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Blog on sovereign versus autonomous

Words have power

Well it’s finally time to get this written as it’s been bugging me for some time now. I’ve been putting it off for a while as it may trigger/piss off a few folk. But needs must as my team won’t let it go. It’ll possibly sound like a mini venting session
You’ll either resonate, or you won’t. And that is as it SHOULD be.
It’s very much a case of use your discernment on this one.

Word choice.

They really do hold power and energy – and when you use the “wrong” word it can change the context in ways you may not anticipate.
You’ll notice there are a couple of dictionary definition screen shots attached to this. I have mentioned this before as I know I say go look it up – but how many people actually have?
I’ve saved you the job.
Those of you who have been here for a while are aware that my team are red hot on word choice and if use the “wrong” or lets say incorrect one I know all about it.
Sometimes it’s a slip of the tongue but other times it’s hidden programming kicking in.
The one I’m mentioning here has become a bit of a buzz world in the spiritual/holistic/alternative/energy fields. And when something gets bandied about a lot I’m made to look at it in almost forensic detail.

“So what’s all the fuss McGregor don’t they mean the same thing?”

Well no they don’t.
It’s the energy that goes with it. And what is being pulled in without being realised.
I used to do it myself so casting zero judgement. Even if I do wince a bit when I hear it. But that’s my reaction and I’ll own it.
When I made the change myself I could see how extensive the use has been/is.

Sovereign v’s autonomous

Seems a small thing doesn’t it. To say and set intentions that you are a sovereign being.
But have you ever looked into the meaning of that word?
Dictionary definition of the word sovereign
Have you seen it’s linked to royalty, government and even currency /money up until very recently? If you live in the UK you are likely sick to the back teeth of the word as it was used to death over the last 5 years.
To me this word is pulling in too many directions and has energetically been overtaken/sullied. It doesn’t truly relate to you having power over yourself and your choices. And may pull in a vibration that you concede to someone/something else having power over you.
Not so great when you see that energy playing out.

“Ok so what do I use then?”

So is there a cleaner word that means what you may THINK sovereign means?
Let’s look at autonomous – far fewer entries in the dictionary wouldn’t you agree. No links to old power structures, and energetically a hell of a lot cleaner.
Dictionary definition of the word autonomous
Both dictionary definitions can be found online here.

Sit with it.

If this is ringing a bell try swapping the words and see what comes up.
Feel into the energy of both and find out for yourself which sits with you more comfortably.
If you have the ability to work with sovereign vibration at its highest possible level then you carry on. As your experience and perspective are 100% valid and true, as are everyones.
It may be that due to the links to the power structures I simply cannot use the former word as I’m here to break those connections down for myself. *shrugs*
Words do have power.
Grab a dictionary and do some digging.
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