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photo of one of the standing stones at Avebury stone circle to mark the Spring Equinox 2020

Spring/Autumn Equinox

photo of one of the standing stones at Avebury stone circle to mark the Spring Equinox 2020

Welcome to either Spring or Autumn Equinox – depending where you are in the world.

Where I am it’s Spring or Vernal Equinox today. It was exact at 3:50am this morning, which I saw thanks to my cat.

It’s a time to pause – which let’s face it most of us are doing right now anyway – and reflect.
To see and listen to what nature is showing us. Is it a time to tend the seeds you’ve planted, or is it time to harvest them.

Now I’ll confess I was utterly exhausted yesterday, almost to the point of falling down tired. Simply due to the level of work I have been doing energetically. And I’m not alone in this. For those of you in the medical, food or emergency services you have my utmost respect as I’ll only have felt a fraction of what you are feeling right now.

This is a call to all energy workers , actually anyone, who are working fiat out – you need to take some time for yourself as well.
I had it forced on me yesterday and I slept (even with the brief cat awakening) for around 11 hours. I can feel the benefit, but not just from the sleep alone.

I’ve been very aware for the last couple of days of specific stone circles in the UK that I know and have spent time with popping up in my energy and awareness. 10 in total at 4 different geographical points. So last night I asked if they could support, anchor and help me reground back into myself. And believe me they have. The photo with this post is my absolute favourite stone from Avebury – as he morphs about from horse, to iguana, to dino , to dragon depending on where you see him from. I wanted to share as the photo is energetically encoded but also because it makes me smile.

The circles for me also brought up huge ancestral anchoring as well, reminding us of the ability the weather any storm and find creative and unexpected ways through.

When you ask for support it can come from unexpected sources.
Gaia knows what she’s doing so allow her to guide you.

If you are marking the Equinox today enjoy it.

I will be going to a garden centre later today to pick up a few things including a new big bag of bird seed. As I have been feeding the birds here for the last 15 years and I’m not stopping now 🙂 . They have had the sign that it’s time to start nesting so are looking for more food, and nesting materials. All the gardeners about to start pruning and tidying are going to help with that. Don’t put it in bins too quickly leave some twigs about for the birds.

If you are spending more time at home and have a garden sit in it and soak it all up.
Open up your windows if you can and air the house to these energies.
Many parks, woods, Estates, and even the National Trust are closing the buildings but opening up the land for people to get outside in nature.

Physical distancing is easier when outside and as long as you can walk or travel to these spaces take the opportunity.

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