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Preloved crystal sale on Zoom Sat 25th May – you’re invited!


Preloved crystal live sale on Zoom platform 25th May 5pm UK time.
Preloved crystal sale over on Zoom platform 25th May 5pm UK time



I’m going to do a trial run preloved crystal sale this Saturday 25th May at 5pm. You’re all invited!

This is to give those of you who are a bit out of sorts with social media a chance to view away from all the Facebook distractions.

I will be showcasing items that haven’t yet been listed.

Pieces that I feel would benefit from being seen rather than simply photos.

And some requests that have come in for specific pieces.

I may even have a couple of my own pieces moving on – we shall see.

How it works

It will be on the Zoom webinar platform. You may be asked to create a password and user name but it’s a matter of seconds.

It may be you find you already have one as many people use the platform, it’s pretty popular.

Downloading the mobile app could help streamline things for you.

I will have all microphones other than my own switched off.

When you click on the link below it will take you straight to where you need to be.

Then simply sit back and enjoy the preloved crystals being shown to you.

Now the space is limited to 100 people only so first come first served.

How to claim something.

If you spot something you’d like simply type in the chat box the code of the piece or what it is with the word sold.

Unlike Facebook live ALL the comments are captured in realtime on Zoom, so I will see it.

Once the event is finished I will then sort out invoices. I’ll advise on the showcase what information I need from you to process.

Remember all pieces shown are preloved crystals that I am helping to move on for others.


The all important link.

It would help to have that wouldn’t it?

Simple click on the link here to go to the showcase.