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All energy work available bookings will start from Jan 2019

Energy Work book closed till Jan 2019

I’m just back after taking some much needed time away with part of my soul crew this week and I have a few things to put into action. The first of which will be from now till year end I won’t have any available appointments for energy work. The book will reopen from January 2019.

I’m stopping to concentrate on some needed self work. And the work handed to me at halloween which needs my full attention, energy and participation. Rather than the half arsed effort it’s been thus far. It’s big work and requires a bit of respect from yours truly.

So clearing the books it is.

For any that have been booked these will of course be honoured as this is a tad unexpected.

But this is me listening to my OWN advice about self care. About frigging time yes?

I will still be here and sharing as always and I will be continuing the Preloved crystals side of things but they won’t be running the show.


Interesting times

I’ve had my eyes opened to a few things this week:

Seen some surprising masks falling continuing the theme of the year.

Observed some real ego crappolla pop up on social media which I have zero time for. In particular from those who claim not to come from ego doing just that. A fair few double standards it has to be said. A lot to be said for plain speech and not speaking in riddles or thinly veiled drama.

I have some re-prioritisation to do before Winter Solstice (my new year) with self, work , direction etc. And truthfully what better time than now?

Here’s to seeing where the path meanders to next , speaking with my team and making time for the things that need it.

Contact me if you need to

If you have something that simply can’t wait by all means please get in touch.

Dragon Ascension Therapies


All energy work available bookings will start from Jan 2019