touch and we can tweak it. You can book the space to secure it and chat afterwards – I’m fairly flexible on this.

Pay by donation sessions

As from Feb I am opening up 2 x 1 hour sessions on a payment by donation basis. Essentially allowing you to decide what you wish to pay.

It will be strictly 2 per month for now. So if you miss one month you can move to the next or chat to me first.

If this runs the way I have been shown I MAY extend it out to services currently available or yet to make themselves known…keep your eyes peeled.

You can find the booking system by clicking here

Or you can get in touch by email at cheryl@dragonascensiontherapies.co.uk



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